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  1. Nvm don’t give me no warning points plz and thank u mod note: user has been warned for this post
  2. A Star For Nick is too good… how can someone even create such a beautiful & haunting song 😭 one of the most memorable for me. I can remember the exact moment I heard it for the first time.
  3. this is how I feel rn. I’m waiting for my bf to get home from work so I can explain to him that something weird but also really fun is happening in the Lana world today 🧐🤔
  4. Same. I saw someone else say it was the first time they truly “felt” music and I feel the same way. the only music that can even come close to giving me that is usually older music like 60s-90s but it’s still not like Lana & before I discovered her it’s like I didn’t even have that ability? Or I wasn’t open to it. i always loved music (i mean most people do) but I didn’t know what it was like to love it this much before her. the way it’s expanded beyond but it’s all because of her it’s just interesting to me. songs like video games & yayo or shades of cool & west coast just to name a few… I just don’t even have words to describe how perfect those songs sound to me. lanas debut and what followed right after is such a dream. F*** the criticism. The impact is so easy to see. I can’t fathom being able to express my thoughts & feelings & my past and make such beautiful art with it. She takes the emotions from the deepest parts of me and puts it all into words. She’s perfected an aesthetic that was always a part of me but I didn’t know how to show it without her lead. It’s a funny joke to be like “Lana shaped me” but like it’s actually true lol. She helped me learn what I actually like at an age when things were so confusing to me. It’s been such a fun ride. 💙
  5. Remember the Snapchat flower crown filter?? That was deff because of BTD & UV 😭
  6. I was 15 and I just can’t even express how special BTD is to me. I’ll never ever forget randomly seeing the video games mv at like 4am on MTV. Her face, her outfits, her voice & the lyrics and the production… the visuals!! I think my jaw literally dropped and I immediately needed to know everything about her and learn every song. for 10 years straight I’ve been telling everyone I know how amazing her music is. Anyone who follows me online or has met me knows I love her so much and honestly I think I’ve gotten all of them to appreciate how special her art is even if it’s not their thing lol. love reading all your stories because I can find something I also experienced in each of them 💙 over the past ten years I’ve struggled with addiction and a ton of grief from loved ones passing away… I’m sooo thankful to have this space as a distraction and of course for Lana continuing to give us amazing music even though she could have stopped after BTD and would have been just as iconic.
  7. Pleeeease tell me it’s better/I’m gonna like it more than love you like a woman 😭 I use that one because it’s the only Lana song I just don’t like no matter how hard I try (I want to like it so bad lol) for free and breaking up slowly are close behind but it’s only bc of the features….. this has to be better right?! 😩
  8. No same. Literally just came back here to say she better close this mf again so it’s still special and I have a chance at her talking to me in the comments 😭
  9. Holy shit you guys I can’t believe I just got onto honeymoon finally I know it’s a little less of a big deal now but HOLY SHITTTTT
  10. Thank you sm this is honestly really helpful 💜
  11. I got a record player for Christmas what Lana vinyl should I get first?? What sounds best.. cause I do want to actually play it I’m not worried about messing it up I’m thinking about getting two copies of all of them anyways. i feel like the obvious answer is Honeymoon? Which is in my top 3 anyways but I just want to make sure before I buy one of them for now. i also feel like NFR is probably a good choice but idk how I feel about that being my first everrrr lana vinyl UV is my all time fav album from her and I also really like BB but I think I wanna start with one of her classics!?! sorry if this isn’t the right thread and thank you lol
  12. Gramma was one of the first Lana songs I ever heard. It was such a memorable and unique song like the rest i discovered It was so relatable to me which i loved i kinda consider myself an expert on grief at this point in my life (whatever that means) not because i know how to deal with it - i dont. but because i carry a shit ton of it with me everyday even though im still sorta young its extremely hard. the hardest thing any of us will ever live through its so uncomfortable knowing something thats causing you so much pain is unchangeable and out of your control i used to feel like i was special and my grief was somehow the worst but i know now after suffering through so much of it, im really not special at all it happens to everyone its the most other worldly insane feeling a human can experience of course we can never truly know Lana but this has made me feel closer to her as another human being than I ever have. I wish I could hug her and anyone else who is in the midst of that pain. If anyone is experiencing it right now just know better days are on the way and even though its the most painful thing ever you're never alone in it. My heart is with anyone suffering a loss to death. If you think no one else knows how you feel, think of me <3 goodnight guys xoxo
  13. Accepting I am and always will be, gods least favorite never getting into honeymoon account </3
  14. does anyone know how i can make like a mixtape or playlist on my iphone of unreleased lana songs to share with my friend? when I download from the missdaytona website they go to downloaded files which is fine but they're there individually so like is there a way i can put them all together? instead of sending her like 30 individual songs
  15. I relate to this so much! For BTD/UV/HM/LFL I was using drugs and constantly in abusive relationships during NFR i was settling into a healthy loving relationship with a new man and a new home chemtrails the healthy bf and i were moving into another new home thats just for the two of us no roommates and blue banisters really does feel like a full circle moment. especially with the older songs being added. im so happy youre in a better place <3 thank you for sharing, I love hearing about how people first discovered Lana or where they were in life when the albums came out.. I could read little stories like this for hours
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