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  1. Waiting for the Daily News article titled: "Lana Del Rey Callously Abandons Fans to Raging Thunderstorm, Selfishly Posts on Instagram from Indoors"
  2. I think hologram del rey should just take over at this point
  3. I’m pretty sure this is the ‘suprise’ Hey! Since you're signed up, I've got an exclusive Fenway Merch drop just for you! Available for one week, so don't miss out! https://l.os.fan/s/bevbkab-
  4. Ufb is leaked though? Anyways: 🇫🇷🍬🇺🇸🔥
  5. Girl they ain’t a dupe calm down… I’m talking about someone else’s discord name
  6. That’s cus they’re struggling to sell out. Expect a sale soon.
  7. Wait For Life

    Charli XCX

    1. N1A … and that’s all that matters periyat
  8. I’m not lol, and I talked about this before that anyway Don’t tell me you’ve joined the WFL hate train
  9. Like Carcase said, I’ve also been told before by a very prolific past leaker of Lanaboards that Barrie and Lana recorded many many songs at Nightbird Studios, where Unidentified Flying Bill was made
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