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  1. Party Favor

    Miley Cyrus

    Deleted that bitch the minute PH came out
  2. If it doesn’t sound like Johnny cash, Dolly Parton, skeeter Davis etc then keep it
  3. Lana Del Rey Heardle #111 🔊🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ https://lana-del-rey-heardle.netlify.app/
  4. i became a kim petras fan and all i got was slut pop
  5. if that’s the case then she’s failing horribly hold the girl is the best out of the singles, but catch me in the air is…rancid. Still holding out hope for the rest of the album
  6. Party Favor

    Song vs. Song

    I talk to Jesus vs. ultraviolence (demo)
  7. he said, “Lana Ray, will you serve me lemonade? / I said, “yes, Bill, I will, it’s the day of the parade.”
  8. I only ever hear “shady boo” but shady blue makes sense in context of the lyrics
  9. Lana is a great example of someone who shouldn’t have become famous. Not in a “she doesn’t deserve it”, but in a “Hollywood eats people like her alive” kinda way. I will say tho she, like many rich artists, needs to learn how to tread the line of vocalizing struggles vs just straight pity dumping on fans. she’ll never escape the “industry plant” trope either. It is what it is and you can argue literally any singer is one.
  10. category is: "Noir trailer park escape to bright futures, on a stranger's motorcycle" per kahne's description of yayo
  11. just got my invite to the DALL-E full AI so of course im gonna use my free credits for lana related concepts description was 'lana del rey, art deco' "mermaid motel" trailer park with christmas lights "oil painting of lana del rey holding a cigarette to her parted lips with eyes closed" these are actually my favorite and i wish i could paint like this
  12. We need bass, we need synths, we need live instruments, we need sultry, we need strings, we need
  13. the immediate cry for attention as soon as this thread was unlocked LMAO
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