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  1. i have that book and it is um… questionable. but i trust her poetry taste
  2. i completely agree. i dont want another album with her recent sound
  3. yall if we have songs like hey blue baby and i must be stupid on this album…. i’ll pass away me thinks
  4. i hope its before summer bc i wanna live my sweet southern girl summer fantasy but i know that’s completely unrealistic a girl can dream
  5. i honestly think its cute. i would love an album full of songs like this. i literally hate country music but at least i would be able to experience the ~country vibe~ while still holding onto my dignity. are there any suspected release dates?
  6. wow that’s so disappointing that they used it in the credits what a waste of a beautiful song
  7. i feel like im the only one who doesn’t really like this album. ive had a lot of time with it and i think some of the songs are great, ie: bb, textbook, wfwf, dealer, iyldwm… but a lot of the songwriting is too simple for me compared to her other music. dare i say i like chemtrails more…
  8. no literally i felt like there was some attitude in her caption shes so funny
  9. omg i love this thread idea shes so sassy
  10. i think the same! maybe they even asked to add some “old lana lyricism” for the vibes. bc it almost doesnt make sense that she’d make such an atmospheric n “old lana” type song at this point in her career.
  11. ive said it before and i’ll say it again… this song has a magic that her music hasnt had since lfl. if u dont like the song i feel sorry for u
  12. i think this is one of lanas sweetest n catchiest melodies to date its been stuck in my head all day n makes me feel like im frolicking in the summer sun with my love
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