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  1. NFR isn't her best album (fight me idc)
  2. I would replace that song with one of her unreleased songs.. its the ONLY HM song that i don't listen to much...
  3. Dont ask why... (IM BORED). And i need something energetic...
  4. wildflower wildfire but ULTRAVIOLENCE IT. If yall have heard that fanmade version you know what im talking about its acc so good ;_; (even Lana herself liked it) This is what im talking ab
  5. 1st Honeymoon 2nd Lust For Life 3rd Ultraviolence 4th Blue Banisters 5th A.K.A 6th Norman fucking rockwell 7th Chemtrails 8th Born To Die / paradise 9th Did you know... NOTE: Every single lana album is top tier!!!
  6. Does anyone have a lana masterpost? prefered drive since MEGA might tell me that i dont have enough downloading data...
  7. Im still confused where Ice cream came from.. like was it part of attams? What else did he have?
  8. EstelsDream

    Dark City

    You're just not ready for it.
  9. EstelsDream

    Dark City

    Stop hoarding it and drop it ty
  10. AI should be deleted from the face of the earth
  11. Why tho its acc so pretty and i wish we had a studio version. It also fits the theme on country.
  12. Do yall think Hey blue baby will be in lasso?
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