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  1. glad she cropped the pictures so the open flannel isnt that noticeable
  2. not y'all discussing an account doing "readings" through twitter trying to predict the album (while simultaneously exposing some pregnancy?)
  3. the fact that only half of the dates are in the UK but it's still labeled as a UK tour The geography skills.. but at this point this is not even geography
  4. it’s getting pressed on vinyl, release date october 9th preorder is already up on roughtrade us https://www.roughtrade.com/us/kacey-musgraves/the-kacey-musgraves-christmas-show/lp?channable=4094e069640032383937333993&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqfz6BRD8ARIsAIXQCf3ab7Xexp_cicOP2ntJ4s5ory6aAC2bdUZJCW-4DprlnhVsAZ38hU0aAp2SEALw_wcB
  5. omg she's pulling her entire catalogue off streaming like the time she wiped her twitter and instagram feed
  6. he's not driving lmao the car is attached to the back of a truck like in car scenes in films edit: as others already said but even then it doesn't matter what other people do i can still want lana to like.. drive like a responsible person like that's really not much to ask from somebody
  7. she saw people complaining about calling herself an underdog and a loser when she was a beloved celebrity (up to the beginning of this year) so she just wanted to reassess her status again
  8. so cocc era exists of (so far): 1. question for the culture - mini era (i mean it lasted like a week and we kept getting daily updates or smth) 2. BLM protest era - lasted only a day at least feat. Tinashe 3. that one snippet she randomly shared and took down again 4. in her car in her car.. in the backseat .. is she still sean's baby? or is it zella day 5. flannel shirt revisiting tropico chic a cherry cola lime cubana era 6. her visiting reservations feat. zella day 7. some violet poetry intermezzo 8. new boo new controversy 9. interview magazine cover leak 10. arrogant interview magazine interview feat. jack 11. karen karen doesn't have a problem, lying to herself thinking medically approved masks won't help...
  9. this conversation started during the hm era where she started posting videos of her driving around and lfl pre release era was full of those videos and people discussing it as well so it's literally not new.. on the other hand i will just publicly never acknowledge her for the next 4 years bc this entire day was not needed in the lanastaniverse
  10. this entire bumble moment is giving me hilary duff on tinder tea Lana’s sparks is coming!
  11. guys interview magazine (us) is very easy to get just look for some retailers from your country that carry international press and interview us is usually amongst the popular us magazines. don’t get ripped off by $50 shipping
  12. maybe she shouldn't have gotten critical acclaim after all if it results in her developing a superiority complex
  13. that comment was funny though u have give them that lmao
  14. nah this isn't scrapped, a few magazines (US vogue september issue amongst them) have leaked through random ebay kiosks and resellers in the past few months.
  15. i cropped the picture on my phone (to fix the messy proportions) and now i’m mad they wasted her gorgeous eye make up on a cover like this snsn. does anyone know if the selena (spring) issue was as huge as the finn wolfhard winter issue? that might save it a bit i guess.
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