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  1. did we ever find out if SUBVERSIVE has anything to do with Lust for Life?
  2. so i was browsing old lfl times theadds and found some things that were new to me thread about nicole nodland possible work with lana chuck possibly made a documentary of her in 2013
  3. ah lust for life is such complicated song… so many time i tried to understand what was that that i can’t enjoy this song and then recently i listened to an instrumental alone and it just blew my mind it felt like i was listening to absolutely new lana song, the instrumental is phenomenon and i finally could see that hard work made on this song (323 mixes) and turned out it’s a real gorgeous and dark piece of art, but i think it’s the way how vocal track is just full of light and it’s such a beautiful idea how much this song had gone through to became what it became, and seeing lana talking about the song saying it was kind of complicated and she couldn’t find the right direction for the track all the time so seeing this specific version of the song being released is really special and i can see why this specific version was released eventually and lana found a peace with this song in this version but unfortunately the difference between instrumental and vocals is what taking away half of my enjoyment and also i absolutely dislike weeknd on the track
  4. honestly it can be the thing too we just really are lack of info - hope someone would just come through
  5. btw groupie love overall was one of the first track written for the record, in september 2015 of i recall it right, and we have insiders words saying demos of it sound so spacey, and they are actually terrefic i imagine there wasn’t concrete sixth album concepts with rick nowels i think they were just spot tracks but i absolutely agree that is another interesting and absolutely mysterious time in her creative process timeline that we also don’t know anything about but i imagine there are not really much songs made
  6. i mean the instrumental stayed the same this is why it is the same team, in terms of being sister songs i think she meant they both are acoustic, and also 6:04 version was extracted from video and actually a video track, and also she still says the phrase the next best american record in early version so im personally convinced by july she just renamed the song but redone chorus much later, otherwise i just refuse to believe that this bad nfr version was actually lfl final😭 it’s how chorus is bad honestly, like a whole let down
  7. i am not sure honestly i personally think Best American Record version had always been in consideration for LFLand since we have a confirmation this 6:04 version was supposed to be on lfl outtakes album this also supports this, i think she just retitled this then but u know u will never know till someone confirms, this is the question that i also always was wondering
  8. thank u so much i actually feel so many songs that were placed on the album were done on later steps of development of the record when the record was pretty done but as the time went on she managed to get inspired from more and more things and unplanned songs were being appeared fast, such as Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind, Change, When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing, White Mustang, In My Feelings, (she just really wanted to save that current updated vision of the record and honestly i'm not mad at all) and to place them lana had to cut older songs made earlier, the vision kept changing absolutely many times and, mind that, Lana for sure wanted to make exclusively for Lust for Life the whole separate record off of outtakes, meaning there are some really superior cuts, well Best American Record and Yosemite proof that the best, I feel like difference between some earlier concepts to what was released is similar to the difference of Lust for Life first versions to Lust for Life released version in terms of the range of sound, so i’m really here for every crumb of info from this beautiful project, i’m sure as time moves on the project will be appreciated more and more, it is really one of her bester projects and i will die on this hill
  9. im dreaming of getting info post similar to honeymoons one with all dates of making album tracks.... this album has probably the most complicated and ornate timeline and we know literally nothing
  10. cherry is the most "ai" lana song
  11. do u think she reused vocals for off to the races from demo, like she did with lolita? i personally think there’s a chance she reused oh wait nvm we have confirmation there are different vocal takes so she probably re recorded some parts but also left some original demo vocals
  12. https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/10-best-unreleased-lana-del-rey-songs/?amp
  13. thank u! i think i need to update a little bit it tho
  14. Lana Del ray a.k.a. Lizzy Grant Queen of the Gas Station Pawn Shop Blues For K, Pt. 2 Born to Die Radio Without You Off to the Races Paradise Ride Cola Blue Velvet Ultraviolence Brooklyn Baby Black Beauty Cruel World Honeymoon The Blackest Day Art Deco God Knows I Tried Lust for Life Heroin God Bless America - and All the Beautiful Women in It Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind Norman Fucking Rockwell! hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it Mariners apartment complex Fuck it I love you Chemtrails Over the Country Club Yosemite Breaking Up Slowly Chemtrails Over the Country Club Blue Banisters If You Lie Down with Me Living Legend Black Bathing Suit Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd A&W Taco Truck Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd Unreleased Fine China Dragonslayer California/Pink Champagne honorable mention is Best American Record for Lust for Life
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