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  1. just the thought of 12-14 brand new songs we have no info on makes me so excited it's so cute & fun how we're all anticipating this album and giving our opinions and manifesting together. love you guys
  2. tuesday is tomorrow y'all!! in about 24 hours we'll have news!!!!
  3. this is wild but if this gets debunked in 3 hours, just remember we have tuesday to look forward to keep it moving girls and gays
  4. maybe she's up because she's going back to LA from mexico or something (does anyone know how long the drive is?)
  5. i was about to take a nap but that's gonna have to wait i guess #TeamDelulu keeps winning
  6. i mean she was being active on ig and twitter today and we supposedly have a single coming tomorrow so it all adds up
  7. i love trash magic and i love the snippet and this post made me so happy i definitely feel like cocc will have some sort of lizzy grant element to it hopefully with trashy lyrics and nods to that era UGHH i can't wait for this
  8. byron liked a comment about music coming on tuesday he previously said he reads all the comments
  9. i feel like this album will be sexy in its own little way but also sad and gloomy (uv 2.0?) it seems like it, atleast. she started making it at the start of a relationship, went through 6 months of dating and a break up, been solo for atleast 5 months and finished it at the start of a new one. wouldn't surprise me if she delayed it even more to add some songs
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