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  1. doesn’t surprise me that she has a gun, have u guys seen ricky? he tried running up on lana again at the clive davis party. as much as i hate guns, it’s pure self defense on her end
  2. GODNA her face is giving omfg she looks absolutely the most gorgeous she’s ever been GIVE HER THE GRAMMY
  3. i can’t believe that this is real, she’s so fucking funny ngl some of those guys are smoking hot
  4. lana calling critics “jerk-offs” is my favorite thing in the world right now
  5. there’s a times interview with lana, can anybody access it?
  6. going on a trip to barcelona coincidentally on may 29th what’s my chance of meeting lana?? i’m not attending the festival but do you guys think shes gonna walk around the city at all?
  7. her signing her full name got me in my feels for some reason
  8. this shouldn’t be that funny
  9. lana is the type of person to win a nobel prize before a grammy award
  10. omg have the most fun guys! is there a curfew? i hope she doesn’t get cut off like in glastonbury
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