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  1. thank you guys for such an amazing pre-release thread, it’s been so fun being apart of something as cool as this. it had its moments, but it was fun regardless. i hope everybody finds something they like in the album and i’m excited to talk to everybody in the post-release thread tomorrow we finally made it through!!!!
  2. oh she’s got her hair and makeup done MOVE
  3. some random thoughts: i genuinely think a&w is one of her best songs of all time. it’s a song that i physically can’t get tired of and it still sounds like it came out yesterday and not 5 weeks ago. it’s truly a work of art, i can’t get over it!!! when this album drops, i hope more and more people realize how incredible lana actually is because she definitely lost her spark in the eyes of the gp with her last two albums. i hope this album lures them all back in, because it deserves so much and it’s one of her best work ever. i say this as a hardcore ultraviolence stan (before this album i believed nothing can touch uv), ocean boulevard is her best album. that’s all
  4. i sent the grandfather acronym to a gc with my friends who aren’t lana stans and they thought i did a keyboard smash
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