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  1. Looks like we’re getting a new song - “Cool” - tonight!!! this must be a teaser for the song lol
  2. She looks so stunning tonight.
  3. I love her so much. This takes me back to OG days when we barely knew anything about her.. if she wants that privacy & sense of safety again, she more-than deserves it. Can't believe people are crying over this lol... I mean first of all, there's no doubt in my mind she'll return to social media in some form within the next year. Secondly, she's a person like the rest of us - we'll be fine without her random selfies and updates??? She made it clear that she's not quitting her career. There is still poetry and music to come. Just no social media presence for now, which is fine... it's about the art anyway - which I think is her point / some of the reasoning behind her decision. I don't blame her at all & honestly I'm surprised she didn't do this sooner.
  4. Y’all better be streaming the official release 10 times for every 1 time you spin these extended edits.
  5. I miss her so much there will never be another like her…
  6. Has Charli ever delivered an entire album of only 2 min songs? No? Then why would she start now? I don’t get why anyone would worry or doubt her when everything she’s released has been great to excellent.
  7. She’s working with arca! The demo snippet of All the Boys sounds amazing.
  8. I know most people complained about the potential March 2022 release date, but I am just so excited for the hype and promo of this era. I really don’t mind waiting since we’ve gotten all these amazing features this year & knowing we have at least 1 more stunning music video to expect before album release. The interviews, teasers, theories, there’s so much to look forward to while we wait for what is surely to be one of her best albums. This is the most excited I’ve been for any Charli era. I’m ready for her to dominate the world!!!
  9. I’m so excited omg that video was everything I wanted & more… I already knew the aesthetic + visuals were gonna be on point, but the CHOREOGRAPHY was next level!!! Charli giving us her inner Britney & I couldn’t be happier.
  10. We need a single + music video & pre-order + tracklist YESTERDAY.
  11. ...anyways Party Til I Die is a huge bop.. just listening to it for the first time today & hoping for TOTL 3 this year idk what is the deal with everyone and streaming lol. just download the songs and BAM you're not giving anyone coin when you listen.
  12. I am literally speechless.. this is probably the most stunning album cover I've ever seen.
  13. 911 remix snippet sounds amazing
  14. The Good Ones MV teaser on Insta is giving me True Romance vibes for sure.. she was not lying to us.
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