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  1. DUDE WTF IS GOING ON i haven’t been on lanaboards all day living for the hysteria tho but srsly what happened
  2. don’t have ig so i haven’t heard the snippet…. are there yt videos or somewhere else i can listen😫😫
  3. i need this album after my bf just broke up with me last night lana give me some cunty country revenge song to be pissed at my man to
  4. this^^ i’m sure everyone expected another indie-pop record after born to die but she came thru and put some soul into those heavy drums and guitar riffs. we can call ultraviolence psych-rock or whatever but i’ve never truly heard anything like it. it’s unique to lana and that’s why i fell in love with the record and the shades of cool guitar solo is fucking awesome as we all know
  5. SO GLAD TO SEE ALL THE APHEX FANS HERE… he really is a cool dude with great music. genius
  6. she farted into the microphone and walked off stage
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