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  1. She's barely on the scene for a year.. Would ruin everything. + I doubt she's sound good.
  2. Summertime Sadness and Born To Die blew up here to be honest. And SS is still quite huge. However, since she's something different, she doesn't apply to everyone's tastes. So she's not that successfull maybe.
  3. One of the best things i've seen lately tbh..
  4. Ugh.. Her voice gives me chills.
  5. I'm obsessed with Stache atm.. God.. I hope ARTPOP comes fast!
  6. Thank God you made this thread! I'm a huuuge fan of them all, love Taylor, my girl-crush honestly. Am looking forward to the new album & some new video-material. Need some of them in my life.. And the music is great. Her voice is gasdhuiaszhgdasg.
  7. She blew up huge in UK. Her sales are really good there, she also has lots of fan. UK loves her! :shy:
  8. Always loved this. I guess its my 2nd favourite, right after FG. Seasons 10-15 are godly tbh.
  9. Family Guy is my absolute favorite. Idk, but everything simply makes me laugh. And I cant wait for the new season!
  10. Agree. I'm not feeling any hype AT ALL sadly.. Idk.. Hope she does something fast.
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