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  1. I wonder what she’s going to wearrrr pleaae queen slay and don’t embarrass me
  2. Like the amount of times I’ve frantically texted my bf while he’s at work to explain that there’s crazy and exciting Lana stuff going on is ridiculous. I love it 😭
  3. trailerparkdream

    Taylor Swift

    okay i know this is such a long shot obviously but a good friend of mine is a PICU nurse and knows a 14 year old girl with cancer who is quickly declining. Shes a swiftie and she was supposed to go to the Eras tour this weekend. Due to her being put on hospice she’s no longer able to go. They’re trying to make a miracle happen and get Taylor+teams attention for a FaceTime or something, just anything. not sure what my goal is in posting here, but I just thought it was a way I could possibly help get the word out or at the very least get more views on the TikTok. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRTTmJ36/
  4. Welp even tho I’ve already heard the album I got all dressed up to drink and take pictures with my friends tonight but they ditched me early and my boyfriend doesn’t want to do anything. So my look when to waste and now I’m crying just waiting for midnight 🙃 I’m very grateful I at least get to spend it with you crazy people 💙
  5. Was that picture someone posted from Twitter earlier real? Can someone link me to it if it is please
  6. Omg yesss. Now that we’re already used to it and expecting it I don’t mind it at all vs BB where it really bothered me. If she’s writing songs this vulnerable and personal then idc. She can go ahead and mention family and friends by name. It deff makes it hit harder now. also just like how relatable… a lot of times some people will choose to not be there when someone dies because they feel they can’t handle it. Then later on they often have regrets about that. I definitely do.
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