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  1. Lux Eterna

    Charli XCX

    which songs are from true romance?
  2. Lux Eterna

    Charli XCX

    what's going on with all those latest leaks? where does it come from? a new mixtape? album? i have no idea about it
  3. Lux Eterna


    https://youtu.be/XsYrGKn14jI?si=qkYUCtqjrcd120Rr i was listening to this song, maybe it was a source of inspiration for SOPHIE
  4. it doesn't even exist
  5. Lux Eterna

    Brooke Candy

    ive never expected this from her.. what a disappointing attitude. but okay, she deserves being an underrated bitch for the rest of her career, you always get what you give in life.
  6. Lux Eterna

    Brooke Candy

    i don't use tik tok, tell me more about it pls
  7. Lux Eterna


    n o w a y
  8. Lux Eterna


    apparently there are facial surgeries around here
  9. Lux Eterna


    Grimes has changed badly lately, i wouldn't be surprised if those names are real. the cool girl of Genesis is not here anymore.
  10. Lux Eterna


    She tries to be cool, but in the end she's an idiot. what the hell is that fucking name, poor child...
  11. It's sad to see her not realizing her own potential as an artist
  12. people should stop spending money on her, i'll always say she's just a indulged rich girl who doesn't value anything at all. when i saw all those last shows when she gave it all on stage, being responsible and kind with the crowd i thought it could mean something, but at this point i don't know what to expect from her.
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