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  1. the era hasn’t even started Try stanning someone who just released her best album 2 months ago without mentioning it once, no posts, no singles, no music videos, no performances and not even a single public appearance now THAT’s boring
  2. Still less ugly than the BB/TB/WW cover
  3. the passive aggressiveness he said it in an insta story then idk but he most definitely called it fire Sure girl
  4. in a tweet iirc an insane letdown maybe
  5. he called tjf bombastic/fire too and yet
  6. all of us talking about bombastic synths and drums and electric guitars and catholic rave infused orchestra and…: the 13 new acoustic piano ballads sitting on lana’s 5$ hard drive she bought at an airport:
  7. I’d rather not. Enough with the joni flopchell, folk grandma cosplay
  8. too lazy to come up with 20 movies but my top 5 are Black Swan, Jurassic Park, Spirted Away, The Dark Knight and 101 Dalmatians (Glenn Close the woman that you are )
  9. right? let’s laugh at rihanna stans
  10. Three album project + it being a surprise truly the Beyoncé print Some of y’all aren’t nearly manifesting heavy production enough cmon electric guitars, lush strings, bass, synths, foggy horns, utter and total exclusion of piano and acoustic guitars let’s gooo
  11. Those 2 snoozefest BB outtakes that leaked better not make an appearance on Ldr9 Especially since she mentions fingertips in one of them
  12. Did anything other than the newbies being weird happen ?
  13. Nfr an autumn album? Lana baby come up with something quick the girls are just saying anything
  14. no it’s right AND correct Burn the piano, burn Jack and burn minimalism we want heavy atmosphere, hard beats, sweeping orchestras and she will deal with it
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