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  1. I'm so fucking grateful it doesn't need to grow on me. I loved it the first time, I loved it the last time. Her brother?
  2. Is the hardcover preorder only for US??? (Already preordered the vinyl because I'm a clown for her) ETA: Just found the UK link.
  3. I love Lana and I'm obviously going to buy the album and listen to it on repeat a million times but so far the songs and snippets from NFR have been a little disappointing. Specifically the lyrics, (which tbh have been going down in quality since 'Ultraviolence' - well, 'Born to Die' really). And don't come for me if you disagree - we're adults and can have healthy differences in opinion.
  4. I feel that line is just her using having a kid as another way of saying she has roots now. Her older music was all about escaping, being nomadic, young and free. The kid (representing her music/fans/career) and two cats in the yard (an established home in California) are her saying she's finally settled down, after all this time.
  5. I thought she sang, "I was running some errands". The reality is so much better.
  6. After listening to MAC, VB and all the snippets on repeat, NFR feels like it's going to be a happier UV.
  7. Her top two albums: 1. Born To Die & 2. Ultraviolence (In that order) are untouchable. NFR will be fighting LFL and Honeymoon for 3rd place.
  8. I hear 'hold me, love me, touch me, know me; be the first whoever did' That could just be wishful thinking though.
  9. Shades of Cool, Off To The Races and Yayo (Original).
  10. LFL is the G-Eazy era (kidding...sort of)
  11. All of her best songs have come from a place of sadness or melancholy. BTD & Ultraviolence being the top two albums. He was bad for her but good for her music. No harm in stating that. It's not like Lana is gonna come on here, see that and make a Barrie booty call.
  12. She needs Barrie again! Just for the length of time it would take to write another masterpiece like one of those songs. Then he can fuck off again.
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