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    Long time Bowie fan. I have a YouTube channel of videos of me and Lana!
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  1. Congratulations Lana! I haven't read the whole thread but my "like" powers have gone away again. David Bowie won an Ivor Novello award in 1970. Special award for originality or something. Here is a great clip of him performing Space Oddity from that show. (Can you hear me Major Tom?) https://youtu.be/0kJPnIN964g?si=T94z1b63O50GrueW
  2. Happy Mother's Day Love, Lana I like how you can see the texture of her skin. The sprinkling of freckles. In our modern world there are a billion photos of people that look like illustrations. No skin texture, no reality.
  3. I tried both platinum and general but even after being in a short queue it was sold out. For those of you without tickets you can keep checking ticketmaster and mlb site daily, things sometimes open up. Occasionally you can find a decent resale ticket on TM where someone legitimately can't use their ticket and just want to sell it. Probably more than cost but not gouging with $500 over cost. I'm going to keep looking.
  4. Wow! This is unbelievable. So very happy for you. 😀❤️
  5. You may have made a good decision without realizing it. I have never been to a concert at Fenway but I read some posts where the sound is not great. This is a baseball stadium and not designed for concerts. The stadium seating may have better sound. Someone else said that everyone stands up in the turf seats anyway. So unless you are tall, (I'm 6'1") or sitting in one of the front sections it may be disappointing. I think I have a decent turf seat. I am most happy for the seat!! At my age I will spend a lot of time using it. 😁
  6. Go back to your email and click the link to buy tickets and then the presale I think and it should take you back to MLB site waiting screen.
  7. I was lucky to get access through MLB site. I am back again and now I am in a queue for that site also.
  8. I got my 1 seat on MLB site. Turf B4 which is center, 2nd section from the front. I am still in queue on ticket master. I don't know if those are only premium or what. Almost $300 for my ticket.
  9. So I am logged in to ticketmaster with same credentials as livenation and there is a countdown. 18 minutes. I hope this goes smoothly. I bet a clusterf*** for a lot of people.
  10. I just got my pre-sale code. I clicked the link and it took me to the MLB website. (Major League Baseball) I would suggest creating an account at that site as well as livenation. Add your credit card to your account and be logged in well before 10:00. I was looking last night on the livenation site to see other shows ar Fenway. When you find one and select a seat it eventually pops over to the Fenway site anyway where it asks you to log in. Sounds like this may slow a lot of people down which may help us if we're already logged in. Good luck everyone.
  11. I just got an email for this. Pre-sale Wednesday. I would love to go but I want a seat! (No wandering around the field) I'll see what's available when they go on sale. Exciting!
  12. I just got up to see how it went. Hearing she had good vocals and energy is music to my ears.
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