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  1. When the closing cover is My Humps ft. Jack Donoghue
  2. The second chorus in Dealer when the organ cuts out for a sec and comes back halfway through “I don’t wanna LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE”
  3. When the needle drops on the vinyl and after a few seconds you can hear Lana mumbling
  4. I see Dolphin Flower but I don’t see her sister song, Seafoam Nova. Lana splits up a pair of sibling songs again!
  5. I need to know what she says in TJF that apparently isn’t “don’t be afraid of our love”
  6. I agree and tbh after hearing that again I wouldn’t mind hearing her cover it for real
  7. This was debunked a while back sadly 💔. I forget who it turned out to be but it wasn’t Lana
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