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  1. Billie’s coming to my city in November! Perfect opportunity to hear The Greatest live in person
  2. Ugh Same. I keep listening to the snippets cos it’s so GOOD!! I have a feeling Chihiro and maybe Lunch will be my fave tracks on this album!
  3. I’ve seen some comments and all I’m gonna say is y’all been saying Nymphia deserves the crown for weeks, then when she does win the crown, y’all turn around and say Sapphira was robbed. Y’all are never happy about anything. 🙄 #BananasDeservesTheWin
  4. Yet another video 🙄
  5. Girl, Miss Kristine is a flop. 24 Hours and Nobody Asked Me are severely underrated tho
  6. This song should’ve been on NTMT instead of Kristine. Sorry, not sorry
  7. Do you seriously have a life? Get one, no one missed you.
  8. I’m part of the really small minority as well. There’s something about HTE that I like more than the debut, I don’t know what it is. The songs are just stronger I feel like
  9. Was this really the “stay tuned til April” post we’ve been waiting for ? Thought it was gonna be M6 related
  10. Of course I’m American. I wouldn’t have made the thread if I wasn’t from the states. I didn’t hear anything from people when I was out yesterday, I only saw about it in some videos and a few articles
  11. I’m not being rude, I’m just saying a bridge collapsed and almost immediately there’s a response and is taken care of very well. It makes no sense how the bridge collapse is being taken care of better than some of this other stuff that could have been prevented or easily taken care of.
  12. So… apparently in the latest news, in Maryland a bridge collapsed and Biden is treating this more serious than actual human rights issues and wars going on 🙄
  13. I feel like it’s possible, but I’m also not holding my breath.
  14. Can we stop bringing that other lady into a Sky Ferreira thread? She’s brought up like every few months. 🙄
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