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  1. Liquor one of her best songs
  2. Y’all need to just let the king serve his people ok
  3. It’s definitely a shame XCX World was never released, but one of the silver linings is that we all get to make our own tracklists from all these outtakes & different versions. thank u 1000 times and more @1000Times
  4. this is heartbreaking
  5. actually the song 1000 times isn’t true 320
  6. liquor is bloodpop I believe
  7. It’s the passion Charli has for music, for me... you can just tell she lives & breathes music; even in the songs that aren’t as good, she still has that exciting energy in her voice if it’s a banger & genuine sorrow if it’s a ballad. The way Charli pretty much never stops recording new stuff.. and it’s all the better that she’s found her peers in the music world - people she collabs with so effortlessly & found true friendship with them all.
  8. No matter what leaks, Babygirl will always be my favorite song of all time. That chorus is just so POWERFUL. The production is immaculate. No other song could ever make me happier.
  9. The way @LMAlejandro’s Naked puts Sophie’s to shame... he’s got the mind of a mastermind. i do like this new version tho, it’s very cute and I’m loving the new vocal harmonies in the chorus.
  10. she has a song titled Ebola, so who knows.. i named it Like a Glock
  11. yes, I plan on proving to everyone that my playlists are better than @Sitar’s
  12. I’m still working on organizing the rest of it all.. it took me like a week to finish this one! & stuff keeps leaking so it feels like I will never be done.
  13. here is my heartbreak album
  14. it’s real but it’s from 2015 stargate produced
  15. sorry that we are people with lives outside of the forum. we aren’t paid to be mods. it’s not any easier when there’s hundreds of posts per hour. shut up lol
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