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  1. aurora stans getting brave
  2. the OG tracklist already leaked as 1. bounce 2. down like whoa 3. queen lizzy 4. boys 5. can you hear me 6. i wanna be with u 7. waterfall 8. die 4 9. good girls 10. girls night out 11. no angel 12. come 2 my party 13. after the afterparty
  3. this would have been the album of the decade :cry:
  4. Omg Lana needs to can it already her statements are only making things worse eek
  5. The disabled child from the Joanne tour
  6. Ok but omg this photo is so pretty might be her best
  7. Songs that leaked we're so bad ew c+c isn't that bad but still ew Also it's time for In The Darkness to leak in HQ
  8. Glow is a fake named confirmed
  9. I've came to the conclusion the perfect tracklist would have been pete davidson everytime breathin better off goodnight n go raindrops no tears left to cry get well soon
  10. Sweetner Ranking (On first listen best to worst) everytime better off breathin God is a woman pete davidson no tears left to cry goodnight n go R.E.M the light is coming raindrops sweetener borderline successful blazed get well soon I'd give the album a 6/10 it sounds so empty and plain and most of the songs sound the same.... shocked and upset really wanted to like this album more. everytime goes OFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  11. You guys say you won't let CTMP flop but you let GNO and No Angel flop so hard
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