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  1. for once this actually isn't lana's fault (besides the random white dress photos but they don't have anything to do with february 26gate)
  2. she's not that tech savvy lmao
  3. okay i don't know how these things work, but would white dress have its own link like chemtrails did? Since the album is already up for preorder, wouldn't it make sense for there to just be one main link where White Dress now appears listenable? Idk
  4. don't k!ll me but at this point I wouldn't mind waiting until March 12th/19th for white dress, as long as we get SOMETHING else in that time span (instagram livestream, album trailer, etc)
  5. now that this is bumped, I wanted to share that NFR! became Lana's fourth album to reach 1 Billion streams on Spotify today and also her quickest to do so to date :0
  6. ArtDecoDelRey

    Song vs. Song

    honeymoon vs chemtrails over the country club
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