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  1. i feel like people aren’t appreciating the title track enough it’s so beautiful
  2. even tho i already listened to the album, i don’t want the pre-release era to end its been so much fun on LB (except for those posts…)
  3. this song deserves the same amount of recognition that A&W received imo i know alot of people will disagree but i personally love when lana sings about her family (sweet carolina, cherry blossom, bb etc) as she intertwines it so beautifully - both vocally and lyrically
  4. i thought all the drama in this thread would finally clear up once the grants releases… guess not
  5. why are lanas songs about her family always the best this is def one of my top lana songs, right up there with cherry blossom
  6. lmao literally… they just wanted to listen to some lana justice for marsmallow
  7. were getting an entire LDR album with 16 tracks in just two weeks from now
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