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  1. This Is the best uv Outtake I can tell
  2. Lana Del Rey A.K.A Lizzy Grant Reissue 1.Kill Kill 2.Queen of the gas station 3.Oh Say Can You See 4.Gramma 5.For K Part 2 6.Jump 7.Mermaid Motel 8.Raise me Up 9.Pawn shop blues 10.Brite Lites 11.Put me in a movie 12.Smarty 13.Yayo 2008 Verison 14.Trash Magic 15.Pin Up Galore 16.Jimmy Gnecco 17.Get Drunk 18.Waimea 19.1949 20.Me and My Boyfriend 21.Disco 22.Elvis 23.Ben 24.Axl rose husband 25.Motel 6 26.Boarding School
  3. Apparently she told some fans there are no major releases this year but very exciting things including something that involves her going blonde
  4. I absolutely do not want re-recorded I need some of the david kahne files to be included on this reissue ofc
  5. One Of the most incredible albums of all time while imo it isn't her best in terms of songs I think it's her best album overall, best era, best music videos.
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