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  1. Why the fuck are y’all being such assholes about the Kardashians and jenners oml calm down it was so iconic what the fuck ??
  2. lucky ones,guns and roses,and bartender the hate for it is so forced
  3. brooklyn baby my mom would always play it in the car when i was little
  4. yea she hasn't officially said the name or anything like that but she said it in interviews i think the jimmy fallen one im not sure but thats why everybody thinks shes doing a collab with Lana and i really want that to happen
  5. honestly excited for the new Billie album
  6. if you read the letter it seems to be very in the middle if yk what i mean and many pro Palestine people have signed that letter because it seems to support ceasefire also in the past shes supported palestine by canceling shows in israel for her palestinian fans
  7. loki kinda happy that tiktoks getting band i feel like all of our lives revolve around it and we all need to touch grass more
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