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  1. at this point if COCC doesn't sound like a lanafied AKA im gonna unstan i rly dont have anything to lose
  2. i had a dream she created a video for get free and at the end she announced her retirement from music
  3. numero tokyo was such an amazing shoot and i can't stand that we still have zero outtakes from it. about to dive back into the buying scene and see if my seller can find any im that desperate
  4. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    no one is bitter, you are just annoying lol
  5. do people hype it like that? from what i've seen it's either hated or met with indifference. i like it, but looking at her whole discography id say it's forgettable. since we're on the topic though, what would you view as her career defining song(s)?
  6. American is the best song off Paradise
  7. folky / americana is probably what she means by midwestern. look into those genres
  8. it just doesn't sound like stevie to me. everyone always drags sean and says her sounds like kermit, but stevie straight up sounds like a muppet. which is unfortunate bc her voice is usually divine. on the topic of LFL, have we all collectively agreed that coachella is garbage? if not, then im here to say that it is. reminds me very much of those white celebs who participate in social activism by posting a blacked out photo on insta and calling it a day
  9. Lots of things about this era have been confirmed and yet we remain disappointed and album less
  10. also, can someone please convince me to give music to watch boys to a 10th chance? i have never understood the hype, even when it was first released
  11. im glad we all can agree that guns and roses shouldn't have a place in this world. i don't dislike is this happiness so i wouldn't mind having both. I just hate that flipside isn't avail on streaming services unless you illegally dl it. sad girl stans uniting i see religion is great. i didn't know people hated it? i feel it's one of the stronger songs on the album. then again, i do prefer the second half of honeymoon over the first half (minus don't let me be misunderstood). not to say i don't enjoy the first half, but i really like the darker undertones that start with the burnt norton interlude
  12. also flipside should have been on the standard album or replaced is this happiness on the deluxe
  13. Ugh, the hate sad girl gets is so unwarranted. it's #1 in my top 5 off the album purely for the chorus. I feel the repetitive nature of the song adds a ton of charm, and it's one of those songs that I can see myself listening to, top down, driving along the coast, or in my house putting christmas decorations up while it snows.
  14. so is chuck doing the album cover? bc i feel out of the album shoots that neil has done, Chemtrails would be iconic if shot by him. i know quite a few people don't like his work, but his honeymoon work was quite delicious
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