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  1. we must not forget he is responsible for a&w. That is all.
  2. SAME, I think the weekend two second look was our greatest hint as to her new vibe. Cannot wait for gothic noir cowgirl era I hope
  3. Honestly still coming down from the high that is seeing the show in person yesterday. Honestly, her and the all black outfits with the Neil Young music and the bikes just felt so insanely iconic. It reminded me of Elvis. She’ll never be forgotten. Her vocals were best they’ve ever sounded. Just wow. Also Arcadia and HOPE hit extra good irl. Wowww.
  4. Oh also as someone who was there, she was late only cuz like 5 people needed medical attention by her bike lane barricade!
  6. So my guess is we will get Jon and jack again doing same songs as they are already in desert again. I feel lile candy necklace and hope were part of the story telling of show. (Hologram, pole, improv session, etc) Assuming we don’t have Billie this weekend which is most likely switch up, I wonder who will take Billie’s place and what song will be added to set list in place of ocean eyes. Will she follow same format with new guest and do one of their songs duet+ video games duet? Basically either way we’re getting some sort of switch up for at least one track for sure (ocean eyes), and maybe either new video games duet or solo video games. If there’s no Jon and Jack (I doubt this), that’s two more opportunities for changed set list. sooo basically for sure and most likely just the one different song! lol also- I feel her set may have ended with a few mins to spare. I feel like she has time for one extra and should do one extra!
  7. Just finished packing too!! im so excited omg omg. Can’t wait to see motorcycle moment IRL!
  8. Glad I’m going to weekend two because it’ll be the even more top tier version of weekend 1
  9. The only place I’ve seen online with any negativity about the performance is Lana boards I think it’s because we fixate and get so delulu we’ll never be happy. but GOD DAMN I can’t get over her show from coachella it was absolutely incredible. Her entrance and exit alone was enough for me and I don’t mind the very little set list changes. And again, as someone else mentioned, I’m pretty sure we are the only ones that fixate on her set list and watch every single concert She’s ever done. A lot of others Are unaware of this set list being used a lot. also she’s a true artist and can do whatever she wants it’s her vision. ALSO she’s not a pop star? She has many ballads. Her voice and her aura suits these ballads well. It is her vibe.
  10. I forgot about white horse!!! I think stunts was the bikes? Unless they have an additional horse related moment this weekend…
  11. I think we’re getting jack and Jon again and Billie will be swapped with someone else (FJM or weeknd) i think this because candy necklace with jon was her stripper pole moment and Hope is a dangerous thing with Jack was her hologram moment which I feel like she will do again
  12. The more I sit with it the more I realize how wildly amazing that show was
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