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  1. I’m feeling very manic today, might just ban all of y’all that don’t respect the masterpiece that is Every Rule!!!
  2. they’re entertaining but that doesn’t mean u can come for the queen, hunny
  3. not the resident Sky stan who constantly tweaks out essays about her coming for me!! put the pipe down bestie, it’s not too late!
  4. Every Rule being at the bottom of the majority’s lists while sitting #1 at mine… yuh yuh always knew i was different, intelligent, unique, humble, beautiful, and most of all modest.
  5. The way all three of you forgot the deluxe tracks
  6. Did anything else leak in full besides Lucy Liu??
  7. Dinosaur Sex is actually a bop only real myspace angels get it
  8. please at LEAST more than HALF of the unreleased songs are incredible and could have easily been released…. I mean Beach Hut in Hawaii, Fearless, Pop Princess, i wanna be darth vader…. !!!
  9. OMGGG LET GO WAS A FORMATIVE ALBUM FOR ME!! (as well as under my skin of course) I haven’t listened yet but it’s in my library and i’m so excited
  10. brb crying to hyperballad.. it’s only one of the BEST songs of all time!!!
  11. i’m sorry but you loved Crash & not Number 1 Angel?? it just feels like bait to me!!!
  13. ARTPOP is her best song!! don’t quote me
  14. I miss her. Just discovered her collab (Voices) with Flume on his mixtape.. sooo good.
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