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  1. god’s time??? what?? i know about the lana tiktok somebody sent but whats the tea
  2. and it’s hard if u ever lost someone that u love
  3. not brazillian but i saw on twitter that its out at 1pm in brazil
  4. sorry but let’s do a quick reality check… guys, did you really believe that lasso was actually coming in september? babes haven’t you learned anything from the past? she’s done this so many times where she announces something or teases something, and then she never goes through with it. like girls if you believe that, then it’s a matter of natural selection and delusion!! ofc tough isn’t for lana’s project because said project is either a) still in the works or b) doesn’t exist…and wbk a major music release isn’t coming this year because she said that herself, and instead said something is coming out that has to do with her being blonde. let’s not get our hopes up next time, lipsters
  5. lana went to utah to accompany jen for jen’s dad’s wake (i suppose, since he passed away recently unfortunately 💔)!! i think this is such a cute interaction with the fans but also i hope it brightened up jen’s day lana is an amazing friend
  6. lb collapsed for me for a second there omfg this day seriously is for the history books
  7. its her bday, fenway should suck it up and let her play IMMEDIATELY or else
  8. a lana show in the rain…it reminds me of her bogota show in 2018 when she danced in the rain to florida kilos
  9. omg group selfie just like old times ❤️
  10. i feel so bad for everybody who went, but lana will not let it get cancelled i’m sure. she’s gonna do it another time
  11. out there somewhere, lana is throwing plates at the door
  12. show most likely cancelled?? slothdelrey just tweeted that
  13. wait what? did something get sent?
  14. fuck this is so real
  15. i know lana usually has light brows but they look lighter than usual and they look so good she is so gorgeous omfg good luck tomorrow queen
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