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  1. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    how long can this thread go without complaining about keenan i wonder
  2. Party Favor


    Her baby daddy is a dude who’s against all the shit she stood for, that dick must truly be a wonder
  3. calling twitter stans a bunch of miserable cunts but respectfully <3
  4. Party Favor


    do we have any clues as to what the theme of the album will be?
  5. Party Favor


    150K for a grimes song... sweetie i love you but edit: the fact there is a person on there selling 5 decorated cans for 14k is sending
  6. her not ending honeymoon with swan song is and always will be a crime against women and gays
  7. The druggie trailer park resident aesthetic is what makes the lizzy grant era great
  8. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    HelloOoO! Do you know who the fuck you’re talking to? I don’t think so. Bitch, I’m doja cat. I go way back. Make a fucking bag.
  9. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    play date was popular before tiktok but whatever keeps your hate for keenan alive
  10. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    no play date or cake slander in this thread thank u
  11. Party Favor

    Azealia Banks

    did anyone try the chicken
  12. Ok anyways Night time my time stripper anthem
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