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  1. Wait For Life


    Can we leak Explicit please
  2. Wait For Life


    I like the Starfucker demo a bit more Also, Makeup solo is WAY better.
  3. I was thinking this too.. it’s just about every comment I read under any post
  4. They’ve made her face and nose a lot skinnier and her eyes have been blown up and rotated inwards
  5. This shoot also reminded me of that one scrapped shoot with Francesco that Lana fans hacked alongside the Vogue shoot
  6. Maybe Huxley got her out of her deal with Capitol!
  7. 1. Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant (debut) 2. Born To Die (major label debut) 3. Paradise 4. Ultraviolence 5. Honeymoon 6. Lust For Life 7. Norman Fucking Rockwell! 8. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 9. Blue Banisters () 10. Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd VBBOTG is not an album And to all you "Paradise is just an EP not an album" truthers https://i.imgur.com/90BgdFV.png
  8. Wait For Life


    Literally like ms. Chic we’ve had these songs since before starfucker even came out and knew they’d be on the deluxe because they were completely mastered
  9. I give you everything that I am I'm handing over everything that I got...
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