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  1. the way my last.fm is ecstatic this is finally released so it can rank where it should !! call me a simpleton, but it’s always been my favorite unreleased track, so dreamy 😭 I’d love to get more from her in this space. I hope it charts well for her and makes that 💸💸💸
  2. I think I found the exact little cake jewelry boxes if anyone wants to buy one on etsy ❤️ saving up for a cherry one 😭🍒 https://www.etsy.com/shop/FakesCakess
  3. Idk either lol!! All I can hear of what she’s saying is “honey” but that melody‘s 🔥🔥🔥
  4. sooooooo Lana needs to collab more with Jon Batiste… !!!!!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 edit: I also really want the song they improv’d in the interlude where she’s saying something something “honey” really high pitched 🥹
  5. I’m sure I will lose any shred of cred™️ I had here, but bleachers has been my favorite band for many years. they have one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen & I love Jack’s voice and writing. welcome to the club!!!
  6. I think mine is, in no order (and almost certainly will change)… candy necklace paris, texas a&w let the light in title track (fishtail, margaret) lmao can’t pick 5
  7. I’m SO happy she got her second pitchfork BNM! I held off on posting immediate thoughts of the album because there was *so* much to digest. It left me with a perplexing, almost uneasy feeling I’ve seen others echo: that I felt in my bones the album was a total masterpiece—the mood/atmosphere of it is incredibly haunting, darkly whimsical, and unique—but I didn’t feel at first like I would seek out tracks like fingertips/kintsugi/grandfather to listen to on their own or get them stuck in my head. they’re so personal, [artistically] meandering given the automatic writing, and almost “chorus-less” that they feel meant to be consumed with the album in whole. (I’m already wrong because I’ve replayed them all a few times). it made me feel similar to the way that honeymoon did—although that album had more traditional hooks/bridges, it took a while for it to sink into my bones and get stuck in my head, and for me to crave specific tracks to replay. this one’s beauty will grow with time for me, I’m certain. the longer I sit with this album, the more I think it’s one of her most cohesive ones. candy necklace (I love the interludes, especially jon batiste’s!) and paris, texas were the major highlights for me on first listen—these, to me, sum up the mood of the album. “you’re home when you’re alone”: when your mother or lover strands you and the media forsakes you, you still have yourself and what you choose to do with your life, your love, your grief, your glory. the whole album feels like that plastic bag scene in american beauty, down to the muted piano tones. it’s like she takes the ‘public mythology’ of LDR and completely flips it inside out and walks you through each vein and ventricle, how the heart beats. now I’ll think of fingertips every time someone mentions this is what makes us girls, or A&W when I think of ride, etc. it’s the glowing inner workings of her previous songs, like their commentary. it’s starkly and deeply personal in a way that feels like we almost shouldn’t be listening, and she’s shared thoughts with us we hadn’t previously been privileged to. it’s an honor. she truly is in a creative class of her own, and she is masterful at her craft, leading an artistic life and building a legacy through her body of work. I am so eager to see where she goes from here, and so proud
  8. they put the listening party near me during work hours so I couldn’t go but I am getting true second-hand warm fuzzy joy from reading everyone’s posts saying they went, loved the album, and/or won stuff/got a poster. high key love u guysssss ❤️
  9. MY LDR STORE VINYL SHIPPED !! anyone else’s? so excited! Amazon’s supposed to ship Tuesday
  10. I have heard approximately 6 seconds of candy necklace from her IG video and a listening party clip and I already know it’s a masterpiece
  11. I could spend hours asking her questions about life and her personal philosophy — in some ways, those are the best parts of every good and interesting interview she gets to do when the interviewer asks the right questions. I don’t know about everyone else, but I love hearing about her day-to-day, her mentality, what she’s reading, etc. It is so inspiring. I agree so much with what she about the goal being to meet yourself. Edit: I’ve been reading an incredible book called Art in the Age of Artifice by J.F. Martel (recommended reading from Donna Tartt after The Secret History), and it‘s about how true art is often messy and contains symbols and is open to interpretation—it brings weirdness, otherworldliness to the real/things we know to be true; while artifice is manufactured “art” that tells you exactly what it means, what the message is, and how to feel about it (i.e. blockbuster good vs bad movies). It always makes me think who is doing it like Lana???? Literally no one. Recording automatic singing sessions to put on your major label album in the name of self-understanding and personal growth. She pushes boundaries like no other, and it’s so refreshing in the age of edited/smoothed, digital perfection on the radio. Here’s a quote from that book that reminds me of that: ”The greatness of all great art lies in its capacity to convey the Real in all its mysterious richness, not in the communication of an opinion as to what is true and false, right or wrong, possible or impossible. For a filmmaker, conveying the Real may well mean using the best take even though it contains a camera jerk or a mysterious detail that does not fit the scheme yet simply feels right. It definitely means letting chance and chaos play a part in the process so that unforeseen connections are allowed to enter into the work and augment its breadth and power. It also means letting the leaps, breakages, and interruptions that were part of the original vision make it all the way to the finished product.”
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