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  1. I’m hoping 365, But harder…
  2. Like in Nevada, There’s literally a pan you can stand in…
  3. Need Her album & ghost ep reissued on vinyl…
  4. Ok - My excuse is this morning I was very tired, And somehow didn’t see the “I keep thinking” part in the post I quoted. I’m losing my mind…
  5. I thought she said I’m So Julia - Because Fox is like literally everywhere atm… EDIT: I’m a Dumbass…
  6. No the remasters that released digitally on Valentines Day. I don’t have much hope for the new game in development - I’d love to be wrong though...
  7. Physical preorders today, I saw someone on Twitter mention Megan’s song - Somehow I’ve never heard it before - Figured it belonged here…
  8. But you can put them with your actual guns - Like a Mr & Mrs Smith style arsenal…
  9. I haven’t been on my Xbox in a while, But someone informed me they removed a bunch of lines from the mansion levels regarding DPAD because MS/Nintendo don’t call it that…
  10. SHIP DATE SAYS MARCH 1-31 Edit: For the Collector’s Editions - The regular release is showing November!
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