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  1. I totally agree, she definitely KNOWS her vision and her art, nothing she does feels arbitrary - she definitely puts thought into her work and it shows? I’m excited to hear all the songs to dive into exactly what kind of things she’s trying to say, all the themes she’s exploring etc
  2. PREACH! I’m glad she abandoned the straight on headshot in front of a car thing, it’s nice to change stuff up and experiment! And to me this cover really nails a modernised ‘American Kitsch’ that really taps in to the vibe of Norman Rockwell’s work? It’s just such an interesting cover - her pose pulling us into her world, the painted sky, the burning city, the guy in black while she wears bright neon, her expression, everything’s is just so interesting?
  3. Omg she is SERVING it!! The cover is brilliant, i’m actually glad she broke the trend tbh? The cover is just so ‘American Kitsch’ which is exactly what I associate with the art of Norman Rockwell, and it totally matches the sound of the album so far! SCREAMING about Best American Record finally getting released, I wonder if she’ll have changed it up at all? Anyway, LOVE the aesthetic, absolutely excited for this album, bring on these two videos - for real, i’m SO here for this new aesthetic? Lana always serves satisfying aesthetics, I don’t know why I was worried previously, I trust her to be unique and true to herself and her vision!
  4. I'm SO looking forward to this! Steven Klein is a great photographer and his work with Lana NEVER disappoints! I'm ready for some excitement tbh, this pre-release era feels so dry? I mean I love the music, but I'm just really craving some exciting visuals? The songs conjure so much imagery in my head when I hear them so I really hope to get a stronger aesthetic for this album
  5. The music this era is giving me such strong visuals?? Like every time I close my eyes and listen I just see so many potential visuals (photoshoots, covers, videos etc) but the actual visuals she’s serving seem so lacklustre? Like reusing footage repeatedly and her low key selfie single covers and stuff... I don’t know, just love how Lana always does interesting visuals to go with her music but this era is giving me nothing? BUT, because I don’t wanna just be negative, the music she’s serving is amazing! There’s such a mature artistry to both her music and lyrics this era that really feels like a progression? Like you can feel a freedom in her stuff, she’s making what she wants to make and is having a good time while doing it! I LOVE it, I’m so damn hyped for this new album... if only the visuals were sweeping me away in the same way the music is...
  6. I adore everything about this song! Listening to it is like being swept away in a dream? There’s something almost surreal about the aura the song creates? UGH I adore her so much!
  7. Can't believe there is a Nostalghia thread on LanaBoards!! I only discovered her about two months ago but wow... dark and experimental music is a real favourite of mine and there's such a brilliant energy/atmosphere to her stuff? I love it! Stockholm Syndrome and Pink Skinned Reptillian Sharks are my favourites I think
  8. Aww thank you, Arcadia! Good to see you are still around!! I so wish I was more consistent with my presence here... Lana totally wrote 'How To Disappear' about my absences between release cycles And let's be real, it wouldn't be a Lana pre-release if we got a set in stone release date from Lana herself, girl loves to play us
  9. Thank you Paradixo! Much appreciated! I'm glad we got to hear them in full even if they aren't on the album? I'm really intrigued for NFR, the songs she has released that are confirmed for the album have had such a unique vibe and yet are authentically LanaTM? Especially excited to get the first proper visuals for this era!
  10. Oh wow, been away from internet connection for a few days... would someone catch me up?? Lana performed two new songs that won't be on the album? And March 29th release date, is that confirmed or just a rumour? Thanks in advance gays xoxo Anyway, nice to see the meltdowns have begun (well they never ended lets be real..) it never feels like a Lana pre-release thread until there's been at least two meltdowns over something... love ya LanaBoards, never change
  11. I am ridiculously excited... these two new songs just feel so raw in such an authentic and mature way? Girl really found her freedom for creativity and I am living for it Also, let's raise a glass to all the meltdowns and drama to come in this new pre-release era.... here's to yet another era of messes
  12. Okay i know I’m rarely on here between releases (still love you all and all your meltdowns tho) but boyyyy I CANNOT wait to have yet another multi-thread mess of a meltdown with you all again! Honestly nothing gets me hyped like waiting for new Lana stuff with all you drama queens on LanaBoards!
  13. Omg this is exactly what I thought! Lizzy Grant, you’ve come so far girl! May not be the most exciting bit of news from a fan point of view but un very happy for her, and i hope she continues to provide music for movies/TV projects, she has the perfect cinematic/atmospheric sound for soundtracks!
  14. This sounds so beautiful, she literally blows me away... praying for a Paradise-style EP or something after her tour is done, pls Lana come thru!
  15. Heroin, one of Lana's all time best tracks tbh... it's EVERYTHING But Get Free is for sure a very close second, and it is the perfect track to close the album Honestly, we stan a legend
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