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  1. idk I'm not mad about this. his voice is beautiful, the song is a vibe & this is probably the coolest thing he's ever done. im happy for him
  2. I cant believe Im laying in bed watching the same setlist I saw in person twice last year & have watched like 20 livestreams of... and I'm still gagged. the power she holds...
  4. shes cancelling and cussing out the venue security calling them homophobic for arresting ricardo
  5. who am I kidding cause if he rly got in trouble and she finds out abt it shes gonna do the saturday show instead just so he DOESNT miss it
  6. do the 1 hour show tonight so Ricardo has to miss it
  7. Exactly. Seeing people accuse her of being drunk actually breaks my heart.
  8. I feel like all the critique wouldn’t be as harsh if we were actually there. I mean has anyone ever been to a Lana show and come out of it thinking it wasn’t good? Genuinely asking cause I’ve never seen it. I feel like everyone there thought it was amazing and that she looked amazing as always. Idk. Personally for me everything changed when I saw her for the 3rd time in October and up close for the 1st time. In person the dancers & the setlist make more sense to me than when I’m watching it thru the phone. Also every time I’ve seen her she sounded phenomenal so it drives me crazy when people are saying she can’t sing anymore. Also her hair can be a mess I really dgaf cause I know if I was there I wouldn’t even notice because she’s the prettiest person I’ve ever seen.
  9. Yeah exactly… this is such a good description from your mom lol. I think our girl is just a little weird tbh. But I love her for that. My bf always says the way Lana talks and acts is kinda like someone who did too many psychedelics when they were younger lol. But honestly that’s also why she sounds wise to me lol. It’s not an insult just an observation. People are always gonna say she seems drunk or high but she’s just a little weird. Not in a bad way. It makes her fun & cute & interesting 😭
  10. I’m mad she did sweet home Alabama for them but didn’t to take me home in West Virginia… like hello???
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