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  1. the coffee hasn't hit her yet she just woke up from her 3rd nap of the day
  2. her ex argentinian bf she dated from may to december 2021
  3. he plays electric guitar really well so i hope he had involvement in other songs
  4. i need a track written with jack donoghue or produced by jack donoghue PLEASE JESUSSSS
  5. you guys remember during the bb livestream when she said mike (her argentinian now ex bf but bf at the time of the bb livestream) gave her inspiration? i think this is it, the song they worked on together
  6. it's wednesday for me rn in southern europe get ready ladies
  7. shaken to my core my god ur a genius
  8. exactly, that's why we don't deserve her. the love she has for her art and the fans and the writing and creating is so beautiful. i'm just so proud of her <3
  9. an artist like lana comes once in a lifetime, so we're so lucky lana still chooses to make music even though the industry and the people have failed her again and again. we truly don't deserve her i admire her so much because she is just such a genuine artist. i can't wait for ldr9/ldrx, this is all so exciting
  10. the way ik exactly what ur talking about...
  11. OMG im so late to this whole thingggg the album title is so long, it'll most likely grow on me but for now i wish she could've called it just ocean blvd for short (imo pls dont attack me). i'm very excited 4 the music either way! the release is so far away but if she manages to put out a few singles before that and a couple mvs i think we'll b good
  12. yall srsly think the cover on that site is the actual leaked cover??? plssss
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