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  1. It's probably just because they were printed at different factories and different times, nothing they intentionally did My alt Neil Krug cover of COCC that was Made in France vs Made in Canada have slightly different hues to them (to clarify i'm talking about the covers themselves, not the vinyl)
  2. So far I've come up with these (please excuse my sloppy copy and pasted collage lol) AIR FRESHENERS CHAPSTICKS I swear I saw one with a wolf outline on it too but now I can't find a picture of it PINS CANDLES: -Apothecary -Candle in the wind -Chemtrails (my cancer is sun and leo my moon) -BTD Prayer (sitting on the throne) -Rear View Mirror (currently still on store) ASHTRAYS -COCC LDR rose -Wild at Heart -Surf Shop -Cinnamon Girl Please let me know what I'm missing!
  3. Boooo the bookstore in Toronto just contacted me to tell me they aren't able to get the Russian version of the book Now I begin the search to find it somewhere else @SouthInGuy
  4. I finally added the VBBOTG blanket to my collection! I love it so much, I should've bought it when it was for sale on the site, but I ended up getting it for less than the $80 it was on Lana's site originally so that's a win Now I just need to find the matching Chemtrails blanket (and go back in time and slap myself for not buying it)
  5. I'm mostly interested in merch that isn't clothes... like all the ashtrays, chapsticks, candles, pins, etc... I've been trying to go through the Village Drop posts on here to make a list of everything... do you know how many different air freshener designs there are? I count at least 22 different designs
  6. I don't have it, I wish I could find a copy but this is the back cover: https://api.aaxeco.mn/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=611
  7. this one is on the back cover of the Mongolian version of Violet Bent Backwards , I was embarrassed for them when I saw it
  8. Has anyone ever made, or does it already exist somewhere, a list of all the merch ever released on ldrvillage? someone needs to make a collector's guide so I can hunt down all the past merch I regret not buying
  9. My Hungarian one took about a week between the tracking saying "sent to destination country" and "return item from customs". It came via USPS and just a heads up but I had to sign for mine and there weren't any more tracking updates after it left customs
  10. Hungarian edition has arrived! Just like the Swedish one this one doesn't have the original English poems in it at all, the book is entirely in Hungarian Now I have them all except Chinese and Mongolian! (and the Russian one which I ordered and should be here in a few weeks)* *editing to add it looks like the bookstore where I ordered the Russian version has disabled adding the book to your cart and now it says it's unavailable... i hope that doesn't mean bad things for my order
  11. My Swedish copy finally came! This version is completely in Swedish, it doesn't even have the original English versions in it at all. All the other ones have both English and translations. Hopefully my Hungarian one comes soon too!
  12. rosemead ramada

    Taylor Swift

    I could but it's not worth the hassle plus, if they fulfill orders in the order they were received, i'd rather stick with my original orders and get them delivered sooner
  13. rosemead ramada

    Taylor Swift

    All the colored vinyl are back on the store The money I could've saved on combined shipping
  14. rosemead ramada

    Taylor Swift

    Ugh I still don't understand the aesthetic of this album at all.... and I don't like the font for the tracklisting either.... it all looks so..... amateur whatever, I'm still dying to listen to it
  15. interview aside, this means now I'm going to have to go to barnes and noble every day for the next month flashbacks of interview magazine from earlier this year
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