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  1. Currently arriving to support my gorgeous gorgeous sister @one time beauty queen for her b my daddy nomination hii everyone
  2. logged onto lb after months of being offline for the lipsters hey…
  3. lana and eminem. i could literally talk for hours about how much their music means to me and how it changed my perspective on songwriting and music as a whole. i’ve also been getting into mitski lately!!
  4. i really need some good movies to add to my watchlist, so i made this thread for you guys to share some movies that changed your life / perspective on life, or just movies that you really like!! here are my favs, btw!! -i, tonya (2017) -catch me if you can (2002) -my girl (1991) -revenge of the sith (2005) -the virgin suicides (1999) -taxi driver (1976)
  5. It seems the (tiktok) Lana fans have found another way to gain followers by using a picture of Lana as their profile picture and calling it a β€œcult” for the β€œones who get it”. I personally find this silly and believe it will die out in the next 2 weeks.
  6. i want another collab with the weeknd ever since i saw him live i’ve wanted him to drop another song with lana because they both have such great singing voices. (also im currently obsessed with abels newer work like dawn fm.)
  7. oceans eleven (2001) fun heist movie to watch starring tons of actors in their prime
  8. im sorry but the realism in just the jokes in the movie were so accurate? like the thing about how men react when you tell them you've never seen the godfather seemed like real life
  9. Ive been looking for some new posters to add into my room, and Ive decided that I want another Lana one. I currently have the Poster from the Alternative Red Ocean Boulevard CD hanging in my room. Anyways, if you guys know where to buy good Lana posters / own good Lana posters, please share them in this thread and feel free to discuss!!
  10. this situation reminds me of those schizposts on tiktok if any of u guys know those
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