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  1. well does anybody know what about IN MY FEELINGS is i mean the backgrond behind this song like i really dont remember her to talk about this one
  2. 😪😪😍😍cant find the sound(
  3. has anyone got atrpop cover but without lettering on it?
  4. ok soundcloud is good too!
  5. pls download it on dbree!
  6. i know dont cyber bully me i mean there isnt the beat in trailer rather then in album version, also trailer one is slowed Down...
  7. is there instrumental of love+fear trailer?
  8. yall could u please send some electra heart era photos?
  9. lanaismamom

    Melanie Martinez

    godamn is jump ropes duration 4 04 real...fk it want it sobab
  10. in my feelings rehab resistance and i mean kinda all that staff around 2009-10 that has very pop but very catchy sound omggg
  11. lanaismamom

    Melanie Martinez

    Whats the cry baby iirc?
  12. is 5:17 the actual length of "Flipside" or is it 5:10?
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