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  1. lana dm'd that user but i don't know what she said
  2. i love this woman so much
  3. not rude at all! I'm referring to a few things. Firstly, cancel culture is selective af, tons of celebrities were at a halloween party last night and they're not being dragged 1/10th of the amount lana was for wearing the mesh mask. Additionally, her feelings about how female voices are policed in music seems pretty relevant, as katy perry's album was dragged for being happy during the middle of a pandemic, and ariana's album is doing relatively poor critically due to its somewhat raunchy themes (disregarding the poor production/songwriter/whatever in those albums since they're not that great)
  4. question for the culture is becoming more and more relevant/telling each day (not defending the tonal issues and unfortunate word choices made in it)
  5. this album was ass
  6. queen of not spoiling the title track for us! chemtrails video out friday/saturday i just know it
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