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  1. Born to Die Born to Die Blue Jeans Video Games Million Dollar Man Diet Mountain Dew Radio Carmen Without You Summertime Sadness National Anthem Hundred Dollar Bill Off to the Races Lolita (Bonus Track) This Is What Makes Us Girls (Bonus Track) Lucky Ones (Bonus Track) Dark Paradise, you did not make the cut.
  2. THIS. “MOTORCYCLE LOVE DIVINE” title totally sounds like a Lizzy Grant EP
  3. convinced that this song is about Barrie. “you think you’re Hunter S. Thompson… I think you’re fucking crazy” DRAGGED him.
  4. and that’s EXACTLY why I LOOOOVE Pamela’s makeup and despise Etienne’s. She does NOT need all of that overdone makeup he does on her, especially that horrible lip liner
  5. alright alright... THE queen has arrived.
  6. so much fun omg. my list: - Ashlee Simpson - Nicole Richie - Miranda Cosgrove
  7. she was never a stripper. with the amount of creeps in here that have sleuthed and lurked into her past and have shared it publicly for us, wouldn’t you think that they would have found some evidence that she was a stripper?
  8. in my head this is mixtape and not an album. Either way ,,,,,, it sucks
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