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  1. Who cares about what church she goes to she looks amazing
  2. It brings chill to my spine remembering this time... I remember being so excited about Summertime Sadness video specifically because it used to be my favorite song from the album Ah... Born to Die era was an experience that I wish we could all live through again.
  3. lmdr

    Cinnamon Girl

    was listening to this acapella and she definitely says Hold me, love me, touch me, honey
  4. lmdr


    my take: Cause if you're on fire, you're on fire Let's keep burning 'til late Baby, keep me up late Honey, if you're on fire, you're on fire Let's keep burning Keep me up Stay up late
  5. this song is quite majestic I LOVE IT
  6. but what if... “we did iT for fun, we iT for free...”
  7. weird to think this was the title track at one point. It is just not deserving and I’m glad she changed it
  8. I hear “we made a pact” too. How cool to hear that it is actually “rolling like a rolling stone, Joan”!
  9. lmdr

    Instagram Updates

    fresh lip injections... the return of L. DEL REY is imminent
  10. Literally who is H.E.R.
  11. lmdr

    Instagram Updates

    the way I thought third pic was Rihanna...
  12. lmdr


    You think I’ll ever feel different than I do now? You think I’ll ever feel electric again? You think I’ll ever transform into the man God meant to make when he began?
  13. lmdr

    Instagram Updates

    She unfollowed win edwards! we really had to go through hell to reach paradise
  14. lmdr

    Instagram Updates

    -1 days till she dyes her hair brown again!
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