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  1. why isn't she doing Dealer is the real question? thats the fan favorite right there
  2. I was out all night, was this better than last week?
  3. I can’t get over her tits lmfaoooo god bless her and them
  4. Cause lana was late & also the last of the night, most likely concerts/festivals have to pay the staff OT when shows run over so they make sure that shit ends on time, whether the persons set is done or not lmfaoooo
  5. The random flipside performance was such a pleasant surprise lmfaoooo like what a random song to include in her big comeback performance but a classic
  6. you could tell she was nervous/kinda rusty. her hands were shaking during A&W and Young and Beautiful
  7. Oh wow…that was intense i love when she gets really into it, sometimes she sounds like she’s lowkey on autopilot so it’s always a treat when she’s really FEELING it
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