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  1. Elbows dont fail me now Take me to the finish line
  2. When two users you like are fighting Anyway @Alison by Slowdive you were snubbed
  3. @stupidapartmentcomplex being snubbed
  4. All this love means a lot for a three time scat survivor
  5. Thank you @Lentilus Dealer Hoe @Dealer Boulevard @honeybadger @IanadeIrey @the ocean @PatentLeatherDoOver @The Stargirl Pinky @your dealer you‘re so sweet
  6. Thank you to everyone who voted me runner up @honeybadger well deserved!
  7. Me too! Staying up to see may faves winning is worth it though
  8. Why is this lady occupying my seat
  9. Meanwhile I‘m in bed reading your posts like
  10. When you realize the Furry Convention takes place in the hall right next to the Lipster Awards
  11. I wonder which ethnicity Ariana will choose for the red carpet
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