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  1. I don’t care i still hate the cover
  3. Her new music can’t come soon enough!!
  5. I put Head Head Honcho on repeat & it loops perfectly into itself.. like not a single beat is missed. I didn’t realize it was the only song i listened to on my hour drive home from work last night until i got home. From Miami to Toronto
  6. Say what you want about Slut Pop but I think Kim is very smart with the marketing of her music. She obviously rules Halloween and it looks like she just wants to do the same with Valentine’s Day so I don’t know why y’all are so mad. You don’t have to like or listen to the music, but understand that a lot of y’all just clearly enjoy putting negative energy out there.. there is a difference between stating your opinion, and being ugly into the void lol. Whatever works for you though.
  7. Yall are literally so dramatic Head Head Honcho is all I really need from this ep anyways.. Can we f*ck gets an honorable mention though. Definitely some major duds that are giving bad drag queen music here (Cockblocker, Rim Job) but like i said i don’t know what yall were expecting, slut pop 1 only had 1-2 decent songs too Some songs just needed a cupcakke feature tbh! i’m still glad to get it! Music can be dumb & fun at the same time. Life doesn’t have to be that serious. and like, really. the only difference between slut pop miami & TOTL part 2 is the theme of the project. Both of those eps are dark techno beats with repetitive lyrics. Death by sex literally could have been on slut pop but it gets a pass bc it’s got a Halloween sticker on it. Just saying! The final commercial with the flips & banana blowing up the mansion had me cackling. It’s all so obviously camp & I don’t get why people are hating so much, unless you’re just team ayesha I don’t get it. It’s been a nice quick rollout for a fun era!!! Some of these songs will fit nicely on my gym playlist too.
  8. omg i can only imagine. I haven’t listened yet but your comment made me belly laugh for real. Idk i find throat goat hilarious with the sound effects. slut pop is cheap and trashy that’s obviously the point. It’s mood music i’m not saying it’s good, or that i even want to listen to it on a regular basis lol.. but it was super unexpected and i love most of kim’s songs, so I’m still excited to listen to it all tonight. Even though everyone is saying it’s awful. it’s not like she won’t continue to release music & give us better songs! I can easily see another project coming later this year… i think her doing this sequel kind of shows she will get to TOTL3.
  9. what problem am i apart of by… *checks notes* … listening to music? being excited for music is a problem? i’d LOVE an elaboration on that. like what you said actually sounds psychotic. who are you to judge & say something shouldn’t exist? It’s literally just pop music! sounds like you have a bit of a god complex. it’s really WEIRD and i would appreciate if you didn’t project your weird hatred for Kim onto me. Y'all are not going to shut me up i can share my opinion here like everyone else - it’s a DISCUSSION FORUM right? The difference is that i didn’t come in here quoting people with an attitude.
  10. Yall can discuss whatever you want i truly dont GAF about any of your opinions TRUST ME i will enjoy the music either way. But don’t quote me with an attitude when all i did was come in sharing excitement- and then expect me not to have one right back at you problematic or not - this thread or the charli thread- ANY FANDOM ONLINE THESE DAYS - 98% of “fans” posts are predominantly negative. It is so annoying and disheartening to see whiny ass negative fans everywhere i look online. i used to love Lana’s music, haven’t enjoyed the newer stuff for a few years but do you see me dogging every release going on about how it sucks / she used to be better? No I digress HAVE A GOOD NIGHT SLUTS
  11. oh my god i had NO idea this was a discussion forum. Thank you for reminding me.
  12. yes yall hate fun or rather love sticking around in threads of artists you don’t like anymore i guess ?? what’s about to be bad? The music? to you? Then why are you here honey? yall just love stinking up threads with bad vibes and act like you have some superiority complex every time i’m amazed at the consistency
  13. Ok my only complaint is no KIM KIM KIM?? It was literally the slut pop intro on tour… i guess it’s ok because we have a good quality file & it fits perfectly at the end of slut pop, like PERFECTLY after Your wish is my Command.
  14. Can you corny haters go listen to soft jazz or something since you hate FUN so much? GOD. LOVED THE PROMO WHERE HER TITS EXPLODED BTW. I AM EXCITED.
  15. If it was up to me, this thread would be locked by now.
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