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  1. Lana: 1. Diet Mountain Dew 2. A&W 3. Cinnamon Girl 4. Summertime Sadness 5. West Coast 6. Get Free Britney Spears: 1. Toxic 2. State of Grace 3. Gimme More 4. Stronger 5. Oops! I did it again 6. Do You Wanna Come Over
  2. bia

    Song vs. Song

    Wow that’s hard… it really depends on my mood but currently DMD Diet Mountain Dew vs Stargirl Interlude
  3. bia

    Line vs. Line

    We keep changing all the time The best ones lost their minds So I'm not gonna change I'll stay the same No rose left on the vines Don't even want what's mine Much less the fame It's dark but just a game vs You got your money now, you got your legacy Let's leave the world for the ones who change everything
  4. bia

    Song vs. Song

    Ride vs Dealer
  5. bia

    Song vs. Song

    The Greatest vs Norma Fucking Rockwell
  6. bia

    Britney Spears

    Have you ever heard the demo version of this song? It’s so much better imo… her voice is more evident and the beat is lower. She also repeats the lyrics of the background of the bridge (where she talks about jump into heaven and the person catching her) in the ending Check out also Unusual You (from Circus album) and Strangest Love (unreleased) I’d also recommend Imperfect, an unreleased by Mariah Carey, and the album Ray of Light by Madonna, specially the songs Skin, Frozen, The Power of Goodbye, Nothing Really Matters and maybe Sky Fits Heaven
  7. bia

    Song vs. Song

    A&W vs Venice Bitch
  8. bia

    Song vs. Song

    The Grants vs National Anthem
  9. bia

    Artist vs. Artist

    Eminem vs Snoop Dogg
  10. bia

    Song vs. Song

    Get Free vs Without You
  11. bia

    Song vs. Song

    24 vs Black Bathing Suit
  12. Nightwish - The Greatest Show on Earth
  13. bia

    Song vs. Song

    Swan Song vs Dragonslayer
  14. bia

    Song vs. Song

    Terrence Loves You vs Gods And Monsters
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