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  1. Ok the Assia vinyl is the same indi yellow right? Only difference being the obi?
  2. I did that at out Walmart a while back, They had a bunch of copies of Loud by Rihanna and I made the whole cd end cap that, after the associate fixed it, I did it again.
  3. That Lana Del rey updates on YouTube had posted something with I think polydor’s president saying preorders for chemtrails had already surpassed nfr’s. That was maybe a 3 weeks ago.
  4. Well for the video, Not in real life. Though it may be a possibility...
  5. Do you think the Jeep hits her in the white dress video? Maybe the cause of the cast? On another note it’s cool that The Weeknd and Lana are using casts these eras...
  6. Omg justice - that French electronic duo needs to sue him, I don’t know how to post pictures but their logo is justice with The t being a cross...
  7. Well actually I do, I’d love a new album by Justice. And with daft punk making headlines, this may be the time to do so. Oh this is Lana related, because they have an album called woman and her song is LMLYLAW...
  8. Great, Thank You! Now she or Ben are reading this and are calling universal as I type to delay the release to July...
  9. Stumbled upon this when searching the internet for information on white dress: https://lanadelrey.fandom.com/wiki/White_Dress_(song) something seems a bit off...
  10. Next album is produced by Grimes, Has a Florence Welch feature, And it has Hollywood & Hey Blue Baby on it.
  11. Did I miss something, When did she say she didn’t like / felt uneasy about Chemtrails?
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