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    Eden xo

    Really love a good amount of the stuff she’s put out, particularly “All Day Every Day” and “American Youth French Kissing”. I can’t place what it is but something about those two tracks feel so haunting and ominous despite how romantic they seem on first glance. Like, I could see them playing at the end of a slasher film or something??? The lyrics give this feeling of pining for something that will never happen and she’s just stuck thinking about this fantasy forever Anyway, really hope she pushes out more music soon (honorable mention to have it all as well what a bop)
  2. Can she just leak crybaby and wild at heart… like would anyone at her label actually care at this point 😶😶😶

    Kim Petras

    A long clip of “Danny” (one of the snippets her and Aaron played a while ago) is on the D website (someone let me know if I’m allowed to link that) - I’m not sure if it’s the full song though because it ends before what I imagine would be the second chorus. Maybe they never finished it though??

    Kim Petras

    Danny L worded I’m not sure if it’s the full song but it’s so cute

    Katy Perry

    That extended version omg
  6. Could u please tell me what song this is? The YouTube link says the video isn’t available in my country and I wanna listen 😭

    Katy Perry

    Holy shit the album cover is amazing
  8. Wanted to bring this back last word was ocean… “ocean avenue” by yellow card 🌊💛 next word is: spinning

    Kim Petras

    Okay “Heaven Is Not An Option” is cute! I don’t know what era this was for but I feel like it fits very nicely on FTB. It just goes thematically I feel. Imma tack it onto the album in my iTunes
  10. KEEPIT

    Kim Petras

    can someone please leak Keep It or owww as a little treat
  11. Someone uploaded more of go home in LQ but it’s a Katy Perry ai singing it….. https://dbree.me/v/79e16f
  12. KEEPIT

    Katy Perry

    I think the original leaks of the chorus were fake/made by ai!
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