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  1. Haven't read descriptions but I hope Kintsugi is not like Violets For Roses or Beautiful, let it be a healing lyrical masterpiece like Mariner's Apartment Complex
  2. Someone mentioned there's a car revving during Honeymoon But I can't hear it can someone tell me a timestamp?
  3. Why are y'all bringing this up this is so embarrassing can someone please burn this I don't even remember posting this like so many typos omg I want to die
  4. This lyrics are so honest it's crazy, personal yes but still relatable Lana should react to her old/leaked songs in a live. Like, go be a baddie on Twitch
  5. Everyone spam the comments asking her to upload the song on spotify!
  6. Yup that same tweet just popped up on my timeline Tiktok mechanics again, I guess?
  7. Waiting for the Be My Daddy nominees and the link to their twitter profiles
  8. A broken clock is right twice a day so no big deal right? I don't want to take it out on you, but damn. I don't care if the interlude it's just "god bless", "be nice to others and good comes right back", "love yourself, forgive yourself" or some peace of mind bullshit. Anyone can say that. Anyone is capable of giving an enlightenment speech. I'm just annoyed that this guy probably is a religious homophobe and Lana knows it/doesn't knows it/let's it pass and puts him in a song just for the vision of the album. Like why does it have to be someone like him? It makes me sad and frustrated without even hearing the album I was so excited for March and this feels like a let down. But yeah, let's wait and see. Just for the vibez And yeah, this is my trauma jumping out! lol
  9. I'm so sad she's certainly going to put a pastor with homophobic views on her album. I mean, we already knew she goes to Hillsong so it shouldn't be as surprising she's capable of letting somethings pass I guess I'll just block the track on Spotify and enjoy the rest of the songs I don't want to give any money to this guy
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