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  1. in my head this is mixtape and not an album. Either way ,,,,,, it sucks
  2. She has the same hairstyle as in the video in these candids so I think that based on that, it had to be recorded in October 2016
  3. Also, in my head, it makes sense that How to Disappear and Wild at Heart were done around the same time when Jack was producing the instrumental, which is why both are written for Joe, so I don't think that WAH necessarily samples HTD, but it's just that she created two songs with the same instrumental at the same time. But idk, I don't know or have the recording times
  4. I've always seen Chemtrails as an extension of NFR, like its own "Paradise Edition", mainly because it uses tracks that were started during NFR sessions.
  5. I find it interesting how she has recently said that she wanted Born to Die to sound classical but none of the songs, outtakes or demos sound classical except for Million Dollar Man, Video Games and Born to Die. All of the outtakes and demos sound consistent to me, they are pop bangers, so I find it weird how vocal she has been against Born to Die’s pop production done by Emile. I feel like she was trying to find a cohesive sound for an album, which is why we have so many different versions of the songs but ultimately she never liked what was being crafted through the years. She probably did not know what she wanted and grew tired of working on her songs so she just let Emile do his own thing when he came along in the process and was like “Oh well I’m done. This is it.”
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