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  1. watch her pull a white mustang and scrap the video and visuals now because she feels the hair colour doesn't fit her or something
  2. Amadeus

    Grammys 2021

    some are cute some are bad as every year
  3. because just like lana i like to suffer every other month
  4. the next few months are going to be rough for my bank account with all the mariah, taylor, and britney pre-orders
  5. watch this football song having the best cover artwork this entire era
  6. lmao fraser's obsession was cute reminded me of teen me crushing on people at my internship but jonathan said NOPe boy but here take this book and that was alright too the lesbian plot was intriguing i liked their scene in the chapel too, i wish we could have explored that more but whelp another year another 23 luca projects to go so i'm perched anyway
  7. OMM BEY-York? this is so random lmao edit: omg i can't join this sorcery!! expandableclito explain1!!
  8. i want an entire Max Martin Lana album just to piss of those people who prefer that uncooked and sanitarily microwaved chicken edition of lfl
  9. also i’ve watched this film and i’m already so invested in this show the cast at least this shows HBO have their trust in luca
  10. lmao that's what i meant with the glee moment, this was the best scene for me. it wasn't my favourite show and like i feel like it was all over the place but i appreciate the way luca can bring us the mood and atmosphere of so many different random settings and frame them so perfectly. but yess this scene was so good i wish luca can kinda cast some of the cast again for some of his upcoming projects, i'd like to see JDG and francesca again (in some more normal clothes please). the lesbian cheating couple plotline lowkey being the one i was most invested in
  11. yes omg luca his mind fraser is like the most annoying person ever, the trumpser kudi family eyye.. the bologna moment and the glee fever dream we got though ugh his mind
  12. nobody wants a #20 debut (and peak because let's be real she won't repeak with the vinyl release no matter how many pressings they'll make) especially not after a turbulent year like Lana's 2020. her singles never made a relevant dent on the charts but it's pretty clear that everybody wants her albums to chart and debut nicely as it only gives you advantages for 1) press 2) grammy campaign 3) sales and streams get boosted the higher up you already sell and get streamed. There's literally no logical reason to provoke a flop, split sales, get bad press for your flopping, just for the sake of releasing an album early. There is absolutely no positive outcome of a split release.
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