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  1. What happened did I miss something
  2. Im crying wtf is going on here
  3. My birthday was also august 2nd so she was lowkey celebrating me as well she just doesn’t know it 😩🤌
  4. Buddy’s Rendezvous is one of the best things she’s ever released and it’s not even her song I want all that moody broody sexy jazzy shit, like give us some vibes again!
  5. Isn’t that Robert pattinsons girlfriend
  6. Why was I tagged in this??
  7. let’s pray she never references QFTC ever again….
  8. happy birthday lust for life, was my comfort album through a very stressful time in my life
  9. being lost at sea whats the last text you sent
  10. you had me then you lost me then you had me again
  11. Im not necessarily starving for a new album lol she just dropped twice last year. I didn’t really like those albums but I’ll be ok if I have to wait another year or so lol
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