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  1. i'm obsessed with this album and i've been crying to violets for roses and beautiful since it came out god dammit, elizabeth, you got me again. seriously tho, this album is my favorite lana album PERIOD. i tried ranking all of the albums multiple times and everytime i do, bb and uv are top 2. she's a genius, i'm so under her spell. kinda scared to admit this, but i was scared she lost her spark after releasing chemtrails because i didn't really love that album (btw i love everything she puts out, so it was strange that i didn't love it), but WOW, after this record i'm head over heels for her again. this woman never fails to amaze me with her art. the production, the lyrics, the vocals, the messages behind the songs, the album cover, the vinyls/vinyl colors, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT my poor little heart can't take the beauty and tenderness of the album, it's too much! it's so good that i cannot even pick my favorite songs. i just know dealer is top 3, i'm so glad it's getting the recognition it deserves. but also i'm so obsessed with thunder and violets for roses. just everything about this record WOWED ME TO THE MAX, i can't describe how intense my tears were when i heard sweet carolina at the end of such a beautiful, cohesive record. i felt like i was flying (i sound insane, i'll stop here) all hail lana del rey
  2. call me invasive, but i really wonder what she saw in him. their relationship didn't last longer than her past relationships after francesco, so why is he so great and why did she feel the need to point him out as an example of "chemistry never dying"? i'll admit, i don't like sean at all (him being a cop has nothing to do with that, but i hate that too), but it was kinda a relief seeing lana so happy with someone that i overlooked him lmao but really, why was he so special and what happened between them if she was still in love with him when they broke up?
  3. THANK U LEGEND!!! i was dying trying to find it on youtube but turns out its an igtv lol, ur the best ❤❤❤
  4. i looved that ig live, and @cherrysadwine i miss her too i feel so spoiled but like i need her to do another one, it made my days spent in bed being sick wayyy better. anyway, I HAVE A QUESTION! this only took up a rlly small part of the live, but i wanted to ask, does anyone have any clue who is the girl that accepted someones ig live request and a random guy popped up and harassed her or something?? i'm so curious, i've been thinking about it and i wanna watch the video LMAO it's at 33:37 of the live here @Elle maybe you could help me since i saw your comment on here and it seemed like u knew the story? ty in advance
  5. this song is so beautiful that everytime i listened to it i'm almost moved to tears she was insane for this one
  6. this is worse than scat porn but im glad u guys are having fun
  7. i smell no lana post today but i feel like we'll get bb news somehow. stay strong until wednesday
  8. your serve!! speaking of profile pictures, i really need her to change the one she's had since august 2019 don't get me wrong, it's iconic - but i really can't look at it anymore
  9. i wanna know in which direction lyrically she's going for, because the three singles definitely had a personal kick to them and i'd like to know if she kept that theme going or if she took different routes this new info has me very excited for the record + i can't believe we're getting 2 albums in a year we're so spoiled
  10. that selphie omg i had to collect myself before i could say anything on here cause i was afraid i was gonna be too graphic goddamn it woman
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