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  1. She just said that she’d make it up to us somehow it’s okay it was a great show anyways
  2. The show was physically and mentally grueling for those of us who attended, especially in the pit. Sending you love I completely understand your perspective
  3. After waiting yesterday since 6 am to not get barricade at all and a shortened show is definitely… a lot. I flew in from out of state, waited in the hot sun ultimately for security to let anyone and everyone through the pit gates on two separate occasions. Fenway is lucky there wasn’t a stampede when they allowed people back on the floor, it was really dangerous. Overall it was a great show and I don’t regret going necessarily but I can’t deny how frustrating it is for people like myself who traveled from far away and endured 100 degree weather to see her :/
  4. The security here at Fenway (before it rained) said the curfew is 11 pm and it’s 10k for every minute after
  5. What’s tough is this heat we’re all melting over here
  6. I looked it up and allegedly Fenway has a strict 10:30 pm curfew. God I hope the show is on time
  7. Do you know what time they said they would start selling? Or where?
  8. It says 7:30 pm ET on my ticket but I’m not sure exactly when she’ll come on
  9. Waiting in the pit line! Wish us luck on this hot day
  10. Just saw a girl in the airport with heart shaped sunglasses…. oh I’m in BOSTON!
  11. I’m at the airport right now on my way to Boston! I hope to see some lipsters at the show
  12. Is anyone else here roughing it out in the pit on Thursday? It’ll be a lot but it’ll be so worth it
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