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  1. Jesus christ, its really intriguing to me the need you feel to come here and use debunked fallacies to justify her! Have you checked ATRL MEGA thread about Nicki Minaj? The backlashing Kim Petras is suffering @ Twitter? If your dumbass is allowed to keep thinking Azealia Banks is a role model, so is other fanbases!
  2. i appreciate you as an user and a bjork stan but sorry not reading all of this too... by the way, i listen to her music because shes indeed a good rapper/artist. it just pisses me OFF the fact that people have to come everys ingle time and say "she's so UNDERRATED!" "she really didnt said anything bad, shewas misunderstood." "she has a mental disorder". i have bipolar disorder too and i treat people sometimes like shit but that doesnt give me a free hall pass for being like this. britney spears has suffered much more and shes not like this. sinead o connor is boycotted every time and shes not like this. and i could go on and on these are just lazy excuses for people that dont wanna recognize shes doing that because she knows the impact it causes and that people are always ready to apologize her behaviour. and thats why im always in this thread. i dont think she needs love and support, she was given that several times im pretty sure, but she chooses chaos. she needs the silence treatment
  3. Well honey you just said telling someone to get raped isnt an insult... you shouldnt be offended by that! And sorry, not reading all of this, but no im not being empathetic with her ever. Imagine having to spend your night excusing someone erratic homophobic racist etcetc behaviour... Im sorry, but im indeed morally superior than that!
  4. well then get raped too! mod note: user was banned for this post
  5. well lets try calling zayn malik pejorative words as a muslim! or saying sarah palin should be raped... or cursing grimes' baby... or badmouthing lana because shes fat... or saying sophie and arca are "fake" trans women..... should i go on until we fill the 10%?
  6. yeah i def agree w her saying Doja Cat cellulite is disgusting! 100% right
  7. expandableclitoris


    just came on this sunday night to say i was driving listening to a shuffle playlist of her stuff and damn. her work is perfec to drive casually
  8. expandableclitoris

    Tori Amos

    https://www.tiktok.com/@toriamosofficial/video/7016028000692997382?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1 Not her daughter making her a tiktok account...
  9. that blue eyed girl.... that blue eyed girl
  10. not a horror movie but this song of hers always reminds me of the latest Watchmen series reboot
  11. thats why i said it... loved it too
  12. btw can you guys please put the links on spoiler or simply just write the name of the track? both my laptop + cellphone froze when reading the first page
  13. i loved born yesterday, her ballads are the best always. also i need alto voltaje officially released. fuckk
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