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  1. this is exactly how i saw it!!! thank you for wording it so much better than i ever would 💗 lol
  2. my hype for this era was kinda killed with lana leaving social media. i still cant wait for the music but its just not as exciting as it was when lana was posting.
  3. she sounded n looked like she was gonna cry.... im gonna miss her so much
  4. if she doesnt cover bruce springsteen i’ll be pissed
  5. it makes me feel like im running away from whats no longer good for me... but knowing i can trust that what im running towards is all that i need n that my internal compass will always lead me to where i need to be
  6. on the way i’ll pray for ya.... but youll need a miracle
  7. yes this concern does not apply to our non-american stans i love that you still looked it up tho
  8. how do yall not know what john deer is have u ever been in a home depot n saw their mowers??
  9. i also think this because the snippets we got before the leak that were all muffled were most definitely solo it only makes sense
  10. lana and barrie are making my heart melt its so inspiring to see them work together after all these years and do it graciously. i wonder if those pics on her ig that we thought were barrie actually were now that we know that theyve spent some time together. but anyway... i didnt come on here much yesterday because of the insane amount of users on, it was a bit overwhelming. but i read a lot of your posts and its so great that we all get to experience this together. Arcadia is one of my favorite ballads from lana its so beautiful, sassy, and sweet. and the interlude is just insane i cant wait to see what Black Bathing Suit sounds like. im so excited for this album. i was really doubting if i could still get into lanas music with the direction she was going but she 100% drew me back in. the music this era has the charm and magic her old stuff had but its more mature this time around.
  11. everything about this song is everything ive been wanting from her these past couple years. SHES BAAAACCCKK
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