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  1. Unrelated but post the full pic of your avi plsss 😍
  2. yeah we can’t be too greedy for new music bc this lady has SO MANY ALBUMS already out…she’s not a robot
  3. Cowgirl is too catchy lol….so not what I was expecting from her in 2023
  4. A Billie feature before Lana…? nicki you pissed me off tonight
  5. dont disrespect me that song is amazing!!!
  6. tbh Nicki albums usually are a little overly-long and have some skips, so I wouldn’t be mad at 10 songs as long as they are 10 GREAT songs
  7. i wish she would stop releasing albums that are only half-finished…
  8. Probably some shit that doesn’t make sense lol
  9. candy necklace into jimmy…with a tear-away dress
  10. you’re dead wrong for that last bit
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