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  1. omg so I missed the first half of her IG live but from my understanding , TOTL 3 next Halloween???
  2. one of her exes is a Gemini (hence the party 4 u lyrics about June 19) & she prob has some friends that are also gems since she’s clearly a Leo with taste ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. lol I’m basically the Charli mod... let me ask Elle if it’s cool to ban them since all they really do is troll
  4. Charli posted more pics in the blonde wig & I’m livingggg. She looks so good.
  5. Need Ur Luv is one of her best songs periodT wish we got more songs like that
  6. someone please explain to me how she can drag nuestro planeta through the mud & then release la luz... they’re very similar
  7. so so happy to see her doing & feeling better lately ♥️
  8. Babygirl... I can never skip that song. Truly the most timeless of all classics.
  9. If Charli guest judges rpdr the gays will have truly won... literally my 2 favorite things also if she covers a Janet song it HAS to be Nasty
  10. If we’re putting old EP songs in this album I’ll be ending it with her best song, Hang Up tha Phone.
  11. I feel like this is the longest time she’s ever made us wait for a new release... Malibu never really did it for me anyway so it feels like it’s been YEARS.
  12. Eden, Darkest Hour, All Rivers at Once
  13. your desktop apparently
  14. Charli could fart into the mic & it would still slay. I’m not worried about her approach to “top 40 sellout” pop ... it’s gonna be iconic
  15. Ten Love Songs is incredible... been jamming to it for years. Kamikaze & Slowly are divine.
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