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  1. Thanks! Added + this one in HQ: Also, John posted this pic on his IG stories:
  2. Lmaoooooo, I just went to Twitter and found out that the song "debuts at #7 on the global Spotify chart with 4.102 million streams." . ¿What type of Saturday is this?
  3. More posted by @jamee3 and her agency @filmmakers_academy: Edit: Even more and some in higher quality posted by @haasrach
  4. Found them in 1440 X 960 and 1440 X 1795 sizes, and added to the thread! Ryan also posted a new pic of Jon and another one untagged: I also found this one, but I'm not 100% sure if it's shot by Ryan again or if we have a third thread on the way for Rachel Haas Edit: It turned out that the stylist was actually within the picture instead of taking it. Additional ones found on IG @jamee3
  5. Both of these appear to be shot on film, so I'll leave them here until further notice:
  6. A fresh batch of BTS pics from Alia's Instagram: Bonus one from Cody Jay's IG:
  7. Since this guy and Rich Lee posted 30+ photos, it only felt right that these pics got a seperate thread of their own. I extracted them all from their Instagram Stories in as HD as possible Other BTS:
  8. So many things to say about this, but her paying homage to herself was the most full-circle moment I never expected from her. The fact that she doesn't look a day older than on the National Anthem music video set shook me to the core.
  9. HeadBitch

    Charli XCX

    By the looks of it, none of the versions we have snippets of contain the "Pop music & poppers" verse other than the UMRU remix. Does this mean the HIFN version of the song was the one re-recorded and had this verse, and then UMRU did his masterpiece-take on the song?
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