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  1. found it! it's a 2 second shot in a BTS video so i did the best i could haha
  2. ShadesOfFool

    Lil Wayne

    They said he’s rapping like it’s 08 again. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet but I’m excited.
  3. listening to No Scrubs and thinking how hilarious it would for Lana to cover this
  4. it's been a while since i've told you this but you're so talented and i'm obsessed with you
  5. I can’t listen but she looks BEAUTIFUL
  6. Fantano is a closeted gay man taking his anger at the world out on women instead. It’s very tragic. anyways thunder is so good I wanna hear that song Dope they made
  7. What else is in that bag, fat girrrl? The streets need her to sing Escape from LA!!!
  8. I think she has to strike a little bit more of a balance because at the end of the day, we do still want people to listen to this album more than once lol. she’s gotta throw the 30 and under crowd a couple bones with some songs we would know to keep it fun and actually generate interest. I mean I’ll listen to her sing anything obviously, but if she’s gonna do a cover album I’d at least like to know some of the songs lol. Let’s have her sing criminal by Fiona Apple, something by The Weeknd, something by Amy, etc. they’re not radio pop songs but they’re songs people have heard.
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