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  1. Manifesting a signature in silver pen
  2. She also wasn't even doxxing him lmao, he is literally wearing a mask and I couldn't tell it's him if I saw him out in public. There's nothing that can truly identify him on his insta. We don't even know if he's really 14
  3. I'm honestly quite proud of her With this new era she's really standing up for herself. She really is creating her own story now and refusing to let anyone else do that for her I love her SO much
  4. She did also say that this album is about what it was like, and how it is now, so I think this sound was actually intentional on her part aside from the obligation of the contract
  5. ugh this week is going to be the hardest. we're SO close to the album, the merch drop, and the performance
  6. rumor has it this is her new way to promo since leaving social media
  7. omg stop lying everyone knows she actually raided the store naked with nikki and kept screaming "LET ME SHOW YOU HOW BAD GIRLS DO" and broke her COCC vinyls and CDs truly horrifying I hope she's okay
  8. girl forget the wig one song and my soul is in outer space I just KNOW the rest will send me
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