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  1. sweetie

    Lykke Li

    Yet you can't seem to get enough as you've been coming back to this thread for years to hate on her.
  2. sweetie

    Lykke Li

    I put together all of the snippets I found. Maybe It's Love and Eyelids sound like bangers
  3. sweetie

    Lykke Li

    love this so much definitely the spiritual successor to INL. you don't go away, over and 5d are on repeat
  4. Loves it. I only joined this forum to keep up with Lana leaks. So much beautiful material that would otherwise have disappeared into the void. Unfortunately it's been a bit dry lately but I will celebrate every new drop we get.
  5. This thread used to be a very useful resource for catching up with the situation but unfortunately that one weirdo Putin apologist has tainted it with her propaganda and misinformation. I guess I'll be using my ignore list for the first time in 9 years.
  6. This season was boring lol felt like nothing happened.
  7. Uhm maybe you should've kept this to yourself.
  8. My all-time fav has got to be Fine China. Can't believe we still don't have the UV version.
  9. sweetie

    Lykke Li

    Love all her albums so I'm just excited to get new music, period
  10. sweetie


    Soaked is just incredible, my fave song by her. Can't wait for the album!
  11. Just stopping by to wish the best of luck to all the nominees! xx
  12. Yeah this is shaping up to be their best work. Sunset is gorgeous! The lyrics had me bawling.
  13. The ban hammer is severely under utilised on this forum, I'm afraid Some of these fraudulent bitches need to get the boot! Anyway, very much excited for new music
  14. Holy Shit, Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings, Now I'm Learning to Love the War, Please Don't Die and Total Entertainment Forever are some of my faves! This is such an incredible performance, I'll never get tired of it
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