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  1. I just can't listen to her so much these days, nothing personal just a removal, and disconnect but. Call it what you want's a personal favorite. I think it's excellent.
  2. Title. How it goes is that a person lists a song, Lana/ non-Lana (post a vid/link), and the next person has to compliment something about the song. Then, list another song for the user below you to keep it going. / Cherry - LDR
  3. Just imagine this. You're in your home, hanging with your kid, looking at your vinyl, and saying, oh, look at this one, your dad and I fell in love listening to a song from this record. Nice day out, getting lunch ready. some kind of lemonade. dancing with your husband to let the light in in the kitchen. ah, that'll be something.
  4. it's different, listening to The greatest when you think about a dream instead of thinking about a person while it plays.
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