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  1. they're so cute together, honestly i'm just so happy that she's found someone that loves her like clayton does, it's so refreshing to see her in a stable relationship and i wish them the best
  2. she knows she's hot
  3. drugsdesire


    im actually speechless this hurts so bad. this is such a tragic loss...rest in power SOPHIE </3
  4. i'm so late to the party but omg her best album incoming !! this is so exciting
  5. oooh that's a good lyric, i haven't thought of that! thank you <3
  6. does she say "late night tv, i want u on me" or "late night tv, i want you holding me"
  7. i was just thinking this omg the mannerisms are literally trisha
  8. omg your mind... i definitely think that those lines are about sean (and the 'you're born in december and im born in june' parts too). it's so interesting because i feel like she based the entire record on that particular relationship (judging by some of the titles, especially tulsa jesus freak, lmlylaw and breaking up slowly). it must've meant a lot to her and it probably really broke her when they seperated. it's kinda sad, but he just seems like a piece of shit also cancers and sagittarius' don't usually mix well in relationships! almost all of her past boyfriends that we know of were sagittarius' (barrie, francesco, sean) and the others were either aquarius' (chase and clayton) or geminis (g-eazy). sorry if this is off topic but yeah!
  9. honeymoon=cotcc>ultraviolence>nfr>born to die>lust for life
  10. she was so funny plus she didn't say anything bad she was just awkward
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