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  1. Anyone have a good BBS fan tracklist / link??? I made a little EP some early songs in HQ and i want to add other good album tracks (prod. by benny or whoever was doing her stuff at the time) to it…. Bad Dog Fuck u Betta Sex Tape (Push Rewind) Poisoned With Love Get Over U BBS would have been such a good album
  2. Hundred Dollar Bill

    Ava Max

  3. Hot In It is really so fun and only hot sexy b*tches can hear it. plus it’s one of her best music videos
  4. The way my favorite Problematiqué song, a bonus track, made the STANDARD debut tracklist… god is smiling down on meee!!! BABY I LIKE SEX TALK
  5. Dangerous Woman is amazing!! I honestly thought a Charli & Ariana collab would have been a good idea + good for promo somewhere on CRASH since it was her main pop girl era or whatever.
  6. Sex Talk is amazing, her vocals & the melodies + harmonies are beautiful. Y’all have THE worst takes. All She Wants is the real snooze.
  7. yep listening to charli’s music = sucking p**** deal with it xoxo
  9. y’all will say this but then go list Lucky as a fave on pop2… every rule is like the sonic baby of Lucky & Unlock it….. have some RESPECT for the ballads that give us charli’s softer side….. i will fight every last one of you ( ̄(エ) ̄)
  10. Okay i have to announce my disappointment… y’all were right
  11. I haven’t listened yet but honestly y’all trash every release since Clarity I’m not saying i disagree that her music quality has declined, but damn it’s like some of you are getting paid to slander her name on time every time.
  12. omg do we have an HQ download for this somewhere??
  13. do you need the purchased file? I still have mine
  14. I’m definitely never interested when i hear Jack’s name attached to things anymore, but i’m also always confident in Charli’s vision for her music!! She’s the last artist who can have their energy diminished by bland production choices IMO.. i just don’t see her giving us something boring, she’s been delivering + improving throughout her career in so many ways. i love that she’s branching out as a business woman these last few years. It keeps the time between albums exciting when she has so many projects going on.
  15. I need a full charli + cirkut album.
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