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  1. Did anyone else order the indie variant from Amazon? My order details still say it's expected on Mar 14th but that it's delayed. The item page hasn't been updated at all since they first put it up in December, unlike all the other OB releases which have the new release date on them and give me estimated delivery dates of Mar 28... Seems like there's some kind of inventory miscommunication going on but only on the indie variant.... are they even going to get the indie variant? Should I cancel it and order it from Urban Outfitters just in case?
  2. I'm a bit hesitant to order anything from the village with the way you've all said past orders took 84 years for delivery.... i can barely stand when things take a week to ship I don't think I could handle it
  3. When does Elle put up the posts for lyrics? When the album comes out in NZ? Or do we have to wait until its out in the US? Ugh I want all the lyrics posts now
  4. I'd say its lower quality than the LQ peppers leak, if anyone wants to take that into consideration on whether or not to listen
  5. Ew the candy necklace leak sounds like someone recorded their vinyl playing with their phone
  6. It's not sold out in the US They haven't even added a finite inventory to the site yet, they're still just letting orders add up with no limit.... she's almost at 6,000 sold!
  7. I often only search "lana del" and then whatever, like "lana del ultraviolence", just because sometimes you can get good deals on things from people listing it under lana del rAy I actually found a signed copy of Paradise this way for a good price
  8. Everytime I think I no longer need to check Lana's store 18x a day, she laughs
  9. Was at Barnes & Noble and decided to look at the vinyl and cds to see if they happened to put it out early... they seem like the kind of place that wouldn't be paying attention and make a mistake... but nope. Why can't good things ever happen to meeeeee
  10. Omg I just bought this for $10.... it's still for sale on the Fader website as of March 2023!!! There are actually four covers (the back cover is a second "cover") and I had no way of knowing if they still even had the Lana cover in stock, and there's no way to request it, but for only $10 I figured it was worth a shot to try, plus she's a feature inside anyway and I still wanted it for that. Just got it in the mail today, opened it to see Ty Dolla $ign on the cover, disappointed but not surprised.... then flipped it over and it was LANA!!! The inside flaps are the other two covers. Idk if all the copies have Lana on the cover, but if you want to try: https://shop.thefader.com/collections/issues/products/issue-92-lana-del-rey-ty-dolla-sign-sam-smith-popcaan
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