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  1. and why’s no one talking about her smoking cigarettes again?? raspy dark vocals on rock candy CONFIRMED
  2. no cause if we think about it the second we think jack is finally gone she’s basically becoming nikki lame’s new roommate idc this is a very bad omen
  3. i’m tired of the 15 year olds in this fandom there’s just way too many of them
  4. nah cause y’all don’t understand i’m OBSESSED mike dean produced beyoncé’s love drought from lemonade, one of my favorite songs from her... this man is so good omg THIS IS SO MY BRAND we NEED strong hip-hop beats with spacey lucious synth landscapes on rock candy this WILL end the pandemic i can feel it
  5. plus ahs fell of so much anyway, every season it gets worse and worse i don’t want her to be associated with that dumpster fire of a series.... let her stick to making her rock magnum opus first
  6. apparently ben said he’s seeing her doing some acting and more soundtracks and god pls now one pornstar wannabe acting performance was enough
  7. her and acting? we’ve all seen poolside....idk
  8. the french girls are fighting huh? y’all better stop or i’ll call Macron and fun’s over
  9. daddy blake also liked the announcement and he was in the chemtrails mv with an electric guitar idk why but that feels like a possible hint since he isn’t on the album at all idk.... team DELULU FOR LIFE
  10. she started working on it around the end of cocc and said jack wasn’t available to finish cocc with her, he can’t possible have started rcs if he wasn’t available then so he probably doesn’t work on this (or not as a sole producer at least)
  11. this plus the witch house thing plus the house where she was for photoshoots...there’s a lot we haven’t seen yet and i think chances are very high that she also shot some things for RCS
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