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  1. https://onlyfiles.io/f/d97f2105b7854b509934639d86dd5763 ariana grande - reMeMber from thank u next leaked, MQ
  2. lanaismamom

    Melanie Martinez

    I mean consensus here is that crybaby on top of every thing and never to be topped cuz its a perfect record with perfect sound and some of her best unreleased are out there (i totally recommend rocking horse, jumprope, ring pop, patient etc.) , but pretty much of people put hopes that mm3 will shift CB because of songs like sirens, garden, needle and thread etc. that are part of mm3 sessions, then methinks goes k12 and then after school but i dont think there is consensus about the 2 and the 3 places like its where opinions are branching Out
  3. lanaismamom

    Song vs. Song

    heroin vs yosemite
  4. every yes to heaven version is boring and always missing something, but im glad to change my mind after listening to dan's version tho😊
  5. lanaismamom

    Melanie Martinez

    there are 5 where the first 2 of them are concept demos and the fifth one is unmastered not mine masterpost but u can Find it here https://mega.nz/folder/0BhWVbRB#0FqkvWCnb5d-Rw91zlcJFg/folder/0IQyDRJI
  6. oh mine would be blinding strangness and charm/spectrum caught south london forever free
  7. lanaismamom

    Melanie Martinez

  8. yea theres a big amount of unreleased songs that are simply terrific not to be heard and its a really good way to get some new great music, especially im interested in early ideas of an album so I really like this story behind, like demos or outtakes, picking the most album-sound-like, so its always very exciting to me get into this part when im into some new artists, even tho its not that legal how they appears.. but im really against of spreading upcoming material
  9. lanaismamom

    Charli XCX

    does anyone have a masterpost with stems/rec sessions from true romance?
  10. We dont have any updates in music from US/UK musicians in russia since March so can anybody upload pls that New evol
  11. can someone pls upload evol album version mod note: user has been warned for this post
  12. yayo - 15 west coast - 16 venice bitch - 12 white dress - 7
  13. fairly certainly undoubtedly
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