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  1. For those like me who haven’t listened to the songs yet, my tip is to hear all lanas album I’m anticipation to OB release - which also helps with streamings you can do it like: 1. Monday: BTDPE 2. Tuesday: UV and HM 3. Wednesday: LFL and NFR 4. Thursday: COCC and BB 5. Friday: OB
  2. Gosh I haven’t heard the song yet but what you wrote is so beautiful! You should DM it to Lana when the album is released. She may even use it on a song on the future
  3. Driving In Cars With Boys (demo): 1. I’m No Good 2. Summer of my Life 3. Poison Ivy 4. Diamonds 5. Pretty From Afar 6. Dark Star 7. Drive-by Love 8. Crazy Like a Drug 9. Red Lipstick 10. Siren With a Sad Song 11. Blue Mascara On 12. Now We Know 13. Loud Noise 14. Pick-up Truck 15. Take Me To a New End
  4. Thunder: 1. Roll Like Thunder 2. Come crashing In 3. Regattas in the wind 4. Fucking Mr. Brightside 5. Tryna Catch that Wind 6. Lightning in the Bottle 7. Moonbeam In Your Hand 8. New Day 9. Not Satisfied at the Rainbow’s End 10. If You’re on Fire, You’re on Fire 11. Honey 12. Hello Just Means Goodbye
  5. bia

    Song vs. Song

    A&W v. Off to the races
  6. If this is true it’s kinda lame that “insiders” won’t admit that they haven’t heard it I mean cmon they’re already in a better position than all of us and getting the recognition they may aim lol i hope you’re wrong
  7. Well, OB actually decreased on me when I first heard it with all its layers I thought “I’m sure I’ll end up loving this song” ( I don’t usually love songs at first listens) but I’ve heard it several times and.. meh. The Grants has a better melody so I’m still hopeful I also loved A&W, actually I loved it from the first time. It reminded me of AKA days which I thought she would never recall. I’m glad that at least we have this song. The last time I liked a lana’s song that much (not considering unreleased tracks) was with title track of COCC. but yes, I think she’s doing what she wants to. Hope she’s happy but it’ll be better if she’s happy with songs I like
  8. Omg this is what I’m most afraid of - Ocean Boulevard being similar to COCC and BB and then she keeps in this comfort zone… I really dislike COCC and BB, sorry guys when I heard COCC I was sure that I would never dislike more a Lana’s album, and then BB came out Ocean Boulevard title track didn’t get me either as I thought it was a more produced version of BBS songs so I’m afraid she continues that way. oh but I didn’t hear any leaks so I may be reaaaally wrong (hope so )
  9. Hi guys! I don’t post here a lot, but would like to know: The Grants is better or worse than DYKTTATUOB in your opinion? I didn’t hear any leak yet
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