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  1. I find it interesting how she has recently said that she wanted Born to Die to sound classical but none of the songs, outtakes or demos sound classical except for Million Dollar Man, Video Games and Born to Die. All of the outtakes and demos sound consistent to me, they are pop bangers, so I find it weird how vocal she has been against Born to Die’s pop production done by Emile. I feel like she was trying to find a cohesive sound for an album, which is why we have so many different versions of the songs but ultimately she never liked what was being crafted through the years. She probably did not know what she wanted and grew tired of working on her songs so she just let Emile do his own thing when he came along in the process and was like “Oh well I’m done. This is it.”
  2. “And if I do, will you be there with me, Father, Sister, Brother?“
  3. if I was James Ford, I would be fuming over the fact that 20 million people illegally streamed my song a year ago, did not see a penny from it, and now the official release is not even my version
  4. Off to the races and venice bitch, of course
  5. we definitely need another lust for life
  6. Actually she did change the tracklist, but it wasn’t because of Dan or the label, but because of Neil Krug… “For some reason, he has been really life changing for me,” admits Lana. “He loves painting Polaroids and making little 8x10s. I saw one of the shots he took of me, and I felt it had to be the album cover. That photo influenced me to change the track listing.” https://www.clashmusic.com/features/american-dreamer-lana-del-rey-interviewed so who knows what the tracklist looked like before the shoot with Neil
  7. I've done quite a few on my fan art IG page #shamelessselfpromo https://www.instagram.com/p/CqDoUUSuCk0/
  8. lmdr


    eat my birfday cake, taking all your clothes off
  9. listening to a may jailer song is a choice
  10. this is literally the first time I've witnessed OTTR slander
  11. I’m glad we’re all on the same page that Arcadia has some of her worst vocals ever
  12. this album is the pits. I don’t even count it, rank it, acknowledge it. It’s a mixtape to me
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