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  1. Ok I promise, I searched through topics & Paris Hilton / Hilton didn’t pop one up. I didn’t mean to make a duplicate
  2. Million Dollar Man Cola Flipside God Knows I Tried Heroin How To Disappear Dark But Just A Game Wildflower Wildfire Hey Blue Baby Try Tonigth Yes To Heaven
  3. DeadSeaOfMercury

    Tove Lo

    DIRT FEMME: DISTORTED DESTRUCTION DELUXE Basically the album, But gritty as all hell synthesizers. and distortion. Lots…
  4. DeadSeaOfMercury

    Tove Lo

    Double Album as in “feels like a 2LP” or “a re-up is on the Horizon”? Tove is incredible, I really need her to add more US tour dates… Still thought it was funny when my sister saw the sunshine kitty plush near my Vinyl - She was like is that a Vagina on it’s belly? Yes, Yes it is…
  5. DeadSeaOfMercury

    Tove Lo

    As in still being the greatest synth pop album of the past 10 years?
  6. DeadSeaOfMercury

    Tove Lo

    Ok so just the single was delayed? Not the album? Is the “bad song” still synth pop?
  7. This is sick, Do you think that security guy guarded her truck the whole time? I really hate to be that way but she needs to be extremely cautious. Do we know who the lady in blue is?
  8. During a hair flip, Kinda funny with the Demon Daddy sign…
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