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  1. Okay it's been 6 minutes. What's the next countdown, 3 hours until 12pm PST?
  2. Pack it up ladies. Eclipse basically confirmed it's not coming soon. He always has the tea days, if not weeks & months, beforehand. See ya in October.
  3. sweetie

    Ava Max

    It's a main popgirl level release. I STAN.
  4. Not October. I've barely been keeping up with the tea this album cycle because the last few ones have traumatised me. Despite that, I had faith in her original announcement date. Looks like I was a FOOL. Edit: False alarm maybe. I'm staying away from this thread until Saturday.
  5. Now that the novelty factor has had plenty of time to wore off, I can definitely call NFR my least favourite (and least played) Lana record. It still has its great moments, but I'm just not as astonished by its perfection as I was with BTD/UV/HM. There's just... nothing pulling me back to listen for more. No sonic universe to immerse myself in. The production is flat and lifeless at times. Her vocals are half-assed. Honestly, her last great album was Honeymoon. Edit: Also, Bartender is the best song on NFR.
  6. I haven't processed yet that this is coming in a few months. I deadass was not expecting another Lana record until late 2021. Prolific gorlie. I do wish she hadn't announced it without putting out a lead single first. I have trust issues with this binch. I'm fully expecting the September 5 date to be postponed.
  7. This was really beautiful. The background music is so gorgeous. A whole ass mood. I wish it was a song instead of spoken word though. I'm almost ready to forgive her for all the buffoonery and charades. Keep that typewriter under lock and key mama.
  8. And as I fell asleep by Gabapentin
  9. Yet another shock to my system. These past few days have felt so surreal. She's really burning every bridge she built over the past 10 years. And I love to see it. Messy queen.
  10. This Is What Makes Us Girls
  11. sweetie

    Lykke Li

    Oop. The snippet she posted was of Highway. Interesting. SSSS was one of my fave albums of 2018. The EP and Mark Ronson collab (2 AM, LNF) in 2019 were also career highlights imo. She just keeps getting better.
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