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  1. lanaismamom

    Melanie Martinez

    wait womb has a part that is similar to a sea of blood snippet?
  2. my ldr top5 closed for forever i think and its Heroin Ride The Blackest Day Best American Record Cola Yosemite
  3. lanaismamom

    Taylor Swift

    were 1989, reputation and Lover instrumentals ever leaked?
  4. how can u be a Lana fan and be shooked that cocc and bb are being seen as her worst albums no shade absolutely its Just a pretty common opinion among other Lana fans and stans but anyways lfl is my top1 album even tho objectively her Best made album is ultraviolence, and heres why, it holds such a special vibe to it, containing one Of her absolute Best produced tracks, and i really adore these vibe and sounded switches, this is so called hated things among others and i dont see absolutely why, because these parts go along so well with each other making no conflict in sound because after all, all songs just feature that special futuristic retro vibe that clicks every time, not telling it has some Of her Best made tracks overall like heroin or yosemite or Best american record.... its Just that every song is so good and builds this very very special atmosphere all around that all era, plus aesthetics are some Of her Best.... i have maybe some troubles with change, this one seems a little bit out Of place for me personally its no telling that the original scrapped lfl form that was ready in late 2016 that for sure contained songs she worked on for months that era that are still staying unreleased and described as very very awesome by insider and songs like heroin, 13 beaches, love, yosemite, Best american record it just cant be bad... we trully were robbed, so yeah i can get the hated towards it and im not gonna argue with that, lfl is just not everybodys cup Of tea but its still remains that album that holds that true Lana Del Rey persona in it and its a magical, beautiful and criminally underrated piece of art and Will be forever top1 Of mine
  5. lanaismamom

    Melanie Martinez

    maybe u should understand jokes and stop being annoying thats a nonsense and no ones gonna agree with u so what are u still doing here
  6. lanaismamom

    Melanie Martinez

    Who is bjork? anyways get out u being too annoying already for a newbi
  7. lanaismamom

    Melanie Martinez

    well agh... cry baby is literally one of the Best album of 2010s for me personally, every song from that era + dollhouse ep (bittersweet tragedy and dead to me) deserved to be released literally, but my top3 would be alphabet boy, tag your it and teddy bear, u SHOULD immediatly after check her unreleased material i swear she has one of the Best unreleased songs, like rosking horse, jumprope, ring pop, where do babies Come from, 99 cent store, unhappy meal, trophy wife, haunted, seesaw, but especially first 3, them k12 goes its really good, less better than cry baby but still iconic, highlights are detention, luncbox friend, high school sweethearts, and tgere are also 3 very good unreleased tracks eraser, glue stick and papercut, and also a standalone single fire drill is very good that attached to k12 era too, after tgere is an after school ep that is like a deluxe for k12 but honestly its so different and more flat and uninteresting, i really only liked numbers, test me and unreleased song from that era called history is superior, and tgere was a single DEATH 2 days ago for her ipcoming album portals that is out 31 msrch 2023 so ya basically this plus make sure to check unreleased songs she also has a pre crybaby era called 2013 ep that is unreleased it has a very good acoustic songs so check it too! heres the folder https://mega.nz/folder/sfUi3Ljb#4uKrqkAnCaw0B_YU7iouBg
  8. i was Just sitting and thinking and suddenly thougth a thougth that made sense that minute but heres the think that how do u think if bb sessions and ocean sessions are the one thing, and bb happened only because it contained as lana said these 'reactive' songs that were released because it was the right time for them, but initially it was kind of a first stages of the next album after chemtrails that later became bb and ocean, the 23 more things that made me think so is that she added half of outtakes in bb, she wanted to take a try to release songs about more petsonal themes to her, that really started after chemtrails, and that actually fingertips and ocean blvd demos were probably made before bb came out how do u think
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