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  1. https://lanaboards.com/forum/5-lana-thoughts/?do=add I can't edit the original post but my answer is 2009 then I would say her work post-Ultraviolence up until she started to consider Lust For Life.
  2. Lol I feel like we had to be convinced this never existed for the longest time.
  3. "Anti-trans" is a strong buzzword so I wonder if they're considering laws that restrict males from playing in female sports to be transphobic which could also be considered "anti-woman" and "misogynistic" as well. I'd be interested to see the overall statistics of violence being up or down in relation to these attacks.
  4. Can you tell me more? Is this the American version of a Republican with a Democratic Congress?
  5. She would do well as a politician. She's like the queen of Fedspeak.
  6. There's been a lot of talk about this Javier Milei character. He seems to be the first real self proclaimed "anarcho-capitalist" in a real political position. I'm interested to see what he does. Populism isn't going anywhere away any time soon especially in these types of countries.
  7. Why am I just finding out she was a YSL model? Just wow.
  8. Strangelove

    Jason Derulo

    Anyone else getting heavy into Jason Derulo lately? His self titled album is 10/10.
  9. She's like vegan or whatever so no pancakes. Unless they have vegan ones? No eggs? Not sure.
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