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  1. HeadBitch

    Lady Gaga

    I cannot believe how much I missed the dark, creative Gaga and didn't even know about it. I got reminded why I strive to have an artistic career in the first place and how much influence she had on me growing up. The fact she really brought this unique visual to life... The respect I have is endless. She's the next-level no one in this industry or anyone tbh can reach.
  2. The picture with the man's hand over her would make a really good T-shirt tbh.
  3. This is the first time I've ever witnessed Inez and Vinoodh acknowledging Lana in any shape of form. It's really weird to me how since 2012 after they did the H&M campaign, which was a massive worldwide success at the time and should be considered a prideful moment for any photographer's career, they had never ever posted about it - neither their website, Instagram or any other platform and they are the only photographers that have worked with Lana that have done so (I do a little dig every time a new shoot comes out since 2012). It made me think it was either a really bad on-set experience or they just hated the final product shoot. Also, imagine the clash of artistic excellence that would be if Nicola Formichetti worked with Lana
  4. My expertise is telling me it's the king himself Neil Krug, she ain't playing with us
  5. HeadBitch


    a.k.a. BigBankBeisha Upcoming artist from Atlanta and next big thing in female hip-hop, my favorite among her peers at the moment and I'm co-signing her all the way. She's was also featured in the last season of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" and already has her first big hit "Ride Good" from last year. New project "Clones" is dropping on the 2nd of September, first fire single from it "Queen Kong" was released last Friday. It's always nice to see artists before their true rise to fame and if you didn't know about her, I'm happy to introduce you all to real good bars, natural looks, pure talent and hustle like a beast, get into it. Latest releases: Honorable mentions:
  6. HeadBitch

    Lady Gaga

    Chromatica is such an excellent pop album, probably the best one released so far for 2020. I keep revisiting it nearly every week since its release, every fucking track (excluding Free Woman) is a total banger and I would love to see how all of them would do as singles (excluding Free Woman). Why the fuck did she put the whole era on hold for so long? Only reason I can think of is Interscope to milk the shit out of "Rain on Me"'s success, but if it's due the pandemic, that would be bullshit at this point because every other artist is back on their grind. Idk what happened with pushing "Sour Candy" next (since it has a lyrics video up already), but that would have done wonders on radio, perfect for any person to enjoy and blast in their car, clubs, etc. "Sine from Above" always gave me an impression of a massive Coldplay chart-longevity type of a record, I can totally see it being on top of the UK/European charts for months. "Enigma" and '"Babylon" also have that classic, timeless chart-monster vibes. I can imagine how "911" or "Fun Tonight" would be praised for being unusual, experimental singles in regards to the sad message within them. Same with "Replay", it's so crazy and vocal, nothing like anything on the radio at the moment that it's super exciting to be heard for the first time. Overall, I just hope and pray the huge mistake of "Free Woman" being the next single doesn't become true, it's so basic and generic that it was a perfect match for Katy Perry's new album. Wishing Gaga well on the VMAs as well, hopefully she releases one of the rumored visuals she's been stacking for months now.
  7. Fun fact: "On Our Way" is the first song Lana and Justin Parker wrote together and he likes it so much, he tweeted the leaked demo version
  8. For the record: - During the 2011 European tour, Lana pretty much performed the demo versions of all the songs with additional production from her band, that were a part of the set-list, excluding "Video Games", "Blue Jeans", "Diet Mountain Dew" and "You Can Be The Boss" (as it never made it to the album, but who knows if Emile Haynie tried to reproduce it). If I remember correctly, in an interview (maybe even several) before the start of 2012, she mentioned that the album was halfway done, as the songs were recorded but the production was in the works, which I guess would be the reason why. Gladly, we have a majority of the demos: 1. Radio 2. Off to The Races 3. Born to Die 4. Million Dollar Man 5. Without You (this is the only one we don't have the exact same version, but the first half of the demo is the same, could be just the band adding it to it) - During 2012, nearly all the shows starting from the El Rey Theater to the iTunes Festival were drum-less, in the same style of Video Games. I remember she boasted about it in a few interviews. And of course, this immaculate acoustic version of "Gramma":
  9. She is serving Lana Thee Stallion here and I'm all the way here for it.
  10. HeadBitch


    One of the best pop records released this year, praying that a miracle happens and it explodes to mainstream and chart success. The replay value is insane. Also low-key hoping our good sis gets the chance to "play fight" with the non-singer/producer from They, he's hella cute and could they make some more magical records together.
  11. HeadBitch

    Charli XCX

    Omg This is a second actual leaked snippet, correct? The first one being the "stacking" one.
  12. HeadBitch

    I Talk to Jesus

    Incredible song and it leaked perfectly right on time during my short stay at the old apartment I had lived a year ago in another country. Nostalgia never hit me so hard. Otherwise, the moment I heard the "Christmas lights" line, I immediately thought of these pictures (which I always thought that they are from the place that she lived/stayed at in Alabama, although I have zero receipts to prove this, just my personal intuition.)
  13. HeadBitch

    I Talk to Jesus

    Pretty sure "I Talk To Jesus" and "Jesus Is My Boyfriend" are two different songs.
  14. HeadBitch

    Charli XCX

    How is no one talking about Someone New? Sounds like it's the best one and an actual hit compared to all of them.
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