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  1. "I used to be a member of an underground sect which was reigned by a guru. He surrounded himself with young girls. He thought that he had to break people first to build them up again. At the end I quit the sect" I just remembered that quote
  2. Last week I was thinking about how goog a track Pin Up Galore is, and wondering how Lana would perform it now. I love Super Movie as a demo, but I think part of its beauty is that, so I'm scared I wouldn't like a final version of it. Also, Delicious... "They're disgusting, I'm delicious" energy-wise is so good, less cringy lyrics and more HBIC quotes and it would snap. On Our Way in a more Love Song chill vibe would be really cute. I actually preferm the demo guitar than the final version with the drums because of that. I think the lyrics and the melody are just so sweet. Also, Caught You Boy. Sparks for sure Motel 6 (Midnight Vamp Version) in LDR 9 incoming! Because of all the name drops we got in Blue Banisters. I think it would be fun as a reworked version of the lyrics because now Lana and her friends are older, and Chuck has a kid lol, but they still have those late night random gateways anyways. You & Me is so Paradise EP, but the melody is good. A lot of Paradise outtakes have so much potential actually.
  3. I discovered on Spotify like a month and a half ago So glad I'm not the only one who's into her rn Lately my fav of her's is Tranqui. It's a vibeeee And I loved her photoshoot for Interview Magazine! https://www.instagram.com/p/CfeCn0OjUUG/?hl=en She is the moment.
  4. In terms of Lana songs that are just for herself, I think there's Heroin, Get Free, Yayo, Ultraviolence, Music To Watch Boys To, Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have and Wildflower Wildfire. I mean songs with lyrics that don't really show the true meaning of what she's trying to convey, as she said in that interview, little things that are just for her and that only she understands. Which other songs would you guys add to that list?
  5. Weird bump^ lol buttt if you made an album of Lana Del Rey's Greatest, Heroin would be there for sure. I was watching someone's tiktok live via Youtube and they played Heroin, and I remember how great a track this was. It's a shame is too much of a personal track to be singed lived, but that is what makes it great. I never thought about this!
  6. A slay. AOTY. 4SURE A dance festival. The seamless transitions between songs,,,, ummmmyeah. I think this is my favorite Beyoncé album. This is like Self-Titled's big sister. It doesn't feel like a 1 hour album. And the I Feel Love by Donna Summer sample in Summer Renaissence...... uummyeah. This is a great tribute to Ballrooms and Vogue and fucking gay culture. AOTY.
  7. Not at all, I already spent all my money not even halfway through the month. All I have left I'm expecting to spend it with with my psych tomorrow, if she clears the date. If not I might just go and crash to a friend's house all weekend or do some Coursera stuff. If you could go back in the past and change what you think is a pivot moment in your life, would you? The things is, you wouldn't be changing your past bc paradox and shit. The you as we think of it would cease to exist, and time would continuing to flow for the you who's present you've changed. You're making a better world, but you're not the one who's going to live in it.
  8. I wonder what the saddest song will be like
  9. This is one of her best melodies, I want it out
  10. How did we have Mike Dean on a record and we didn't get any beats lmao. I know she's into poetry and being wordy and everything but damn, being carefree on a track is a breeze sometimes. Fuck It I Love You and Doin Time make NFR so breathable, I feel like that was missing on Blue Banisters by being such a long record. I want a breather next time Lana, call me asthma
  11. Lana Del Rey Heardle #73 🔊🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ How could I remember the full lyrics but not the title lmao
  12. I just followed your advice guys. I saw The Way He Looks. Pretty cute movie, I loved the main trio of characters. I also loved how careful they were taking account of little details given Leonardo's visual condition during certain scenes. Remarkable details that show the struggles of blind people during school, daily life and life at home. I've really loved it, from the teacher not being able to read Braille and thus not giving Leo directions during classes, to Leo being a little jumpy because of the heat (suddenly feeling it) when walking past the bonfire during camp. They were very careful with his character and represantion If you're looking for another happy queer teenage boy-meets-boy story that deals with a little bit of serious issue, like Hearstopper, The Way He Looks is a good film I'd recommend.
  13. I'm listening to Unidentified Flying Bill and I miss her baby voice so much bring it back one more time
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