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  1. EXACTLY and i told her i said ma’am
  2. the way get free ends with ocean waves and she’s in the ocean on nfr’s cover.... that woman’s mind omg i never noticed the link between the two... plus her singing out of the black into the blue and ending nfr (the song) with you make me blue truly wow i just now that white dress will either be a continuation of hope and or bring another connection and thus truly connecting nfr and cocc like the sister albums they are WE’RE NOT READY LADIES
  3. i can see it coming out around mid february, isn’t it usually a month + - out before the album drops?
  4. only bartender, she shared snippets of california and love song on insta several months before the album released
  5. i’d love this story line omgggg this would be her best album I CANT dark but just a game WILL be ultraviolence sister track IDC IDC
  6. idk if anyone saw this but an insider (i assume the atrl one??) said white dress will be about her lizzie days, she’ll sing in her star girl interlude voice/tone (WE WON omfg) AND *big drum rolls* it’s her (according to them) BEST opening song AND her saddest song in her discography......damn she’s really trying to kill us all CALL 911
  7. it really took me a week to notice that shorty on the left is neither someone’s grandma nor courtney cox
  8. just say you’re useless and go Ben like seriously shit like this makes me so mad and hate them even more. dua lipa is literally one of the biggest current payola frauds and you’re telling us you can’t at least put cocc in spotify playlists ?? gtfo
  9. wait what is this ave maria instrumental someone posted? it’s really gorgeous i’ve never heard of that song imagine if chemtrails had something like that wow.... but why on earth are the supposed lyrics "hail mary bitch im going to fucking kill you?" like????? her judas serve ugh we lost
  10. wait how do we know that ? more dan arrangements would be amazing
  11. yes that was my first thought too! the strings at the beginning of cocc mv are definitely the outro of white dress cause i don’t see the point of putting random strings there + it could be a white mustang mv/get free kinda situation but either way i NEED those strings on a cocc song period
  12. on that note no one, and i mean NO ONE, makes music that works as well when you’re high (on whatever) than Lana does, like how does she even do that omg?
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