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  1. i don't think this sounds like jack production cuz it already sounds fuller than everything on chemtrails
  2. not even that excited ugh, seems like another PicsArt jack flop era is upon us. trying to keep my expectations low.
  3. haven't been on this site in a lil while but jack sucks ass and needs to leave her alone. i'm not even gonna buy a physical copy of RCS before I hear it bc its probably gonna be more of the same :/
  5. the billboard debut tweets are not bad! the pure sales is really impressive, considering how most music is consumed nowadays. Justin is gonna have around 2x the debut overall but less pure sales
  6. that ring!!! she is so gorgeous my god
  7. wait sorry, is the alt cover picture disc sold out already?
  8. the middle section of this album is definitely my favorite.... wild at heart, dark but just a game, not all who wander are lost, yosemite... i'm in love!
  9. i wasn't expecting much, but it was a cute little vibe. the layering was weird but im glad we have some sort of aesthetic mood for the song
  10. my last post in the chemtrails pre release thread! although i definitely became less active as the school year went on, it's been such a pleasure to witness the countless highs and lows of the past 10 (!) months with you all, here. <3 stream chemtrails!
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