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    Long time Bowie fan. I have a YouTube channel of videos of me and Lana!
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  1. Not sure where this should go. Saw something on Twitter.
  2. A guy I know who sells 8 track tapes out of his van has a connection in the music industry. These are working titles for the album. Down Sun Down **** Bumblebee Blues **** Smile Boner **** Hollywood and Wine
  3. I hope some of it is more upbeat. Not emotionally just with a beat. Lana always delivers and I am sure there will be a few gems on there.
  4. Lana is still the Queen of Promotion! The first words we hear from her and she says them to a Spanish news network. It's too perfect. "Question for the cultura".
  5. It is better to have been sad and lost than to never have been sad at all.
  6. Oops, looks like it's not released till next year.
  7. I don't know if this is true or not. Sounds reasonable.
  8. On ABC's Good Morning America they just had a little feature on Taylor's release. They mentioned Lana and showed a few pictures of her. I was kind of surprised.
  9. This is on YouTube and official so I think it's OK to post. On my phone I can barely hear Lana. This sounds like a fake unreleased Lana song with people arguing if it's really Lana or not. It isn't.
  10. I just watched and am blown away. Obviously sad and awful for Lana. I am so impressed with her presentation. Through tough circumstances she speaks with clarity and maturity. We love you Lana and wish you the best.
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