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  1. lmdr

    Instagram Updates

    She unfollowed win edwards! we really had to go through hell to reach paradise
  2. lmdr

    Instagram Updates

    -1 days till she dyes her hair brown again!
  3. lmdr


    These lyrics are groundbreaking
  4. She lies so much that I legit don’t believe that she has fallen ill
  5. Paradise Edition boxset, not that rare but really pricey nowadays
  6. saw her as the MTV Push artist of maybe August 2011 and then I looked her up and well... here we are!
  7. Yeah she said this on the track-by-track album commentary
  8. I would walk over broken glass just to have her look like the way she did in 2014
  9. lmdr


    a blowjob anthem
  10. Lana Del Rey and Weyes Blood- dream come true
  11. honestly, I don’t blame @@Say Yes to Heaven for being homophobic after all of this
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