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  1. im so bored of this album already
  2. i mean a mixdown is technically real??? it just literally takes the stems and exports them. a stem edit is like rearranging the stems or changing something up. a mixdown could be considered real to some but to me its not because mixing the stems down is not the same as mixing it from the project file with the correct plugins n shit
  3. its tragic that the cure demo is a stem mixdown
  4. we had an edited four track stem pack. the linked one is 14 tracks
  5. looking back at when the xcx world manifesto leaked... i desperately need a bored gay to sit down and compile all the history of xcx world
  6. they make 7' record sleeves that are quite cheap ( i say cheap but the ones i got were $16, they make round ones that are $10 for 100 but i personally prefer the square ones lol) https://www.amazon.com/Big-Fudge-Premium-Master-Sleeves/dp/B07Z3QQKG2/ref=sr_1_8?crid=2EZO5B76RQOOZ&keywords=7+inch+vinyl+sleeves&qid=1700001814&sprefix=7+inch+%2Caps%2C317&sr=8-8 https://www.amazon.com/Facmogu-Sleeves-Semi-Transparent-Anti-Static-Material/dp/B08FC3KMJJ/ref=sr_1_6?crid=2EZO5B76RQOOZ&keywords=7+inch+vinyl+sleeves&qid=1700001814&sprefix=7+inch+%2Caps%2C317&sr=8-6
  7. neeeeeeedddddd her to release playin games, shakiez, love me more, giga bowser, and pick me up
  8. do we not have two of those from the soundboards?
  9. OH MY GOD IM GLAD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT NOTICED THIS!!! MY FRIENDS CALLED ME CRAZY FOR HEARING IT i could really only hear it in my car over Bluetooth though
  10. I feel like if they were gonna leak AOTG it wouldn’t have been the shitty quality we got… literally all four leaks were edited 😭
  11. i claim now that we don't talk
  12. One of her lives I forgot which.. I haven’t looked back in the thread so idk what’s been shared but it’s 20 tracks, “I dream of zuzie” (zuzie is her new character like Lisa Schultz) and there’s four (I think) collabs, one with ThatKid
  13. the grudge has been on repeat since release... its so real like i relate to this song bad bad
  14. now where is cooties aka the best cry baby outtake
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