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  1. but lowkey it‘s funny how some users only post when there is a fight. Like they‘re all just waiting for it to happen
  2. I suggest that y‘all stop throwing a hissy fit, it‘s getting tiring
  3. Love how @Future Jazz is feeding this thread with new ideas and thoughts
  4. All we‘re asking for are electric guitars
  5. I think you're confusing BB with Nikki's next album. Lana said she's fed up with her sisters coming to paint her banisters every May. I mean, every May? How bad are you at painting when you have to redo it every year? Just do it properly for once and for all, like a real man. Green and gray is also quite an ugly color combination. That's why BB is dedicated to all the men and women have to wait for LDR 9. I'm sorry, but I'm sure you will enjoy Nikkis country bops
  6. I miss the good old times when we had simple scat porn
  7. @lanasbottom was referring to a discussion we had here over the weekend, it was just a joke We should all listen to WW and learn how to never turn into something that burns, burns, burns
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