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  1. I'm reading Joan Didion for the first time, specifically Slouching Towards Bethlehem which I've almost finished.. her writing is truly exquisite, I keep pausing and wondering how one can even construct sentences like that. I really want to read The White Album and Play It As It Lays next. And the subject matter of the essays in this collection (and as far as I understand Joan Didion's work in general) is sooo interesting as a Lana fan; California, Los Angeles, Hollywood, the state of "The American Dream"... I was curious to see if Lana has ever mentioned Joan Didion and it seems like she hasn't but when I searched the forums I found an old post from @Trash Magic about this photoshoot of Joan Didion maybe having inspired the Ultraviolence cover and I can really see it tbh
  2. Some are here for country rap, some are here for country rock, some are here for orchestral country but I'm here for Hey Blue Baby
  3. with the way Lana talks about things sometimes I'm still wondering if she really meant an actual structure for the stage or the abstract structure of her performance in that interview lmao.. but exciting either way!
  4. I've been randomly obsessed with Judah Smith interlude lately like I have to laugh at myself a bit but that's the power of this album
  5. it's not about having lasso updates anymore.. this is the experience of being a lipster whore
  6. honeyslow

    Dua Lipa

    the song didn't blow me away but I love the video she looks sooooo good
  7. oh slayana don't tease hey blue baby like that
  8. TIL it's not "God's a charlatan" and I listened to this song 250 times last year.... it made sense to me OK! anyways A&W ilyyyy you fucking legend of a song
  9. only if laura sisk is banned from entering within 100 ft of the studio
  10. country album 4 yrs in the making and she’s adding rap collabs a month before vinyl deadline… never change lana
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