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  1. I'm doing a little thing for a class and I'm quotting this “have you ever just not been able to take listening to your stupid ex boyfriend’s music?” Yes, Lana
  2. I wish she instead posted a little video just saying something like "Fare rumors always blow away. Blue Banisters out October 22 " Can she post a selfie buying the record on Target on the 22nd?
  3. "Not really how i like to be 'not promoting' my album ya feel me"
  4. She's dragging a kid on IG and we don't even know if this is a real account made by him. Lana, don't go there
  5. It's never too late to be who you wanna be To say what you want to say That's a very lust for life concept
  6. This doesn't feel 6:39 minutes at all
  7. Underrated filler
  8. Who do you guys think she actually married? I was listening to Fine Chine today, and I remembered how in LA Who Am I To Love You she also says Daughter to no one, table for one Party of thousands of people I don't know at Delilah where my ex-husband works Do we think she was actually married?
  9. Did we already clear if the song is Sweet Caroline or Sweet CarolinA? Because now Rob posted about recording the song and he named it Sweet CarolinE
  10. why nobody told me Mr Campbell was 22 and she was 15 omg “When I was 15, I had this teacher called Gene Campbell, who is still my good friend,” begins Lana. “In boarding school, to become a teacher you don’t have to have a Masters. I was 15 and he was 22, out of Georgetown. He was young, and at school you were allowed to take trips out at the weekends. On our driving trips around the Connecticut counties, he introduced me to Nabokov, (Allen) Ginsberg, (Walt) Whitman, and even Tupac and Biggie. He was my gateway to inspirational culture. Those inspirations I got when I was 15 are still my only inspirations. I draw from that same well. It’s one world I dip into to create other worlds. Like this philosopher Josiah Royce once said: ‘Without the roots, you can’t have any fruits.’” https://www.clashmusic.com/features/american-dreamer-lana-del-rey-interviewed In my mind he was like 45 or something lmao
  11. they're full of shit. Most of the time their insiders are just people that DM them saying X Y stuff, that then deuxmoi posts in their story as R U M O R S So meh. But sometimes Deuxmoi is paid to promote certain narratives by the teams of certain artists. But I don't think Lana's team would do something like that. Most of the real rumors sorrounding Lana get started on IG by fan accounts, not some faux shit santa claus like Deuxmoi. Deuxmoi is just a woman (I think they're a team now since they became so big) that got stan famous/credibility/stuck around because of dumb 1D stans back when that band was still together, and other fandoms
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