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  1. COCC

    The "Do You?" Game

    70% routine and 30% spontaneity I would say Do you think that two lovers can accept each other's subjective truths and become friends after a failed relationship?
  2. Autumn, because it is so beautifully melancholic, not too cold and not too warm. At the same time, a pause before the dark and cold season arrives. But this is the wrong kind of question for this thread
  3. Of course you were, this iconic behaviour doesn't surprise me in the slightest No deluge and talking snakes so far, it looks good for us
  4. I suggest that we use this silence for dialogue with God. Hi God, this is LB user COCC. I know we don't hear each other often. And I know you've already screwed up wisdom teeth, climate change and human propensity for war. But here's the deal: I was wondering if you could use your superpowers to get Lana Hollywood re-recorded and released with LDR9? In return, I will make fewer jokes about the clearly and scientifically proven immaculate conception of Mary. And I will no longer refer to my leather sandals as Jesus sandals. If you accept this deal, please give me absolutely no sign. In the name of the Father, the Son and the children of destiny Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle, Amen.
  5. Not this again. Poor girl, it must be so upsetting. If I were in her place, I would be scared too
  6. Responses of the Third Feminist Wave for the Bolshevik Elite @lustforlife‘s second account
  7. My last thought yesterday when I went to bed And no, they can‘t. Their skin doesn’t even have pores, don‘t be silly.
  8. Spooky sound and spacey synths, we won!
  9. I think we should manifest the opposite of that
  10. COCC

    Natalia Kills

    Natalia Kills has released two amazing pop albums. It's so ridiculous that this appearance on X-Factor has ended her career And where is Cruel Youth? Thank you. Does anybody have a link to the stuff she made as Natalia Kills? The link posted a few pages ahead no longer works.
  11. Maybe we should post handwritten manifestation notes again to pass the time
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