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  1. This line of criticism is why I feel that NFR! received such praise from mainstream critics and was universally heralded as her magnum opus. While it's certainly a spectacular album, it's the one in her discography (perhaps also Lust For Life) that, in my opinion, isn't made for herself first and foremost.
  2. Evan Winiker, an old friend/bandmate of Jack (Antonoff). They've been photographed together recently and you can see him driving in the now deleted video of Lana looking at the rainbow
  3. isn't she with Evan now? Although tbh the Jack situation seemed like it could be an open relationship
  4. they really are very beautiful and earnest, she's actually so brave for releasing Fingertips especially
  5. Daddy, I miss them I'm in the mountains I'm probably running away from the feelings I get When I think of all the things about them
  6. Ocean Blvd is the sister album to Lust For Life and i WILL be elaborate on this at some point in the future...
  7. While I much prefer Ocean Blvd to COCC, it's not surprising that publications aren't giving it 5 stars due to its length
  8. there actually isn't a single bad or even mediocre song on the record for me personally, I'm pleasantly surprised! just from my first 1.5 "true" listens, I can already tell that this is a special body of work
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