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  1. she's so random omg i totally wasn't expecting her to post so late
  2. i'm talking about her entire career in retrospect teehee
  3. you guys gotta remember that lana has experimented with country many times and even her classic songs have a twang to them. i personally would enjoy something like a carrie underwood moment from her : ) she can pull off any genre she wants, i'm just glad we're getting music after all these years
  4. just wanna confirm that the country songs have nothing to do with ldr9 and that they're their own little side project
  5. this woman makes me lose my mind SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL and very hot
  6. for the longest time i used to think that in the blackest day she says "it's not simple, let's drink another drink" instead of "i'm not simple, it's trigonometry"
  7. https://youtu.be/4Q82cBsaoPE
  8. well, in this line she's describing looking into a mirror and seeing her long hair parted in the middle, and she wears her hair like that because of the man she's seeing. she wants him to like her so bad that she parts her hair how he likes it. atleast that's how i interpret that line!
  9. according to a person on twitter, lana was seen on michigan ave in chicago yesterday. i think she's visiting jack because he was there on the 4th and that's his hometown but we know she was in NY on the 4th
  10. isn't that her bedroom tho
  11. i'll take anything besides the ungodly amount of snippets like the ones we got during the nfr era...my god, by the time the album came out, the only song i wasn't familiar with was bartender
  12. her venus is in taurus aka jack d's sun sign also, us leo moons are questionable when it comes to picking our partners so i feel lana on dis one
  13. to me he seems like the hard on the outside soft on the inside kinda guy, and judging by the microscopic peek we have into their relationship, i really think they have this weird but attractive chemistry between them
  14. did anybody manage to screen record sveta's livestream? lana and jack were both in it and they were apparently dancing lol https://twitter.com/LDRCRAVE/status/1528199472244719616?t=f_EhdQ8rheM1dG9vwiG_Ag&s=19
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