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  1. im so sorry but i really dislike taylor. i hope its not her
  2. this is everything i just came here to say. thank you
  3. definitely wondering if this was done specifically for the lasso era as a whole. i just have a feeling the visuals havent been shot yet n it makes sense that she would want to be blonde for the new country vibe
  4. i was looking forward to a sweet country/folk album but if its suddenly taking a new direction, i wont complain
  5. I won’t believe it until Kintsugi says something. i really want Henry though… it sounded finished so im secretly hoping that’s what these “insiders” are talking about
  6. no exactly. im very passionate about stricter gun laws but lana of all people is definitely allowed to have one.
  7. that is definitely a real gun n im living for it
  8. if lana sat through all this to be snubbed im gonna riot
  9. to be honest, i’ve clicked “not interested” and specifically asked to not see posts with the words “taylor swift” in them bc it was truly non-stop and she STILL pops up all over my feed. idk what kinda magic shes working but she is truly inescapable right now.
  10. im sorry but tortured poets department is so corny
  11. she looks SO good these looks are getting me so excited for the new era. shes not going yeehaw in any sense of the word… shes going dark n moody n i hope the new music reflects that!
  12. i dont understand the grammys… whyre do they separate everything into different “shows”
  13. WOWWW this look is giving me UV… i cant wait for this album
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