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  1. I got this email from ldrvillage@gmail.com in my junk folder. I hope this is legit for the sake of everyone who purchased.
  2. Oh that’s great that they have that one in stores! I should’ve checked my local Barnes and Noble first lol . I’m happy that this one is way easier to get compared to the Interview one.
  3. Just received the alt cover in the mail and oh my god She has really given us the most amazing magazine covers this year. For those wondering there’s a page with the standard cover a few pages into the magazine. I ordered from yourcelebritymagazines and they packaged it super well and there was zero damage. If you’re contemplating getting this alt cover DO IT!
  4. This video was actually pretty cute. It makes me appreciate the song just a little more. And of course Lana looked gorgeous as always
  5. I don’t have a screenshot but I know that Ben, Ed, and Lana all followed the LDR Village account on instagram just a few days ago. I can’t remember the other times they promoted it but it’s obvious it was an affiliated company up until recent.
  6. Okay something needs to be done about this from Lana’s team instead of just responding to one person’s dm. The fact that LDR Village would put on an exclusive sale of LDR Surf Shop items just to close down 3 months later is disgusting and unacceptable. They need to guarantee refunds for everyone who purchased but didn’t receive their orders. Even if they’re “no longer affiliated” they still used her name/likeness to promote these products this year and her management made zero effort to inform fans about this change. In the past I’ve been lenient with LDR Village because it’s usually taken them three months+ to fulfill orders but it is so so so wrong to defraud hardworking fans. Lana needs to become aware of this issue ASAP if she isn’t already. It isn’t her fault at all but hundreds of fans (including myself) have been impacted by this. I’ve yet to hear a response after emailing tap management like Ben recommended and I don’t expect them to do anything based on their current silence.
  7. Which Lana songs do you think deserve more love and recognition? To start, I think that Change is a masterpiece that isn't talked about enough.
  8. I think it would be something metaphysical about how we’re all connected and we need to love one another. I really love her spiritual side and I think she would give great advice in that realm.
  9. I remember telling my boyfriend when A&W came out that Lana is changing the music game (once again) and we are watching history being made. It was a beautiful way for her to usher in 2023 and gave us a sneak peek of the experimentalism of the album. Seeing Pitchfork and NME name A&W song of the year makes me ecstatic and gives me hope that she’ll be making waves at this year’s Grammys. There’s no song like it and there never will be.
  10. I love seeing her acknowledge Heroin on insta and Lust for Life in The Times article. The album truly gives a snapshot into the politics of 2016 and it’s still important today. IT’S HOT!
  11. Black to Blue

    Song vs. Song

    Honeymoon vs Shades of Cool
  12. This was a fascinating interview. She was passionate and blunt in the best way possible. It’s interesting how she plans on keeping it simple for the next record. I’m looking forward to the standards album if she ever releases it
  13. How is it not an official site if Lana, Ben, and Ed follow them on insta and it’s the same merchandise they sold at the pop up? It makes no sense. I mean I guess it’s good that they’re trying to do something about it but they need to make a public announcement.
  14. well the ldrvillage site did go down today like it did before the drop earlier this year but they need to send out our already existing orders before then
  15. NOW THE ACCOUNT HAS 12K FOLLOWERS. Whoever is posting about it needs to take their posts doen NOW!
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