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  1. Taking malibu cyn to pch and ending in Venice beach at a taco truck hopefully !
  2. I’ve read every spoiler tag and I still have zero clue what I’m in for with this album
  3. I wonder if Lana is talking about picking a specific man/life path in her caption (in reference to that Sylvia Plath passage ). Is she talking about choosing herself/her happiness/ her freedom? Maybe her friends? Maybe mike who’s in the photos? What happened to jack D. Lol
  4. You guys , fuck the critics (even though I also care a little ) If you want a basic bitch with 100’s on metacritic go the the Beverly center and find her (taylor swift)
  5. These reviews are honestly lovely damn , seems only “negative” is that it’s Long and meandering which is a win in my book!
  6. Not to toot my own horn but what I just said actually makes sense that could’ve why it seems abnormally absent from any reviews , because they actually never heard the song that is CN!
  7. Yeah it’s very odd… maybe they all heard the song that was supposed to be in its place then they were told not to mention or review that song as it got swapped for something else? And that weird magazine didn’t get memo
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