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  1. Some of these reactions are a bit extreme… like no, she won’t quit music just because she didn’t win a prize for it. I don’t think we have to worry about this grown woman crying because of a popularity contest.
  2. Some of y'all really expecting a new setlist every show? And lashing the audience for not livestreaming the entire 2 hours? The entitlement of it alll....
  3. Yeah wow this is great. Ate Sweet Caroline up.
  4. Welp... this looks about accurate. First Ocean Blvd song is Grandfather at #44. Rank Character 1 West Coast 2 Sad Girl 3 Off to the Races 4 Radio 5 American 6 Summertime Sadness 7 Shades of Cool 8 Gods & Monsters 9 The Next Best American Record 10 Ultraviolence 11 High By The Beach 12 Art Deco 13 The Blackest Day 14 Black Beauty 15 Florida Kilos 16 Salvatore 17 Religion 18 God Knows I Tried 19 Tomorrow Never Came 20 Love
  5. Kenna Ramsey. You can hear it better in Dolby Atmos
  6. That might not be such a bad thing. Considering the type of content that's been posted as a result (not even allowed to discuss it, it's that bad). Anyway just food for thought.
  7. I've been lurking the past few days and it's kinda entertaining seeing the meltdowns & spiraling tbh. I don't know when it got so bad though, ppl seem genuinely distressed over not having an album 2 weeks prior to its release. Maybe the mods need to be more heavy on the warn button. Some girlz here could use a timeout or two. Like it's really not that deep. Anyway, excited for the new tunes. All the snippets are 10/10 for me so far.
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