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  1. Please. i will beg like a loser
  2. happy tenth birthday to an album that means more to me than most things. i’m going to go sob
  3. for me i interpret as it’s scary, like a huge adrenaline rush from the violence of hurt me and tell me you’re mine, and the immediately being like into it and super attracted to them, maybe also attracted to the fact they’re into the same kind of messed up damaged love she is i think that’s pretty similar to your interpretation of it too
  4. this show felt so short but maybe that’s bc it was so good
  5. the transition of me sobbing to throwing it back will forever shock my system
  6. idk how but i want her to sell the hologram as merch it’s so iconic
  7. the girlies vocals are eating today too
  8. when quavo comes out and sings bartender
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