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  1. the second half of the album is fantastic. the first part though
  2. chappelle roan or whatever's music is not good. didn't think it was when they first came out on the scene and still do not
  3. why does she never show up on theme
  4. Party Favor

    Charli XCX

    oh, so stans are still shitting their pants over her lukewarm shade from 10 years ago
  5. gaga needs go and eat everyone up again, tired of lame bitches being invited to a costume party and showing up in a zara equivalent dress
  6. Party Favor

    Charli XCX

    why does charli have beef with lorde, what she do
  7. it's called the unpopular opinion thread for a reason ya'll
  8. omg her new single emoji smiling face and grey block with double arrows
  9. i am not calling peace 'all you need'
  10. there really isn't a lot of similarities between ethel and lana, a lot of lana stans have deluded themselves into thinking any woman who sings about tortured shit is drawing inspo from her. Lorde and Ethel are a great example of artists who get dragged for copying lana when the reality is that they all fall in an umbrella genre. The gag is that the artists that should be discussed for very clearly trying to emulate lana's sound are not being talked about. And i'm gonna tell ya'll right now that these artists are not the ones pulling numbers, cultivating a fanbase, or cracking the top 3000
  11. lana should sing snow on the beach by herself since she's the only interesting vocal in the song anyways
  12. taking what courtney, a known troll, says is hilarious
  13. Party Favor


    the gag is that her AI art looks like shit. she made an AI based on her art (or midjourney?? i literally ignore any tweet she posts about AI so sorry) or whatever and it still looks like all the other AI art out there
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