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  1. I can assure you 90% of the population does not go and look up reviews of music to determine if they should listen to it this ain’t the 1970’s
  2. whoever said the interludes are the worst part of the album were being very dramatic. Like I can’t even fathom hating either of them I’m sorry interlude fans rise up
  3. i actually like the judah interlude in context of the album its got a creepy twinge that i love
  4. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    you guys would’ve had sirens if you didn’t insist on leaKing up coming material
  5. Target, indie, and store shipped, now all that’s left is miss Amazon
  6. My picture disc and indie shipped today and she better release merch on release day. It’s one of my days off and only shot at getting a boxset
  7. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    it’s a troll / rage bait
  8. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    Perhaps unpopular take, but while I can see Melanie was inspired by bjork, there really isn’t anything similar about them other than the fact that they’re using prosthetics and I guess the color scheme. But even then I can easily decipher between bjork and melanie. Faces aren’t even the same lol
  9. Billboard has the worst shoots ever for most artists imo. They’re so bland
  10. anways, anybody know when the preacher's daughter demos leaked/ posted? edit: nvm, found it!
  11. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    exactly what ya'll get for leaking her shit
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