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  1. Target and Walmart were sold out of the BB cd! I found ONE last copy at Barnes & Noble Heads up for anyone looking for it that your B&N may have it too!
  2. all I can do is walk around the house singing “your interest really made StAcKs out of iiiiitttt for meeeee”
  3. I think it’s “hospitals” 🥺🥺🥺 I truly do - I think that’s why she’s giving such careful consideration to the composition/release of BTIG, because that’s the first time she’ll really tell at least part of that story. Yesterday on the live, she said the poems are “unflattering” to her - since the Guardian’s “I wish I was dead already” incident, I think she knows what a field day the press will have with painting her out to be some kind of irrational lunatic when that’s so far from the truth of mental health situations (which I assume she’s talking about in BTIG given her allusions to it but could be wrong).
  4. I would love this! I kind of doubt it will happen but I’ve been craving a tasteful, dreamy 80s synth soft-rock record from her, something like Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac. I want YTH to be released sooooo bad—I know it’s not lyrically one of her strongest but the melody and the background instrumental is other-worldly!
  5. I walked down the aisle at my wedding to the orchestral version of gypsy, I would really lose it !!!!!!!! favorite song in the world
  6. For anyone who missed the livestream, she said the book is still on the way but it’s complicated. She said she felt the whole thing could be condensed into about 36ish pages of really dense poems that are “unflattering” but would hold everything we need to know/she wants to say. NOW I’M EVEN MORE EXCITED BAHHHH
  7. I loved that she said this she was so genuine about it too, I think that’s why she doesn’t seem super heavily involved in the merch, because she doesn’t even want people to feel pressured to buy it. I’m sure the label/her managers push her to engage. She truly is just about the music
  8. omg twins (kind of) - scorpio moon and libra rising here toooo!!! also fire sun, but leo!
  9. I want to do the zodiac signs as BB songs like I did for COCC but I’m terrified this time because the stakes are much higher when everyone loves so many songs 🙃 or maybe lower?? I feel more pressure but if nearly every song is beloved people would be happy no matter what I choose haha
  10. The lyrics on VFR are some the best but I am also someone who would rank it low on my BB faves (although I do like it and it’s growing on me daily) - but only because I love her soaring, complex melodies and this is one that doesn’t dance across the keys as much, the melody is more constant across a few notes at the chorus. I would bet the people who rank it low feel somewhat similar—my theory is: if you would rank songs like Guns and Roses and Black Beauty (similar stagnant melody structure) lower, you would probably not pick VFR as a favorite either—same for vice versa, if you enjoy those a lot you’d love VFR… anyone agree?
  11. I think it’s hospitals too!!! The word she was talking about on the live that she’s never mentioned but says it tells the whole story but ‘it’s not only hers to tell’ or something? Thank youuuuu! The only one of these I’ve seen that keeps DBJAG 🙃 I would also keep Yosemite and DTWD tho hahaha
  12. Love it! That makes sense. I listen to Honeymoon the most at bedtime because it makes me feel serene I secretly love LFL and listen to my favorite songs from it a lot but don’t discuss it much because LFL lovers get trashed
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