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  1. Tbh I think the album would’ve been perfectly fine without beautiful, violets for roses, and cherry blossom in fact, it seems more cohesive without these songs (also my most skipped songs hehe). also, the fact that trio doesn’t transition smoothly into BBS? an absolute missed opportunity. idk, I know Lana made the track list to chronicle her life as lizzy to now, but I think a lot of people would enjoy the album more if it was rearranged differently. Personally, I don’t even think the tracklist is a good representation of lizzy to Lana, but it’s also not my life story to tell
  2. Party Favor

    Melanie Martinez

    People actually listen to his music? That’s really embarrassing lol
  3. honeymoon is iconic, but MTWBT remains one of her worst songs
  4. Are they not putting it on AM?
  5. Party Favor


    I wonder why they broke up
  6. Party Favor


    The fact the only two songs that I feel have replay value are fallen fruit and secrets from a girl
  7. Party Favor


    i finally get tickets to go to her show and it gets postponed
  8. Omg same Virgo bestie it’s been like 4 months since I posted on social media and I just ghosted like 3 people
  9. Someone was selling the UO NFR vinyl for 300 Made me feel like a baddie knowing it’s apart of my collection tho <3
  10. this would’ve been more iconic is she just up and deleted them with no warning
  11. I just kno the songs Barrie co wrote will be the strongest on the album
  12. Did target release their cover yet? It’s payday tomorrow and I wanna snag smth other than the basic black vinyl edit: they have it! As soon as my check deposits tomorrow I’m snatching her up
  13. a star for nick is that bitch. giving me apocalyptic, impending doom vibes
  14. 30$ for a tote bag and mug with a print slapped on LMAO
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