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  1. this is probably such a late post about this, but does anybody have any info on the ocean blvd outtake with the screaming??? i’m so curious about in and i’d love to hear it.. i hope she actually releases it sometimes or it leaks
  2. i am interested in reading!!! im sure i would love it, message me about it if you’d like. thanks!
  3. hayden del rey

    The Garden

    love these cool guys, going to see them live in a few weeks. i wish there were a lot more lana fans who listened to punk, bc the garden is awesome 🤟🎸
  4. this, i’ve said it for the longest time. a&w reminds me so much of NIN in so many ways. id love for lana to collab with a metal band, that would be so fun and something different. prob would never happen tho. i just wanna hear her screammmmm
  5. this pre-release was living hell but i loved every second of it. see you guys in the post-release thread
  6. guys i have a job interview at my local coffee shop friday, and the album is coming out the same day!!! i think it’ll be a good day, wish me luck luvs
  7. BYEEEEE… i don’t drink but for snacks i think you should eat cheezits while listening to the album lol. i just love cheezits. i don’t eat tacos either but i think that would be a good idea if you like them bc of taco truck x vb maybe you could buy a candy necklace too, that would be fun
  8. honestly i don’t think it’s that big of a deal about the judah smith thing tbh. if she gets hate for it, whatever- she “supported” a problematic preacher by using his sermon and giving him some popularity. but really idc much about it bc i treat the song as lana’s, not judah’s song. she’s using his sermon to get HER point across, and that’s all that matters to me. in what way does this song have any relation to the problematic, unforgivable shit he’s done? it has nothing to do with it, so idc. “cancel” lana for it for the millionth or give her backlash, but ain’t nothing gonna happen. sorry for my little rant and idk if it made any sense or i sound stupid, but…..
  9. i think that’s an absolutely beautiful way of putting it, and i agree. amazing analysis
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