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  1. Party Favor


    i think it's pretty obvious at this point that the names of her children are kept private and she and elon tell the public this because they like to troll
  2. Party Favor


    i cannot stop hearing kim petras in miss belladonna. especially with the vibrato.
  3. i think you have to hit a certain post count and then you can go into your settings and edit it
  4. this is a help and support thread, ya'll.
  5. edit: not you being faster baby blue love era
  6. jared's whole purpose on this forum is to write bait and then get dragged. it's like a lanaboards tradition at this point
  7. i am so thankful my ex bought me the pink variant lol. i'm still gonna try and snag this one tho!! i love it bc it's ugly
  8. Party Favor

    Taylor Swift

    they're booing you bc you're right. taylor's faux 'bff' relationship with her fans is used in the money making tactics her team pulls. idk why that's such a hard concept for people to acknowledge lol
  9. the way ive thought the lyric this entire time was god's a charlatan on the backbeat
  10. Party Favor


    i hope she continues to use this sound for her future endeavors bc her previous music has been god awful, sorry
  11. Party Favor

    Taylor Swift

    1989 is one of two rerecordings i actually wanted, so she better not fuck it up
  12. Party Favor

    Taylor Swift

    i love not being an og swift fan bc tv of state of grace is superior to the original
  13. https://www.alamy.com/lana-del-rey-performing-live-at-spin-off-festival-adelaide-australia-image66077842.html
  14. Party Favor

    Lily Allen

    alright, still INMIY sheezus no shame
  15. the amount of tiktok stans that think this song is new is so funny
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