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  1. Slow It Down.. her best song all the era 1 singles + dark part of your heart are her best songs
  2. Charli has literally expanded her skillset so much lmao what are u talking about??? She’s directed music videos, managed a band, exec produced a netflix show featuring said band… Just because she’s not producing her own album by herself doesnt mean she is lazy. Don’t act like you were there in the studio witnessing her assumed lack of input regarding production. We get it, you havent loved charli’s music the same since Sucker. With all due respect, you don’t have to project your disappointment of her current sound onto her work ethic as a person.
  3. Boyfriend is so underrated. It reminds me of baby Charli.. like imagine it on her first album 14… it SLAPS. The lyrics are so cheesy & her delivery is so cute!! Her voice sounds SO CUTE. THE PIANO IN THE CHORUS.
  4. Hundred Dollar Bill


    Idk why she takes so long between albums when her music is a serve every time.
  5. what was this?? can someone share the link if it’s an outtake?
  6. This is now a Lock It Up stan account. The other version with that rapper.. I forget their name. It was cute but I never checked for it. Charli just EATS IT UPP.. the way she effortlessly glides on the beat… Sophie was on some next level shit with the beat too. The lyrics, the vocal delivery, all of her ad-libs & background vocals.. and the synths that almost sound like horns somehow.. I’ve had this song on repeat literally nonstop for 3 days. Am I going crazy?? Are we in a cult????
  7. HEY U KNOW U NEED TO STEP RIGHT UP FUCK MONEY, BOY I WANT YOUR LOVE SO SPRUNG MAKE THE ROSES BLUSH KNOW U GOT THAT KEY FIT IT IN THAT LOCK BOY U NEED TO LOCK IT UP daydreaming about an alternate reality where N1A was a 12 track album that included 1 Night & Lock It Up.. and it’s a full visual album.
  8. If Charli really is on the Scream soundtrack I will die
  9. imagine posting this on her birthday.. delete ur account bestie x
  10. I swear she laced Miami with crack
  11. so glad it’s finally coming, but it’s such a short album the album cover is stunning. love that she included IV in the title!!!
  12. I could never have imagined even half the things I’ve seen in this thread
  13. Somewhere Tonight remains one of their best songs. i need to give 7 another chance. It didn’t really grab me and I never listened to it much… their albums haven’t been hitting for me since Depression Cherry & some of TYLS.
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