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  1. I Come In Peace

    Charli XCX

    I need Charli to redo Pop Princess
  2. Seeing a lot of privileged Europeans and Americans talking s*** and judging my country (and Jews), thinking that they know every single thing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is WILD. While a lot of you read their news straight from influencers' instagram stories or from TikTok, yet I'm the one living here, in this situation, for 20+ years. Let's clear some misconceptions/ignorant things I've read here: Most Jews in Israel aren't white - a lot of us are Middle Eastern (including myself), so we literally got nowhere to go (my ancestors' countries ethnically cleansed all the Jewish people living there). Most Israelis want PEACE and believed in the two states solution (unfortunately some stopped believing in it since October 7th), and don't agree with our goverment's actions (I personally protested against the government several times the past year) Israel don't have any official responsibility for giving aid to Palestine (yet we've been doing that) Some of you seem to forget/ignore - HAMAS IS A TERRORIST GROUP, WHO MURDER THEIR OWN PEOPLE! on October 7th, they k*lled Muslim Bedouins as well! about the quote "Cease fire in Gaza" - every single time that there is a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, Hamas is the one that breaks it, exactly like they did with the terrible massacre on October 7th The quote "From the river to the sea" = the erasure of Israel & the Jewish people living here (again, most of us don't have second citizenships, we literally got nowhere else to live in) Palestine got free in 2005 "In 2005, Israelis of the Gush Katif Israeli settlements were evacuated as part of Israel's unilateral disengagement plan, and all Israeli restrictions on internal movements ceased". Unfortunately Hamas got elected in 2007... About some comments of IDF soldiers on videos - as a former IDF soldier myself, I'd NEVER support hurting of innocent civilians! Most Israelis don't! (except crazy right-winged people) The Palestinians that are in Israelis prisons right now - are terrorists who tried to commit murders/bombings. Israel don't imprison innocent civilians, just like any other country don't. One last thing - the word "Zionist" is being used as a slur in the past month, and it's Zionism = the belief that Jews needs a country. after the rise of antisemitism we're seeing going on in the world, proofs why we need a country. I want to thank you if you took the time to read my comment. I still have hope we'll be able to live alongside Palestine peacefully. May Palestine be free from Hamas, and we'll be free from Netanyahu.
  3. I just know that the album will sound exactly like the last 3 did
  4. Watch it being a 10 minute minimalist piano ballad about the critics or the Grammys never
  5. I would honestly prefer to wait two years for an amazing album, than get a 4th piano ballad album...
  6. שלום לכל הישראלים
  7. Still the best electronic pop album ever
  8. I Come In Peace

    Charli XCX

    I can't wait for Hot In It, I'm such a fag
  9. Not all of you guys supporting Dr. Luke...
  10. OK Britney KILLED her on Twitter, So proud of her!
  11. I honestly think this thread should be locked, she has retired as a musician
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