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  1. Put on some of Lana’s older unreleased tunes got reminded of this website… glad to see some of you are still active… I’m going for gold for the next Lipster Lanaboards Awards… first let me put on my glasses to prepare my senior essay for Unreleased Syndrome… haha.
  2. After all these years that tattoo is still so vibrant. She’s must’ve had it touched up a million times.
  3. For me recently it has been Last Girl On Earth. I never quite understood if it was an allegorical and figurative song, or perhaps just in a demo form. But I’ve also resonated with it. But now I understand it to be an open ended love letter to her husband or boyfriend after she has died. She makes references Cleopatra and Mary (roses in my hair) who can be understood as iconic, supernatural female historical characters. She makes statements at contrast with reality (I’m the last girl on earth, they play my favorite song on the TV). It’s more or less her looking into the world after she has died, think back to how the world reacted to the death of Princess Diana or Michael Jackson. I would also say there are references to her being very much dead as she says “I get so tired being on display somehow / Sometimes I get lonely, but millions all know me now”, suggesting she has since passed and her form can be loved only spiritually. The song’s theme of death (or in particular suicide) is mostly extended by telling her previous boyfriend/husband to join her in the afterlife by claiming “No such thing as heaven”right before the song ends. In a way she could be kept in some sort of hell/purgatory scenario too. Has anyone else made a similar revelation?
  4. If he is found not guilty we might get another Lust For Life. Please no!
  5. While World War III is brewing is Israel, we are livestreaming Lana. Talk about WHEN THE WORLD WAS AT WAR BEFORE WE JUST KEPT DANCING…
  6. Doesn’t matter who wins the election if Israel escalates this to nuclear war.
  7. Today and tomorrow might mark the breaking point for a new era of global and national security.
  8. Strangelove

    Charli XCX

    What happened with Rina?
  9. Here comes the "Southern accent" discourse. She already told you she's Lanita.
  10. If this is the direction of her new album, it's shaping up to be her best.
  11. Thinking you know more about HER songs than SHE does is peak ridiculousness.
  12. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/01/15/us/politics/trump-wins-iowa.html
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