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  1. sheridan posted california dreamin' by the mamas and papas on his story after hinting working with lana again so i think it's safe to say she's covering that song!
  2. damn i kinda loved the blonde the feet throwing me off lmao
  3. it's so good and i absolutely adore the music video really wasn't expecting to love it this much, truly a refreshing track. she looks gorgeous
  4. seeing people get so mad about a picture is hilarious to me like...why are you so pressed who tf hurt you
  5. i rlly like how active she's been lately
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHTdOOvH7Ec/?igshid=i2a5ol0wbbfp looks like lana took this photo
  7. congratulations guys let's celebrate trump losing
  8. mythological beauty and paul by big thief
  9. does anyone have a link to the full livestream? i only found 3 minutes of it on youtube
  10. honestly excited for this maybe not what we want right now but it's still a body of work she seems to be happy about
  11. why can't she just release it digitally first on march 5th or whatever and get the vinyls out when they're ready? she knows damn well her fans are obsessive and will buy the vinyls regardless if they like the album or not
  12. yeah i thought so too!!! i got really excited and got sad because i saw everyone talking about a covers album for christmas
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