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  1. Desert lamp

    Harry Styles

    Harry upcoming album leaked [link removed] Enjoy angels!!! mod note: user was banned for this post
  2. Desert lamp

    Charli XCX

    I feel like if she wasn't gonna stay she wouldn't go and specifically say my final album with my label wheww
  3. Desert lamp

    Charli XCX

    Well my main point was that if she's gonna renew her contract or not
  4. Desert lamp

    Charli XCX

    I wonder if her security is gonna be fixed once she gets a new label and a team
  5. Desert lamp

    Charli XCX

    So this is officially IT for Atlantic, do we know of her future plans as of now? Is she gonna be independent?
  6. Desert lamp

    Melanie Martinez

    You're braver than US marines
  7. Desert lamp


    Watch me now it is my prime time!!!!
  8. Well personally I am sick of seeing this thread popping up every day with no news, I just wish there was a way to block it for me
  9. Desert lamp

    Melanie Martinez

    It turned out that Melanie didn't write the chorus to Dead to Me y'all the Skizzy versions are from June 2013. 2013 EP vibes
  10. Then we need an option to completely block a thread from appearing to us
  11. Desert lamp

    Melanie Martinez

    This isn't that big but thought I would upload for y'all. Dead to Me Skizzy Mars files Version 1: https://dbree.org/v/623ae2 (I believe the original leak) Version 2: https://dbree.org/v/623ae3 (I believe the EDM demo)
  12. Obvi I'm not against the idea of having threads for dead artists/bands like we could do one for The Beatles I wouldn't mind but this thread is still so active and trending with no news constantly and stuff. It's sad for all of us tbh
  13. Honestly why is the thread still running skdksks she's not a singer anymore. Maybe move it to modeling or something
  14. Desert lamp

    Charli XCX

    It's giving Beg for You where you hate it but don't know why I'm rooting for you girl
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