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  1. Professional footage of the encounter: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7QNLQjsx72/
  2. Found this interview, in which SYML describes how the song came about: https://www.425magazine.com/profiles/syml-sammamish-lana-del-rey-profile/article_991656f2-4077-11ee-b810-db600def5a70.html
  3. The way I thought this was Ellie Goulding and immediately scrolled down, lmao
  4. Sis said "Let me revive that 2010 24-year-old ambitious bitch from HeadBitch's profile pic". Nicole Nodland, I need a shoot - NOWWWW!!!
  5. HeadBitch

    Charli XCX

    All I see is “rat”.
  6. After revisiting this song while forgetting about its existence for about a year, I have to say - Barrie had one of the hardest fucking second verses out there! "The second coming of the father"?! - Grammy-worthy. She should've kept him around.
  7. HeadBitch

    Charli XCX

    Did we ever get any "Valentine"-related leaks?
  8. So Lizzy Grant-encoded
  9. Although I realised 5 seconds later that the (?) in the title was for whether she was in Los Angeles or not, I utterly cackled at first thinking it was questioning the whole setting or if that person was truly a fan.
  10. I swear, each time someone bumps a thread in this section - I end up finding something new Here's the unedited one in UHQ (2688X4032):
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