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  1. Just saw the video. I have nothing of importance to say. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! My organs are about to explode out of my body!!!!!
  2. I’ve been getting mixed answers all over the Internet so I was just wondering, is Lana more spiritual or is in organized religion?
  3. Yeah I can’t stand Tik Tok especially when terrible things go viral. And I hate the way they rep her. Yes I and the collective you want so bad to be depressed and have eating disorders. The thinspo is the worst. I can’t lie though. I always compare weights with everyone. I don’t care what someone’s weight is besides mine. They way people criticizing her weight and her age, I was SO mad. 1 Who cares? 2 Does it have any impact on her music? Or personality? I hate that kind of shit. Trailer Park Princess? Omg how completely fucked up. Never seen that one :/ Lolita is a great song though, imo.
  4. Idk why I keep letting people gross me out even more everyday.
  5. Aw that’s cool. Missed it somehow Ha I do this too, like “Kids these days! Oh wait (I’m 18+, not a minor) p” but yeah it is super cringey and absolutely precious and cute and comforting really. IRL if I had to choose “mom” it’s gonna be always Lana. Lana and others. Now that I’m thinking about it Lana and many other artists and musicians did “raise” me a lot. Kurt Cobain is my bestest friend. Gotta think more but Leonard Cohen could be my dad.
  6. For real? Like at shows or social media or anything else
  7. Me too. I am the furthest thing from a Swiftie, not a fan of hers at all. It seems like a ton of people are opposite.
  8. What do you guys think of LanaCord? I joined after I found the subreddit. Lots of info on there, especially now that I’ve been trying to get social with other fans. But yeah general chat always seems like a bunch of teenagers and low 20s. And I am SO annoyed with the word “mother” I like the idea/concept. But people seem to always say it whenever anything good happens. Which I am Gen Z lol but I can’t do conversations with ppl my own age. I’m like “Gen Z, get off my lawn!” So not really possible lol. I’m so high, I’m sorry lol.
  9. That reminds me of a quote I still love. “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”
  10. I’m with you. Sucks when your safe place, escape place gets toxic. I thought the subreddit was gonna be one for me since I’ve never been active in the fan community ever. But yeah I’ve had different places go south. It's the worst.
  11. He stayed hard. But not anymore. OMG this shit is killing me.
  12. Omg, the “taylor is alive” comment is killing me 🤣🤣🪦
  13. Are any of you on the Lana discord? Just wondering what you think regarding it, because they are linked, right? Maybe not.
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