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  1. But seriously, This Hell is amazing, Like everything about it. I’m especially obsessed with the “Metallic Gavel?” Sample used throughout!
  2. Fuck you the fuck up has this sick beat & violent synth. AOTY!
  3. The fact she finally put Yes To Heaven on an album!
  4. The Artwork? The gold frame, Yellow Background & haircut…
  5. https://reading.florenceandthemachine.net I got My Love…
  6. The grey vinyl & Signed CD arrived! Plus I love how inside the sleeve has the design too!
  7. I’m glad! It is a little funny though mine was stuck in Memphis for a good while… EDIT: Oh on accident my ass!
  8. Well out of 9 versions, Still just the Target Vinyl has shown up. Tracking now claims I’ll receive the box in 2 days “that was the first of my orders to ship” its original eta was the 14th. I know, First world problems. But it sucks…
  9. This, I’d love it to be released. But I don’t think she’ll be able to, If she even wanted to…
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