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  1. Yes it’s 100% still her saddest song to me even with kintsugi & fingertips existing which I also love!
  2. Is This Happiness is my favorite song of all time. I know it’s maybe a little repetitive & maybe on the simpler side for Lana But it just does something for me I feel like I never see/hear anyone talking about it. Selfishly I love that because it’s so special to me but it’s a crime that it’s an Apple exclusive. It’ll always be the true closing track to UV in my heart.
  3. I seriously would pay money for this happen. We need someone like us, one of us, to ask the things we’ve all been wondering since the moment we discovered her.
  4. You’re really great with words Elle! I’m horrible and just wrote a novel on here I’m so sorry y’all lol
  5. You took the thoughts right out of my head! I started listening to Lana in 2011 when I was 14 years old. I’d say in 2012 after Born To Die maybe like half the people in my school knew of her and the other half didn’t. The people who did were usually on tumblr. But almost no one liked her or actually listened to her. I swear I think my bestfriend and I may have been the only people in the entire school. I introduced my bestfriend to the music and her reaction was immediately the same as mine had been when I first heard Lana. Her and I bonded over that a ton. The way I describe it to people now is- back then when my bestfriend and I would ask other girls if they listened to Lana the most common response was “ew.” Or “who?” I feel so lame acting like a gatekeeping a** b**** but when it comes to Lana it’s really hard. Some of the fellow fans think it’s so cringe and I get that tbh but they’re like “Lana has always been huge” “everyone has known about Lana since 2012” but it’s simply not true. I understand BTD was big and she’s streamed well and NFR got her a lot of attention but all of that was NOTHING compared to this whole year. Also when they talk about tons of people knowing her since 2012 I feel like that’s more so true for people online. But it wasn’t the case in my experience in my school, in my town. Yeah when I logged onto tumblr she was all over.. but with my peers not at all. It’s mind blowing to see newer fans (who I welcome as long as I feel like they truly get it and the ones who don’t can gtfo😭) , critics, producers and other artists saying word for word the things I have ALWAYS said about her since day one. It’s really strange to walk into my aunts house and hear Lana songs playing from my cousins rooms. Or to go on Instagram and see girls I went to highschool with reposting Lana photos and using her songs on their stories for the first time ever. Even tho it’s me being a bit delusional it used to feel like some of those early songs were like my little secrets and they were so special to me. Don’t get me wrong, it makes me very happy. All I ever want is for people to talk to me/ask me about Lana so it’s a dream come true for younger people in my life to get into her (the girls from school not so much lol) but it’s just a weird feeling. I used to have to defend these songs with my life to my grandma (bless her) and my friends and now it’s like Lana is just a household name. i always believed in her and her art and wanted her to get the credit she deserved but I don’t know if I ever actually pictured it getting to where we are today. If you told me back then I wouldn’t have been able to believe it I don’t think. Not because she isn’t the best artist ever and isn’t deserving of it but because I wouldn’t have believed that this massive amount of people would ever be able to truly understand how special her talent is. It’s not that I think I’m smarter or superior to everyone else. Not at all. Its just that her music is so incredibly intimate and special I just couldn’t fathom how anyone who hasn’t been through some crazy stuff could ever get it. I know music doesn’t have to be relatable for people to like it necessarily but idk Lana is just something else. It’s so so special. im so proud of her it all makes me so happy but it also makes me a little stressed lol its very bittersweet and I think she would probably agree 😅
  6. I really want to take a nap but I’m scared to even do that rn 😬
  7. He definitely made it sound like all of them, including Lana want to do more of everything/everywhere! So everyone deff keep the hope. She seems to really be enjoying it this time around.
  8. I met the backup singers and one dancer :’) they are so kind and so beautiful. I can’t even explain it. Just so so sweet. Such good vibes.
  9. Ahhh. This is who told me they’re trying to do Europe and Asia next
  10. I ran into a guy who works for her, not one of the musicians or security… honestly not sure who he is. Maybe sound tech? he said he was really sad that it’s over and it’s like saying goodbye to a family. He said they wanted to do more US dates but the indoor venues are closing for winter (I think Lana has already stated this too) he said it’s up in the air, but they want to do a Europe and Asia tour next.
  11. I mean I am sorry for that if that’s how everyone feels. But I was very anxious and upset. Guess I just shouldn’t have brought it here.
  12. Thank you so much. It was my 3rd time seeing her but I’ve never been close. I was in the row right behind barricade. It was life changing.
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