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  1. I think the song is just fun! Is it first single material? - no Does it have amazing lyrics/prodoction? - no Does it souns a bit like a reality bstar that want to try out to be a singer - yes... But the video is super cute & I love Gwen so it's fine
  2. I Come In Peace

    Charli XCX

    Best pc remix ever
  3. I just want Britney to be free... This woman was a huge part of my childhood and her music still follows me till this day, it just makes me sad...
  4. I Come In Peace


    I love Slayyyter but Throatzilla sounds like a Brooke Candy copy...
  5. if anyone wants to know the vibe of the song - Venice Bitch but make it watered down, much shorter, and folky (with a bit of country)
  6. It really is one of the worst the singles she ever put out there huh
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