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  1. I feel (as always) genuinely excited for this album, but especially because I feel like, over the past couple records, we’ve seen her inch closer into being a mature artist. the whole idea of stream-of-consciousness songs feels like she’s hitting her Hejira-style era. I think her free verse poetry has really influenced her songwriting and I’m eager to hear the kinds of orchestral arrangements that are being built around her free-singing poetry — especially if she’s letting her anger out! I think it will be more abstract for sure, but that gives us more to dissect and discuss and analyze. You can relate to it more, in a way, because everyone finds a different meaning in it. I CAN’T WAIT!!!
  2. I’m not done yet, but I’m shocked I haven’t seen anyone mention Hard Times yet!!!! so ethereal and engrossing
  3. we love to see LB members be the leaders of Taste™️ in the popheads community! those are some huge feats, proud it’s one of our own who posted it also idk what reddit karma does either ha!
  4. @TrashMagiq is that you who posted it in pop heads?! I posted earlier and they deleted it saying it had to be midnight UK time, enjoy the flush of reddit karma you’re about to get I’m not jealous
  5. I will listen anyway and then decompress with a rom-com
  6. LIVING THROUGH EVERYONE WHO'S HEARD IT SO FAR! I am so excited for midnight! I loooove her music but I can't listen too closely to the lyrics every time or it sets off my anxiety--such deep, traumatic topics that she sings in a comforting way. the craziest hybrid!
  7. manifesting the surprise release she wanted two album cycles ago — now is the time bc we know nothing — if I know nothing for too long I will feel the Big Sad
  8. I really hope the reason that she reposted the Buddy’s Rendevous clip is because her version will be coming to streaming
  9. I don’t know what’s going on because I didn’t scroll back but I LOVE LFL UNABASHEDLY AND I’M PROUD. it’s her political-era masterpiece. some of my favorite LDR songs are on there. if she wanted to create a concept album singing the phone book you know I would stan
  10. every new post of Rob’s getting me so hyped… he’s the ultimate insider
  11. what if it’s “whatever happened to the girl I threw / in the wasteland”
  12. the way that I feel we get the most tea / inside lewks from Robert England Grant’s instagram, bless u sir
  13. this one photo has rejuvenated my skin, given me purpose, inspiration, a reason to go on, etc etc
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