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  1. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    Just got my crybaby vinyl !! She’s gorgeous
  2. What’s the actual lyric then
  3. Jim takes me down, he’s a fire eater
  4. Genuinely feel so sorry for y’all that don’t understand Dealer Music to watch boys to is one of her worst songs btw <3 I’ve listened to don’t let me fart more and that’s saying something
  5. not to mention this happens like every 3 months and it's the same argument every time
  6. kim petras you suck
  7. Don’t you ever compare ancient dreams to L+F
  8. No idea wtf you’re saying but slay
  9. End of the Earth’s outro is better than most of L+F
  10. Party Favor

    Noah Cyrus

    Couldn’t agree less lol one of the best debuts this year tbh. Glad she found her sound and the aesthetics are so gorgeous
  11. Party Favor

    Taylor Swift

    Moral of the story is that Taylor swift is a brand and knows fans will fork over hundreds, some thousands, of dollars to purchase tickets, merch that is always dropping, multiple editions etc. a lot of her fans really need to realize that at the end of the day, their money is what is important to keeping her brand and relevancy alive. this isn’t even a matter of “well that’s how the industry is” because EVERYONE knows that. The problem is that so many of her fans think Taylor is different from the industry when in reality she is the industry. There’s a reason why she rakes in money, her team has been silent, and the overall influence she has. some swifties need to bffr lol
  12. the lyric book will be the most iconic thing to happen on this site. such a great concept but i honestly do not understand how anybody thought it was actually come to fruition. from the concept alone its a copywrite nightmare. would have been better off creating a template for people and then just having them create a lyric book for personal use
  13. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    twitter when female celebrities get older and grow into their bodies
  14. misery in my arms murder in my arms
  15. electra records, ancient dreams LLC, ancient dream recordings, FROOT records/recordings, etc etc etc
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