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  1. Idk when were we fighting. I just didn't like that she doesn't like what I like and I had to say that I don't like it that she doesn't like what I like and is so negative.
  2. Maybe because we should have the COCC in our mouths, hands... whatever 2 months ago.
  3. It was so boring when Delulu King was absent I guess... I wish I could know english more... I would spam even more. I feel nerfed :/
  4. The POWERFUL MIND Because Yosemite is going to be released tomorrow as a lead single.
  5. I think you all just overreacted. I don't even remember the tea anymore. I am just so tired... I'm so hungry for COCC that I can't stop eating bananas and listening to The Yosemite snippet... and happy 2500 likes for me~ yaaay... 2500 more to go if we want Yosemite. Number 5000 feels so free and has some right reasons...
  6. But how is it possible to not like Lana's piano ballads... Cherry Blossom... The Yosemite... Living Legend...
  7. I wish they wouldn't stop her when she was about to explain the delay. I wonder what would she say after "but its- its- you know...-" Ehhh why are always the flopped fans in these situations...
  8. We all want it even more that we can imagine. I screamed when I didn't see it on the NFR's tracklist. I was so delusional when I wanted to believe that "California" is going to be reworked Yosemite. I want Sirens 2.0 with Yosemite ofc.
  9. YOSEMITE TRACK 9 YOSEMITE TRACK 9 YOSEMITE TRACK 9 When did Lana menton Yosemite for the last time?
  10. These 9 seconds are so good... I can't stop listening to this snippet. I replay it every day for more than 3 years now.
  11. How did I attack her? I just want her to say something positive. Why is this girl so sad that she HATES EVERYTHING and can't hold herself to not tell every person in the world about how she dislikes things. I have no idea what she likes - I just know tons of things that she dislikes It's so sad. Yes. Yosemite is so good... And now I feel like Dealer is going to be my 2nd favourite
  12. I don't know why but I feel like this song is going to be my fav. Just like Yosemite. YES- These songs are connected I CAN FEEL IT.
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