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  1. Party Favor


    The fact the only two songs that I feel have replay value are fallen fruit and secrets from a girl
  2. Party Favor


    i finally get tickets to go to her show and it gets postponed
  3. Omg same Virgo bestie it’s been like 4 months since I posted on social media and I just ghosted like 3 people
  4. Someone was selling the UO NFR vinyl for 300 Made me feel like a baddie knowing it’s apart of my collection tho <3
  5. this would’ve been more iconic is she just up and deleted them with no warning
  6. I just kno the songs Barrie co wrote will be the strongest on the album
  7. Did target release their cover yet? It’s payday tomorrow and I wanna snag smth other than the basic black vinyl edit: they have it! As soon as my check deposits tomorrow I’m snatching her up
  8. a star for nick is that bitch. giving me apocalyptic, impending doom vibes
  9. 30$ for a tote bag and mug with a print slapped on LMAO
  10. the difference is that resellers are selling those coke spoon necklaces for 900+ each
  11. Party Favor


    I really dig so mean! My favorite of the three singles is still her, but the MV for so mean is cute. also I’m so excited to see her October 2nd haven’t seen her live since the poppy.computer tour
  12. If brite lites is indeed on the album she best not fuck it up. I will not tolerate anything on Jesus Del Ray being ruined by shitty reworking
  13. I did! But I also have the standard black + the grey one. Those two have the basic COCC cover
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