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  1. same. i almost think folky, southwestern, and jazzy
  2. i would hate to see her edit herself but im hoping that since she is, we’ll get better structured songs. thats one thing ive really been missing from her
  3. this was a beautiful interview and she looked gorgeous in each photo. i also loved the photo collage at the end. i wish i could get it framed i hope she get more music in the vein of white dress + COCC if shes leaning more americana. i also wouldnt mind a sound similar to Big Thief (i know she loves them).
  4. i just got here but can we all shut up 😍 it doesnt matter. im sure lana will also be collaborating with other producers besides jack for this album just like she did with CN. jack has produced some of lana’s career highlights n will continue to do so im sure. its on lana to approve of the sound anyways n make it what SHE wants it to be. lets just all collectively get over it i want her to switch it up too but i think lana found her niche n will continue to stick with it and experiment here n there
  5. no yeah its so beautiful i could listen to that part forever
  6. nothing on OB is classical lana… its a totally different writing style. that doesnt mean its bad tho, just different!
  7. ben saw the post on this thread that asked why he followed honeymoon if lana’s gonna delete it
  8. wait im not caught up… where did he say “strange”
  9. i wouldnt mind another hit from lana as long as she stays true to her sound and it doesnt seem too fabricated. i also want to mention that although maybe she hasnt had a specific hit, so many songs from ocean have gone viral on tiktok n everyones obsessed with her right now. there was literally a snapchat article about her that i saw yesterday. she definitely has everyones hearts right now and is the most loved (publicly) she’s ever been. i hope she has fun with it!!
  10. unleaked is fine with me but i would prefer it to be more recent…. such as purify
  11. lana seems like shes having more fun with life lately n i think that will reflect in the new songs also the fact that she probably said everything she felt she needed to on OB about her past, mental struggles, s*an, etc. my guess is the new music will be fresh n fun… like a LFL situation but more grown up n less political
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