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  1. I thought she was supposed to be a moose
  2. We gotta figure out what’s up with Charlie lmfao Anyways she’s so pretty & these pics def have some kind of creepy southern gothic vibe with the trees and the swamp
  3. ShadesOfFool

    Lake Placid

    so good like oh my god
  4. If she’s the only one wearing one I fear that it doesn’t really work
  5. She has a history of being stalked and stuff so it’s clearly a trigger for her being followed around lol
  6. She envisioned a Southern California full of bad boys and sad girls
  7. Did she actually sing west coast or did it just play while she was there? cause I know that’s her thing lately
  8. Idec about the setlist, look at her HAIR
  9. If she doesn’t perform Salvatore (IN FULL) I’m using her binding spell recipe against her
  10. I’m crying do people expect new news about an album every day for months? Let her cook!
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