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  1. DeadSeaOfMercury


    I choose to believe it’s about Elon, I think the song will definitely grow on you
  2. DeadSeaOfMercury


    Ok so yeah I liked POG, But now I’m obsessed & trying not to overplay…
  3. I Fucked My Way Up To The Top Hallucinations
  4. Because she’s been turning into a werewolf. Did you watch Chemtrails over the country club? Iconic
  5. Rolling down the assembly line & being loaded onto a train - which would crash, our titles salvaged - when we were sent to NBC to film the 2 part knight rider pilot, we were to be destroyed after filming due to GM being paranoid, Thankfully that camera guy drove me off to that storage unit, Here I am still today listening to Lana on my CarPlay unit I had installed last Christmas. What brand of gas do you use?
  6. Oh shit - I guess the Trans Am got some calamari up in it’s grill
  7. My Heart / The idea I had of what could’ve been - My fault. When was the last time you read a book?
  8. Calamari, Once. Do you overthink everything you do / why do you think that is?
  9. And it’s like Illuminati confirmed! In the Love music video she’s using a Wal*Mart key in the ignition! She’s probably applying for a counter position in automotive - the taste
  10. Thought this game was made by @May from the name of it
  11. Get the balance right! In my pants.
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