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  1. Party Favor

    Song vs. Song

    lolita vs. noir
  2. jieroge i still don't know what tf she say's saying on 90% of this song nor the ending of asap's verse
  3. ya'll need to leave lolita alone. serial killer does not fit the theme of btd, but I agree about YCBTB because TIWMUG is just one of those songs that you skip 3 seconds in
  4. Gabe Newell better count his fucking days
  5. valve has so much money from steam and they choose to just pretend like the number 3 doesn't exist. imagine my disappointment when i saw left 4 dead 2 got an update thanks to modders and it isn't confirmed whether or not they'll port it to console
  6. someone who knows what bioshock is!! i s2g the games were so popular yet every time i mention them people look at me like im on drugs im replaying the first game remastered again and ugh such BRILLIANCE. I haven't played outer worlds but i heard it's decent! i'll have to buy it eventually lol. until then i will hold onto the delusion of getting bioshock 4 and left 4 dead 3
  7. NOT me typing up an entire fucking essay, hitting post, and being told it couldn't locate what i was trying to do. im lazy so im just going to highlight bioshock infinite below but my other favs are: - mirror's edge. first game is better (in every way) but the second game has nice music too. if you like the OST of stranger things then you'll like music from this game - borderlands 2. honestly the OST is very underrated in this game but i adore. gives me v lowfi hip hop/apocalyptic vibes - skyrim. iconic, incredible, brilliant, never been done before - fallout 4. same as skyrim but make it ~nuclear~ radio is amazing too - Alice Madness Returns - Bioshock Infinite I love all the Bioshock games, but the religious undertones to the theme, environment, and music are a chef's kiss, babey. Below are my two favorite pieces ever. The first one is right at the beginning of the game and sets the mood. ugh.
  8. I like the concept! But I would maybe change the font for COCC and completely remove the Lana font as I don’t think it fits tbh. Or move it somewhere else
  9. as someone who saw her during her LA to the moon tour, yes, she can
  10. Gghvgh I thought you were trying to drag me and was confused
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