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  1. i wish i could personally thank Lana for this album lol WHYYY is it so good I'm losing my mind
  2. I need to catch up I haven't been back since like page 15 but I just came here to say- I lost a family member on the 22nd who actually enjoyed Lana even though she was older. This album might be taking Honeymoons place as my second favorite after UV. Idk if its only because of my situation but regardless I just think these songs are SO gorgeous, meaningful and necessary in Lana's discography.. even the ones we already had. Living Legend, Sweet Carolina & Cherry Blossom have me SOBBING every day I can't believe this is what i'll always associate this album with now but i'm SO thankful for it and satisfied with the songs she picked the fact that i just got my second or third fav lana album ever is still so crazy to me.
  3. Okay so for now If You Lie Down With Me Nectar Of The Gods Sweet Carolina Living Legend Black Bathing Suit Thunder Cherry Blossom Dealer Beautiful Arcadia Wildflower Wildfire Blue Banisters Violets For Roses Text Book Interlude Sweet Carolina & nectar of the gods might go above if you lie down with me in the next day or so though. SC might be number 1 I have a feeling all of these will change for me over time because I genuinely just love this album as a whole. Reminds of the feelings I get from UV & honeymoon. I’m just blown away. I love this woman so much!
  4. cant stop listening to if you lie down with me, nectar of the gods, sweet carolina, black bathing suit & thunder
  5. i think my new album ranking is UV Honeymoon Blue Banisters BTD/Paradise AKA NFR LFL COTCC honestly its possible BB will take Honeymoons place and im still in shock
  6. I'm listening on Spotify for now. I'm going to buy it from apple tomorrow.. can someone tell me are there any differences?
  7. I love this version of Thunder. I think it needed the changes to feel complete its #6 on my list for now <3
  8. if you lie down with me & nectar of the gods are my favs FOR NOW I love this album so much. Havent loved one this much since Honeymoon :') its been a long journey friends <3333
  9. lights set to the colors you guys told me, sleeping beauty muted on the tv, juul in hand and headphones on lets gooooooooo <33333
  10. im so excited!! this is my first time being on lanaboards for an official release :') its been so fun
  11. okay i set my lights to a pattern of light blue, dark blue, purple, green to yellow <333 I'm SO ready
  12. sooo should my lights be blue when i listen for the first time?? lol or what color matches the mood best? i could also set them to change between a few different colors <333
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