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  1. Omg... to think that Lana used both my edit (Blonde pic from 2009) and @Trash Magic's edit (Video Games picture, the third one of the first row) for her profile pictures, both that came from our old but gold Tumblr blog is c r a z y. The fact that my .psd edit somehow ended up on her own personal phone/computer to end up as a profile picture warms my heart up and I'm so happy to have witnessed her whole legacy for the past 9-10 years. It was all worth it.
  2. HeadBitch

    Charli XCX

    Do ya'll even understand the IMPACT ""Out Out" is about to achieve? The formula of the outstanding sample that every one loves, the title itself and the topic being going out after the fucking pandemic, the fact that she included her little name tag at the end...there's not a single human or even animal that will not eat up this song up and give it 10 streams in a row. From the snippets, I though to myself that the chorus was missing something and the full song delivered exactly THAT main ingredient - the "Eh Eh" hook. It's giving me "Lean On" 2.0 vibes. This is the SMARTEST single Ms. Charlotte will ever release in her career and she's about to receive the biggest portion of coins for a single she's ever released or has been a feature on. This song will be so big, it's gonna stay popping on the UK charts at least until January, while "Fancy" and "I Love It" will fade to look like crumbs in her career span. I am PROUD and I could only aspire to achieve such a business model. All the haters in this thread are broke and love to stay broke.
  3. HeadBitch

    Charli XCX

    Congratulations are in order for the THIRSTY GAYS in this thread. The moment I saw the cover on Instagram, I immediately thought to myself that ya'll are finally getting FED. Now, let's take a moment and let "Green Money In a Briefcase" leak in celebration for all the coins we're about to give to the good sis - let's feed each otha.
  4. HeadBitch

    Britney Spears

    Came by to drop off a friendly reminder that Ms "Amnesia" deserved a GRAMMY for the Best Pop Song in 2008 and it's undeniably one of the best songs recorded during the 20's. She could have release it as a first single instead of "Womanizer" and it was gonna leave a "Baby One More Time"-level of a mark in the music industry for these new cheap pop girlies to try recreate 13, even 23 years later.
  5. HeadBitch

    Lady Gaga

    Do we have any confirmation that this is the case or is it just speculation?
  6. HeadBitch


    I love the new single, but I can't see it really chart anywhere other than the UK. That's the only country that cares a bit about drum and bass-driven tracks. I hope we get a cute high-budged indie and energetic video for it.
  7. I can tell right away that is about to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, a hit is a HIT Dreamdoll's artistic growth is amazing to me.
  8. ...Did she really disown Patty THAT hard? Did Rob have a side piece we never knew about? Is Patty even biological mother at this point? Did Chuck or Charlie acknowledge her for any of the last 12+ years for Mother's Day? Talking about filling gaps...she probably meant some wholes of quicksand, cuz this story's getting deeper every next song.
  9. The only authentic leaker for track lists I vouch for is miss Amazon France, which brought us the real cup of tea for Ultraviolence back in 2014. Were ya'll born by then or were you still fetuses, like Clementine?
  10. Let me put my 50 cent right now and tell you guys that I'm sniffing a pregnancy announcement alongside these singles and she's about to break the internet. The announcement is coming either today, when the music video for Blue Banisters is released or on her birthday, but it's coming. Get your coins ready, because we aren't the only ones that will be fed with this album.
  11. HeadBitch

    Lady Gaga

    You seem a little too invested to hate on something that does not exist yet.
  12. Maybe she’s hiding a whole pregnancy behind this rushed release and fur coat And I’m absolutely here for it.
  13. Using a screenshot from a live performance of one the most bland songs she's released in her career... At this point, I don't think she deserves these covers if she's gonna shit on real artistic efforts and intelligence, that people in this industry actually strive for. I could've overlooked the French Rolling Stone cover as a mistake, but recreating this mess a second time was an abomination for me.
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