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  1. Stop. I would never cut a single track in NFR. Its perfect. Maybe you know... I dont know what to think about HTD production
  2. NFR has 14 tracks and I can't hear a single filler
  3. I love when we talk about yosemite. My favourite topic on this forum.
  4. I feel sorry for ppl who pick BTD over COCC. Cocc is really her best title track.
  5. Guys. We really won... COCC is just a grat song. I sent it to a lot of people and most of them call it so beatiful like her the best track... And I repeated it more than1000 times AND I CANT STOP. You never get tired of it. Amazing... My friends love it. My mom loves it. My family love it. My old teachers love it. My dog Mikki would love it if he'd live... I'd like him to listen to this in heaven...
  6. YESS!!!!!!! So you are Living Legend
  7. I spiritually think COCC is more powerful than Lana thought and it overwhelmed her... That's why she changed the cover, acts weird and delayed it over and over. And I think Neil really got this power and idea with his vision... He's a real artist.
  8. Ita crazy how spiritually Yosemite affected many of us... Its a miracle.
  9. Id like to say goodbye for a while. COCC affected me in a powerful spiritual level and awakened something obvious in my heart... Now I need to surrender to this. See you on the album release day. Goodbye-
  10. BTW. Im excited for Breaking Up Slowly. I like the mood of this song but I guess putting this after Yosemite is a choice. That's either the reason why I think Yosemite won't be about happiness but delusional idealistic vision of the happiness that is impossible to reach and sooner or later will break up. You better write my thoughts somewhere. Happy is just a fantasy and there is no such thing. We are just made to manifest our feelings and dress them with words to help us forget how insignificant we are. We are startust. Yosemite is the place we want to reach - but we'll never touch such paradise. So annoying. I can understand the wolf's theme too... So sad thing for the existence but very true and powerful.
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