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  1. Amadeus


    talented, legendary, brilliant, iconic
  2. sometimes one needs to take the executive decision to prioritise an intro instead of songs like serene queen
  3. the real question is why would anyone choose the affa version without the intro @bigspender
  4. she obviously didn't care enough to sign them and they can't force her in a way i guess, we all know she's a nightmare to deal with when she doesn't want to do things e.g. cancelling shows or tours.
  5. hopefully she performs because her doing a broadcaster interview equals a threat
  6. the sun was sued by virtually anyone for spreading fake stories about them so yeah their credibility is serving the level of a random twitter or tumblr account (unless the act has ties to the sun but those are usually not a listers lmao) idk what ur trying to do since people said the exact same thing about get free sounding exactly the same as freak once we heard that song even on this very website by people who have stanned lana for years.
  7. and wasn’t the entire discourse about creep that radiohead’s team wanted "some credit for such a similar sound in another song” (get free).
  8. i wouldnt see the point in lana persuing this as a hill to die on when jack was working on both songs and in the end it would legitimise all claims people had about songs lana apparently ripped off.
  9. Amadeus


    i love the good sis but the lashings from the critics are giving me all the kiis i needed after realising i overspend on solar power by preordering three different vinyl variants
  10. Amadeus

    Song vs. Song

    video games vs i can fly
  11. who is this notorious girl you're talking about
  12. Amadeus

    Dua Lipa

    Fever was written at the same time as Pretty Please (at least the inferior Dua solo version) together with Julia Michaels. Dua recorded Swan Song and I'm Free (YSL song) between DL1 and FN and they were no indication on FN whatsoever, i don't see why she would now start teasing DL3 on the moonlight edition which consists of album outtakes of FN and features.
  13. on another note Fearne Cotton commented a heart emoji on one of the two posts, nice to see those two "interact" again.
  14. This controversy makes absolutely no sense and anyone who is mad at this should read the room in the real world and not on twitter for once, as Coney Island King has put it.
  15. I have high hopes for Belgium, if they don't mess up the staging (and let's hope that Hooverphonic hired a good team i mean it's not like they wouldn't have access to good teams) their entry might do really well. I mean winning will be hard and i don't see this for them because it's too niche and too much of a "slow burner" but i can totally see them go out of this with a good placing. However if they do something awful and awkward looking like Belgium did in 2018 then they might flop at qualifying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2cZE2gCfWg
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