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  1. see that's the thing, I get how that could be said bc it makes sense, but for me, bottomline, what I'm wondering about is which and of how much of the genre she's actually going to incorporate onto the record, and if there is a good solid amount of country, will it be a wispy, slow burning kind, or will it be cheeky? which, I prefer the former, with a more timeless kind of sound, but at the same time, the songs she made earlier on during chemtrails era w Nikki(?) kinda make me feel like I just wanna avoid that sound altogether
  2. assuming she'll be going on tour for this album, how much do you reckon she'll alter parts of the set/ overall look for Lasso?
  3. is it a norm for Coachella to save their headliners' actual show? is there a history of performers changing things up for their next performance?
  4. girl idk what's going on but ok get it / Adidas Lana @DemonMic2003
  5. Just got Arceus after doing a bit of research, and I'm loving the open world of it
  6. Imagine the online madness if she were found on taylor's jet
  7. some kind of USB with some of her legendary performances
  8. Serene Queen, but with her starting, levitating and hurling pieces of the set at her haters
  9. Sensual, irl Cinderella. That's what her outfit reminded me of.
  10. since she's having 2 days, imagine she had a day vs. night performance. different songs, different attire, and diff lighting for the stage. 2 different performances, 1 event. next level
  11. I'm wondering if she'll ever do a smaller, more intimate studio session with The Grants and the title track. She really loves the songs, and I'm wondering if she'll ever preserve them in this kinda way.
  12. what I'm kinda wondering is if this gonna bring an upsurge in actually more of the MUSIC back to Coachella. influencers, and of course festivities etc. but recently at least what I've been noticing, is that things haven't been as great when it comes to their sound systems, the whole Frank Ocean pulling out thing. I wonder if this'll change things/ make Coachella more of a respected kind of event again, instead of it just seeming to be there
  13. I'm watching Loki Season 2, and I honestly think that it's the best kind of storyline for the character. realizing also that when he time loops, it's just such a stretch of growth when he visits his friends from the TVA at some point
  14. malefic. absolutely malefic. I remember staying up, waiting for Fearne on the radio in the pitch black of night/ early morning. rip to the original user @west coast, wonder if they deactivated, they knew the tea earlier on. <3
  15. so question. would you rather her perform ltli, but with Nikki Lane, or not at all?
  16. she'll make a song called mother john misty, about how father john misty couldn't make it
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