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  1. wouldn’t be the first time either after youtube-rip gate
  2. In before she just uploads some of the obscure potato quality dbree "leaks" from the pre-cocc era to spotify and calls it a day
  3. what the fuck is automatic singing ?
  4. Exactly, like not even saying she makes bad music now, she still gave us many awesome moments, visually and sonically and obviously still got it (when she wants to) there’s just this sense of inconsistency with her since norman. But it’s not like she’s a lost cause, her latest outings, esthetic and mood at least same very different from cocc/bb and more old school lana which could be a good sign. We’ll know more once the first single is out
  5. exactly speak your truth. i think most OG stans feel this way (most of them do they just don’t wanna admit it but we know) i think after this album a lot of stan cards will be handed in…once again but hey that’s just what it is can’t do much about it anyway. If this album is another bb or dare i say it even worse/messier (which for now doesn’t exactly sound very different especially with the producers involved) it’ll be the 4th album on this downward spiral for many people in the fandom and it’ll kinda be pointless to expect/wait for her to give us what we want/need again cause it just won’t be happening. Unfortunately no relationship lasts forever even with your favorite artist, we can only wait and see
  6. oh when he praises something it must be excellent (or generic garbage) but caroline never misses so that’s a win anyway no more stripped back piano, 6 unreleased songs from youtube, jack farts over 2 guitar plucks shit please. new and exciting material only
  7. can you send a screenshot of what he said on caroline pls? not dupipa tho idc about her
  8. and it’s as usual all marina’s fault
  9. Jack is gone, Rick is gone, Dan is gone, Zach is gone, Kanye is gone… Nikki is gone. But Drew’s still standing
  10. on that topic we need a WHOLE album again. a concept, something from A to Z. I love BB and liked cocc and nfr but i’m so tired of her albums feeling randomly thrown together now or even worse feeling unfinished and short like cocc. that’s why she needs to stop releasing something every two business days and having 15 side projects so she can focus on making one great, complete, album
  11. why’s no one talking about the fact the credits version is the second version? it’s more stripped back and there’s a discreet electrical guitar. can we have the full version now please?
  12. don’t forget when most of us were kids/teens we usually acted our age. smoking a joint was like WOW you’re so gangster lizzie grant meanwhile 17 year olds now all act like they’re 29 and most of them look older than i do maybe we don’t relate to euphoria but the modern vaping teen does i guess. plus it’s hollywood, they always overdramatize everything for ratings.
  13. this is the biggest fucking joke ever omg i don’t know if i’m more pissed at them hyping it up to be some kinda perfect euphoria soundtrack just for it to end up in the end credits or interview magazine lying about lana being on the winter cover when she’s not... this fandom can never have anything
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