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  1. "Walk in the way of my soft resurrection Idol of roses, iconic soul I know your name Lead me to war with your brilliant direction" vs "Everything is fine now, let sleeping dogs lay All our minds made up now, all our beds are laid"
  2. no one's relying on Lana Del Rey to form our political opinions or news sources we just think her politics are generally embarrassing.
  3. Biden and the US supporting the genocide is not in the interest of American Jews but rather because they use Israel for Western political interests in the Middle East (and have since its inception). The vast majority of American Zionists are not even Jewish but nationalist Evangelicals.
  4. big day for Lizzyologists
  5. the people want honeymoon songs
  6. you make me crazy, you make me wiiiiilllldddddddddddjust the best
  7. that was happening to me but then I just re-signed (with the same email) and it's been working now.
  8. I don''t want Lana to win a Grammy
  9. ArtDecoDelRey


    I thought she was referring to Kim Gordon.
  10. Thinking about this beautiful song today
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