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  1. all 3 files were leaked in 2017 and just reuploaded now, all are from 2006
  2. Didn't she say hamstrings? .......... I CANT
  3. Dua Lipa and Katy Perry, i really like all big pop girls and i really wanted and tried to stan them but i just always couldnt connect with these two tho i really really like a few songs from each great artist... just as a whole something feels empty and very common in their music for me
  4. lanaismamom


    i mean.... right, they are just too good and fit in between other PH tracks so well, also Loom is such an iconic title i think everybody forgot about this one, so yeah we need lorde leaks minus solar power sooooo much
  5. lanaismamom


    i really have just heard lost boys snippet and we should talk about it more.....
  6. https://krakenfiles.com/view/3GJzJSl6pJ/file.html do we know is it real or maybe preview that she might showed earlier i missed
  7. lanaismamom

    Natalia Kills

    omg do u happen to remember where it was initially leaked...
  8. this edit has that white mustang bts vibes that i really appreciate.. really iconic aesthatics
  9. lanaismamom

    Charli XCX

    does good ones really sample a natalia kills mirrors song?
  10. lanaismamom

    Melanie Martinez

    it feels like we will never ever ever get another cry baby outtake again, and all the known stuff will always be a fandom mysteries and legends... idk it just feels this way....
  11. i have something to say and it cant wait.... an appreciation post for If It's Worth It cuz it has none.... top 3 from love + fear sessions and yet it left behind it... such a masterpiece track
  12. i can fly hands down, once upon a dream and wait for life are definitely there too...
  13. who knows what stage lana used on her myspace account where she posted FOR K, FOR CHARLIE, DANCE MAN and W?
  14. the only one i can think about https://mega.nz/folder/nIIz3AaQ#Y1SYvfBtnmPOcnK4ISKEwg made by some @Alf discord user
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