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  1. so she was saying something and everyone was screaming their lungs out and then she thanked her dancers and singers but then went on to sing video games…the hell did she say
  2. oh etienne’s makeup on lana always eats, lana’s gonna serve face excitedddddd
  3. i’m obsessed with her “CHYNA WHY DID U SCAM ME”, CUZ I ONLY WANTED UR MONEY!! xx
  4. that’s the voice memos app probably, u can see that under each title there’s more text, so i’m guessing that’s the location that’s under a voice memo title and she was most likely searching for a voice memo, hence the keyboard
  5. i think it’s so funny how she looks through fanpages and reposts stuff from them sometimes, i love it! side note it must be a surreal feeling to see yourself in edits or to see just random photos of yourself from years ago all over the internet, idk how celebs do it
  6. how is she not homesick she hasn’t been home in la for 2 months now
  7. i mean, considering she left evan to get back with her ex boyfriend jack, i wouldn’t necessarily deem them to be on good terms
  8. this crowd was one of her best, i could barely hear her sing in some clips i’m so proud of her
  9. i’m still wondering if it electrocutes her when she puts it on a charger
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