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  1. i’m really curious, is it okay if you send them to me? i won’t post anything i promise i just wanna see
  2. omg praying for you what do you plan on asking her?
  3. she also said “my sister’s children”, as far as we know chuck has one child
  4. if anyone can lip read well try to figure out what she’s saying, i can only make out her saying “arms” near the end when she turns to the side and “i love you” as she waves she looks absolutely gorgeous
  5. what i found out just now is that fast and furious 9 was filmed in georgia, and there was a stunt exactly like this one. this ties into what the caption says and this means that the police car chase has nothing to do with the tough! music video!!! i was getting my hopes up because police=sean… i fully thought this would be a subtle sean drag but whateva
  6. please quavo drop it
  7. i thought dove cameron was her for a solid 30 seconds before they showed her face and i was gagging
  8. omg that is so exciting!!! i’m so happy for you enjoy it for us european lipsters
  9. i remember when people used to ask about nfr all the time before its release…the good ole days
  10. i think this is gonna be something huge, even bigger than mita festival last year i’m so excited guys omfg she’s gonna do something batshit thing nobody’s expecting and i’m so here for it, she got a fucking STUNT director for this i think we can expect something crazy and epic
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