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  1. does anyone remember what exactly mike said before wildfire came out? cause i saw someone say he said they had a lot of material already but that we’d just hear one song on the album or something like that
  2. i don’t think it’s an unpopular opinion but she NEEDS to come up with something new lyrical wise. i love every mention of the color blue, about her being crazy and wild, her candles in the wind and her missing her old life but after the past 3 albums it’s gotten a bit stale and repetitive. can she PLS come up with something new, new topics, new thoughts. damn it girl give us a concept album, a musical in album form, a story from A to Z idk something new and different. same for the production, i LOVE bb it’s one my fav albums in a long time but we need more variety. the piano and muffled drums were great but i need her to do something spicy, exciting and most importantly unexpected like we’re talking about the woman who created her own genre, who blended orchestral music with hip-hop and trap beats, do something BOLD…
  3. first of all it’s been barely 2 months y’all are WAY too greedy (we’re all but we shouldn’t get used to an album every 6 months 💀) and tbh i don’t want another album next year. i want her to travel, meet new people, new experiences, smoke a ton of weed. we really don’t need another rushed album or worse another jack assisted threat. she should wait a little and find new things to talk about.
  4. ofc it will we’re talking about lana. she’ll talk about the color blue, about jim and joe, about missing her old life, about hating fame… but she better do it over a trap, pop or rock beat this time
  5. okay so: - she said the next album will be better (she may suck at describing her songs but when she says an album will be good she’s ALWAYS right) - she said she already has songs she loves (the usual lana phrase) - she scrapped a lot of songs from bb which she obviously kept for future plans - mike often talking about her and wanting to collab more with her - she said she’s focused on writing music and not touring it - she was recently with j**k in the studio (god help us all ) - that she wants the next album to be digitally released first oh i smell the pre-pre-release thread slowly opening up
  6. are any of those snippets on degree worth anything or is it just random high pitched fag voices as usual?
  7. On what planet does nfr have lush production ? empty, boringly simple and uninspired fit better
  8. jack made it so just picture something boring and uninspired over the same 3 piano chords and voila
  9. tayble, borde and bilbo somewhere scrambling to come up with something QUICK
  10. what were you expecting tho 3/4 singles were super piano driven ? it’s not like that was some big secret…
  11. does anyone have the post and/or exact words boz said about cb, LL and notg being reworked or not please?
  12. i’m sorry but the things i read in here….
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