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  1. Likki couple oty There’s a picture on the wall
  2. Idk about Zodiac but I think one of the insiders confirmed LYTAN is an Antonoff production that matches the rest of Chemtrails sonically
  3. Buckingham Nicks type album but instead it’s Misty Del Rey and it’s a platonic pairing
  4. This picture is sticky and has grape juice stains on it
  5. To be fair she did drop the album title and 2 singles a year before the actual album so that may be a contributing factor tbh great pianos beautiful pianos
  6. I hear gold skin. Goes with the opening line “white lines, pretty baby, tattoos”
  7. Omg delayed just like the original release Check back in 6 months- if she hasn’t said anything about it it’s coming!
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