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  1. just mastered... and the lead vocals seem much louder (i know theyre quiet in the leak but like..... they just seem like they re-mixed them for the final)
  2. does anyone remember the fake party 4 u concept demo…. remembering it
  3. and oh darlin ( i forgor to send my cover too lmfaoo ill try to remember)
  4. i will never shut up about oh darlin until it leaks if oh darlin has 100 fans, i am one of them if oh darlin has one fan, i am that fan if oh darlin has no fans, i am dead if oh darlin leaks i will be streaming the hell out of it leak oh darlin i literally made my own version of oh darlin to hold me over it might be rough but its working
  5. nope.. its in the "other" album section since technically its a pitch demo
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bAhclcjCZwyE4G-IKFASvvGOqd3Ar5e1ob7EqRdQCTY/edit#gid=56560860 this is my lil sheet... some of the pages are unfinished (cause i had to reupload all my files and it took a while.. xx) i feel like he meant the BTW era since it was apparently made in 2012 and BTW came out in 2011... so idk
  7. we have two artrave soundboard rips actually xx
  8. it’s been leaked…
  9. this is a pitch demo that addison wrote but has no vocals on
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