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  1. Ngl What Was I Made For already has Best original song for a movie... Why SOTY.... Lmao that was a crazy lineup Indeed. I don't wanna be a hater but Nop
  2. I don't know who this woman is but ateeee!! I would also be sparkling on that stage, it's your time girl!!
  3. No festivals for Latam next year hmmm
  4. Jack's wife is so pretty omg
  5. Today I woke thinking something I've been thinking about this last two months I moved in with a friend of mine into his family house But the have really big issues and they fight a lot. I feel like I shouldn't be finding out about any of this When you know you know it's time, it's time to go I don't wanna go, but I feel it's the best thing to do for me. I guess I'm staying because of my friend and because I like the time we spent together
  6. Girlll I just got the book, you're spoiling me haha
  7. Ok why is nobody talking about the waffle house side job? Omg where is my sister at
  8. This is going to be a good show omg I hope she isn't that late so she can do all the songs
  9. Ugly crying watching the Ocean Boulevard outro waiting for my frijoles and chicharrones to be done
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