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  1. Lana didn't want to tie the fowls' shoelaces and so she let them roam around the farm You say I'm like the ice I freeze
  2. So it's quiet but I just wanted to manifest the TJF visuals/ music video. That'll tide the forum over during the wait
  3. So don’t take it so badly hopefully just thinking about it figuratively, but sometimes I like to think that the banisters are a euphemism for “ribs”, as to how they’re a part of you and sometimes it takes time to heal
  4. So uh I gotta know why are these guys dragging Lana as if she was pregnant and needed to be blanket doula hoisted to give birth tho
  5. @mrborntolose damn u I’m holding in my laughter in so hard rn
  6. This is the sound the majority of the forum deserves tbh
  7. :glam: :waiting: :paparazzi: :woodside: :huh???????: :paristexas: :Ijustdrive: :g2g: :ohwow2: :letthemeatpizza:
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