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  1. praying that those are the iconic endless summer tour flower boots
  2. THIS IS FOR THE NEW ENGLAND GIRLIES but also I do not trust Lana's team to send that precode email bc I didn't even get this one even though I am technically subscribed :/
  3. it makes a lot of sense, she doesn't pander to their corporate politics and is not the 'safe' choice and never will be.
  4. ArtDecoDelRey

    Song vs. Song

    Earrthquakes vs Never Let Me Go
  5. lana + guitar remains undefeated
  6. skipless album <3 first AKA-nniversary with my Oh Say Can You See tattoo <3
  7. "Walk in the way of my soft resurrection Idol of roses, iconic soul I know your name Lead me to war with your brilliant direction" vs "Everything is fine now, let sleeping dogs lay All our minds made up now, all our beds are laid"
  8. no one's relying on Lana Del Rey to form our political opinions or news sources we just think her politics are generally embarrassing.
  9. Biden and the US supporting the genocide is not in the interest of American Jews but rather because they use Israel for Western political interests in the Middle East (and have since its inception). The vast majority of American Zionists are not even Jewish but nationalist Evangelicals.
  10. big day for Lizzyologists
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